The Advancement of Doe In Heat Scent

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When I mention the advancement of doe in heat scent, I am actually talking about a couple different ideas. First is the overall direction of a scent company’s doe estrus products. The second part of the question is how preexisting scents are handled as advancements are made.

I get this question quite often: “What does doe estrus smell like”? Or, what should it smell like? That is a complex question, but I will try to give you the best answer possible. Doe estrus urine itself should NOT have a foul odor. Yes, when you buy real deer urine from a big box store, opening the bottle can be an eye opening (or watering) experience! It smells like that simply because it has spoiled and has contaminants in it. Fresh real urine has an odor, but it isn’t very offensive. In fact, doe in estrus urine, real or synthetic, should be mild and not overly unpleasant. Now, this does have a caveat. Our latest scents, what we describe as our synthetic deer cooter based scents, do smell strong and even unpleasant. Does this go against what I just said? Not exactly. The deer cooter scents in our line up contain more than just deer estrous urine. We also simulate vaginal discharge and other breeding season odors in our scents along with our pheromone additive. The pheromone additive and other odors are responsible for the manic, aggressive breeding responses seen by dominant bucks. These chemical signals are how big bucks tell if a doe is in heat. While they smell like pure lust to that trophy whitetail, to us they just smell like ass. This is the meaning of doe in heat, the complete picture of all the secretions she produces during her estrous period. This scent class is the greatest innovation in synthetic scents and make them the most advanced synthetic scents in the world. Others may try to pretend they can do it, but this is an exclusive advantage of Lucky 7 Scents. We are alone in this category of deer lure.

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So what about our other scents, like our standard Lucky 7 Doe In Heat PLUS or our doe in heat spray, Lucky 7 MAXX’D OUT! RUT Mock Scrape Spray? Have we left those behind? NOT AT ALL!! We have updated all of our other rut based estrus doe products to incorporate the achievements and advancements we have made in synthetic deer scent technology. Rest assured, no matter which of our great scents you purchase, you are getting the very best of the best!

Nelson Creek Outdoors is dedicated to not only providing the best deer scents available, but to also advancing our outdoors sports as a whole. We want everyone to enjoy their hunting experiences and help bring newcomers into our hobby ranks. The odds of keeping new people interested in deer hunting improves along with their harvest successes. So if you want the best doe estrus scent of 2021, it is definitely one of the great products in the Lucky 7 Scents line up here at Nelson Creek Outdoors.

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