Badlands Vs. KUIU Hunting Gears: In-depth Differences


Proper and good quality hunting gears provide you excellent hunting experience. But choosing the right gear brand can be tricky sometimes. There are a lot of hunting gear brands.

KUIU and Badlands are famous for their great-quality product and customer satisfaction.

However, both brands differ in product varieties, quality, policies, programs, and order tracking support. So, keep skimming to know more about the differences.

Let’s get started.

A Quick Comparison Table


Key Differences Between KUIU And Badlands

  • Product Varieties
KUIU Super Down ULTRA Jacket
KUIU Super Down ULTRA Jacket

Hunting gears are just one of the things that KUIU offers.

It also has everyday wear and training gear product lineup.

So, varieties of products give you more options to choose from.

Moreover, KUIU grants all mountain species gear lists.

As a result, you can select gear according to your hunt target easily.

Conversely, Badlands offers fewer options to choose from compared to KUIU.

So if you are looking for more product options for your hunting, go for KUIU gears.

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  • Quality

KUIU has a great customer satisfaction rating regarding quality. High-end materials and high-quality making processes ensure an excellent quality product.

Moreover, KUIU has greater brand recognition compared to Badlands.

Besides, Badlands produces average-quality products. However, they are not bad at all. But when it comes to comparing, every minor point should be pointed out. So, for a better quality product, you can trust KUIU more.

  • Policies
Badlands Gear
Badlands Gear

KUIU offers you more policies for excellent customer service.

Policies like modifications and cancelation are essential in certain situations. Suppose you want to change your product.

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If you don’t have these policies, you can’t change them.

Additionally, veteran discount policies help you to save a great amount of money.

On the hand, Badland offers you price-matching policies. It is a great thing to have for every brand. Badland grants you to match the product cost with other websites. But there are specific procedures to follow.

  • Programs

Every well-known brand has some special programs for its beloved customers. No exception for the KUIU and Badland. KUIU gives its customers a loyalty program.

Through this program, customers can earn points for every purchase. These points help you to unlock exclusive products and early access to a new product lineup. Moreover, you can have cashback rewards and other essential perks.

Besides, Badland doesn’t offer you a loyalty program. But it gives you discounts and active coupon codes more frequently than KUIU. You can have an excellent discount on your desired product with a coupon code.

  • Order tracking support

Who does not want to know about their product position during delivery? Badlands doesn’t have order tracking code support. You will be unaware of the status of your product. Though the delivery time is not that long, you will remain worried.

Conversely, KUIU shows you more professionalism by offering you order-tracking support. It lets you know every single piece of information while delivering your product.

Which One Is A Better Brand For You?

KUIU Pro LT 7800 Backpack
KUIU Pro LT 7800 Backpack

At the end of the comparison, it is pretty clear which brand offers more.

Considering the product variation, quality, policies, programs, brand popularity, and other perks, KUIU is a better brand.

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So, buying hunting products from KUIU will be beneficial. No doubt about that.

But you can’t completely ignore Badland. It also offers some great products that you might consider.

Moreover, its price-matching policies allow you to save money.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


That’s a wrap for today. Hopefully, my article was able to deliver to you the critical differences between Badlands and KUIU.

Buying proper hunting gear from a well brand increases your chance of success. Moreover, it ensures you a safer, more comfortable, and warmer hunting experience.

So, regarding all the differences, now make your own choice. I hope you will designate the right brand that fulfills your need.

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