Missouri Hunting Seasons


Find out when your favorite hunting season begins!

Your favorite time of the year is here, so you must be looking for exact dates to fill your hunting permits! Well rest easy as we cover all the information you need to know about this year’s season including a few new regulations you might want to remember.

In this post you’ll find helpful information on the following Missouri hunting seasons:

Firearms Deer Season

Fall Firearms Turkey Season

Archery Deer & Turkey Season

If you need more information on hunting and trapping other game during firearms season, it’s recommended that you read through the full 2022 Fall Deer & Turkey Hunting Regulations & Information from the Missouri Department of Conservation. You might find helpful information about chronic wasting disease, cage type traps, foot enclosing traps, and more.

Book your stay at Lost Quarter Farms hunting lodge to experience one of our famous guided hunting trips during this year’s deer & turkey season!

Acceptable deer for Missouri antler point restrictions

Missouri Deer Season

Deer Season in Missouri comes with multiple portions for hunters of all ages and expertise to enjoy! There are several portions of the firearms deer hunting season as well as a portion for alternative methods and bow hunters. We’ll cover the archery season in more detail a little later, but for now here are the portions centered around firearms deer season.

Early Youth Portion

The early youth portion of deer season is from October 29th-30th and is meant for young hunters that are between the ages of 6-15 years old. If the participant happens to have another deer season permit, it must be filled during another portion.

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November Portion

This November Portion is from November 12th-22nd and is open to hunters of all ages. Check your county to see if the APR rules apply to your hunt. New this year: hunters that are 15 or younger are exempt from APR statewide.

Late Youth Portion

The late youth portion comes next, lasting from November 25th through the 27th and follows the same rules as the Early Youth Portion.

Antlerless Portion

The Antlerless Portion of Deer Season is from December 3rd to the 11th. Only antlerless deer may be taken during this time and there might be a limit to the amount of permits you may fill depending on the county you hunt in.

Located in Chariton County, Lost Quarter Farms is open to firearms deer hunting during this portion! You can also fill two antlerless deer hunting permits in Mendon, Missouri, so don’t forget to reserve your stay!

Alternative Methods Portion

The Alternative methods portion starts on December 24th and ends January 3rd of the upcoming year.

More Information on Firearms Deer Season in Missouri

Each of these portions have shooting hours that begin a half hour before sunrise and conclude half an hour after sunset. The Early Youth, November, Late youth, and Alternative Methods Portions of deer season are practiced statewide. If you’re looking to fill a permit for the Antlerless Portion of the hunting season, you need to ensure that the county you intend to hunt in is open to firearms hunting during that time.

Keep in mind that you are only allowed to take one antlered deer during the entire deer season. You are also limited to two antlered deer throughout the combination of the archery and firearms deer season. Double check the rules of your permits during each portion of Missouri Deer Season before planning your hunt.

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Permits that may be filled during Missouri Deer Season

Resident Firearms Any-Deer Hunting Permit

Resident Firearms Antlerless Deer Hunting Permit

Nonresident Firearms Any-Deer Hunting Permit

Nonresident Firearms Antlerless Deer Hunting Permit

Wild turkey during Fall Firearms Turkey Season

Missouri Turkey Season

Fall is always an exciting time for turkey hunters in Chariton County! Fall Firearms Turkey Season begins on October 1st and continues through October 31st this year. Shooting hours begin a half hour before sunrise until half an hour after sunset, and you can take two turkeys, male or female, throughout the season.

There are a few counties in Missouri that are closed to firearms hunting during the Turkey Season, so be sure to check before your hunt. You can always book a guided turkey hunt at Lost Quarter Farms hunting lodge, located in Chariton County that is open to firearms during this time!

Permits that may filled during Missouri Turkey Season

Resident Fall Firearms Turkey Hunting Permit

Nonresident Fall Firearms Turkey Hunting Permit

An archer during bow season

Missouri Bow Season

Archery Deer and Turkey Season starts on September 15th to November 11th and picks up again on November 23rd to January 15th of the following year. Bow hunting season is practiced statewide and shooting hours, like deer & turkey season, begin a half hour before sunrise and a half hour after sunset.

Bow hunters are limited to taking two turkeys, male or female, throughout the entire hunting season. Also remember that with your archers hunting permit you may take two deer, but only one may be antlered. If you are also filling a firearms permit, you may only take two antlered deer throughout the bow hunting and firearms deer season combined.

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Permits that may be filled during Missouri Bow Season

Resident Archer’s Hunting Permit

Resident Archery Antlerless Deer Hunting Permit

Nonresident Archer’s Hunting Permit

Nonresident Archery Antlerless Deer Hunting Permit

For more hunting resources & information check out the hunting regulations for this season from Lost Quarter Farms. Learn more about the accommodations and guided hunts at the famous Mendon, Missouri hunting lodge and book your stay for this year’s deer & turkey season!

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