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Single-Pin Sights

The Archer’s Choice Range Rover Pro ($233) from TruGlo (888-887-8456; www.truglo.com) features PWR-Dot Illuminated Center Dot Technology to help improve long-distance accuracy. The ultra-smooth Zero-In Adjustment Dial delivers precise micro-adjust elevation tuning, and more than 40 pre-marked yardage tapes help make setup faster and easier. The Range Rover Pro boasts an adjustable green LED with 11 brightness settings for plenty of customization. The sight also features a large circular field of view and a glow-in-the-dark shooter’s ring. A quiver can be mounted directly to the bracket via the included quiver mount.

The AccuTouch ($289 to $349 depending on model) from Axcel Sights (434-929-2800; www.axcelsights.com) gives you the best of both worlds: a single-pin slider sight that, thanks to its revolutionary Accu-Clicks, acts like a multi-pin sight. The user sets each Accu-Click at a specific distance so that the slider stops at the desired point. The Accu-Clicks, combined with a 45-degree rear-facing sight scale, allow the user to set the sight from an arm’s distance away. The Red Elevation Tension Lever lets the shooter choose how easily the sight slides along the elevation bar. In addition, the AccuTouch offers all-axis leveling capabilities. Other features include a Windage Lock Button that prevents the micro-adjustable windage knob from turning when engaged. Models include the AccuTouch, the AccuTouch HD with Mathews Harmonic Dampers and the AccuTouch Pro, a dovetail version with a 6-inch carbon bar.

The Optimizer Lite King Pin ($350) represents the third generation of HHA’s (800-548-7812; www.hhasports.com) wildly popular single-pin mover. This new iteration is more user-friendly than ever thanks to interchangeable wheels that make changing tapes easy and let archers use multiple arrow and draw weights. Once the King Pin is sighted-in at 20 and 60 yards, it’s dialed in to the yard out to 100 yards, and a sight tape magnifier allows for adjustment to the 1/4 yard. A “Blind 20” feature allows you to return to your most common predetermined distance – without looking. The optional Blue Burst light makes for fast and easy adjustment in dark ground blinds. This deadly accurate sight has fully integrated second- and third-axis adjustment.2015 Bowsights Archery Business

New from Spot-Hogg (541-995-3702; www.spot-hogg.com) is the Fast Eddie ($203), the latest addition to the Hogg Mobb adjustable sight series. This sight takes features from the Tommy Hogg and puts them into a lighter, quieter and easier-to-use package. Machined from 6061 aircraft aluminum for durability, the Fast Eddie offers silent, click-free adjustment and a quick release/tension-adjusting lever. Other key features include a large, forward-mounted, easy-to-adjust yardage dial, included sight tapes and calibration scale to make sighting-in easier, micro-adjust windage, and second- and third-axis leveling. The Fast Eddie is also available with Spot-Hogg’s new Double Pin scope ($245).

The Trophy Ridge (800-694-9494; www.trophyridge.com) Clutch ($200) blurs the line between a target and hunting sight. Double-sided sight tapes allow for both target and hunting precision with the same bow. The fast, smooth friction drive system creates repeatable movement for precise positioning of the ultra-bright pin. Made from machined aluminum with premium stainless-steel hardware, the Clutch offers micro-click windage adjustment, micro-elevation adjustments for customized base yardage, laser-engraved tool-less windage and elevation adjustments and second-axis adjustability. The Clutch comes with 10 custom sight tapes.

The Shift from Axion (330-343-0900; www.axionarchery.com) utilizes the company’s patented fiber-wrap technology to incorporate a full 2 feet of wrapped fiber. The result is an incredibly bright sight picture. The Shift’s single pin can be oriented up, down, left or right. Weighing just 7.5 ounces, the Shift boasts third-axis adjustment and end-of-travel stops for low-light conditions. Available in a wide range of finishes, the Shift comes standard with an adjustable light and a level.

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Fuse Archery (801-363-2990; www.fusearchery.com) has expanded its Helix Series with the introduction of the Helix Slider ($130 camo, $110 black). The Helix Slider features a steel up-pin bracket, .019 fiber optics and Stealth Band Technology to eliminate noise, vibration and shock. The Helix Slider is also incredibly easy to use – it is fingertip adjustable at the rear of the sight. A sight light and level are included. Like the rest of the Helix line, the Helix Slider is rugged, dependable and designed with accuracy and performance in mind.

The X-Force Slider ($115) from PSE (520-884-9065; www.pse-archery.com) boasts a single .019 full-capture pin and 1-3/4-inch diameter housing for an enlarged field of view. The X-Force Slider, which features all CNC-machined parts fit to exact tolerances, offers a bubble level, purple haze rheostat light and a satin black finish.

For 2015, Apex Gear (877-701-2739; www.apex-gear.com) introduced the Covert Pro ($233). This advanced single-pin sight features new PWR-Dot Illuminated Center Dot Technology, providing the user with an adjustable green LED with 11 brightness settings. The Covert Pro offers incredibly smooth, one-handed adjustments and Gravity-Line rotational adjustment that aligns pin movement with gravity. This sight comes with more than 60 pre-marked yardage tapes and boasts a rear-facing, easy-to-see yardage-tape location. With an adjustable second- and third-axis illuminated level, an adjustable yardage pointer and dampened end-of-travel stops incorporated into the bracket, the Covert Pro delivers quick and easy setup and ease of use.

The Ascent Ambush ($219) from Black Gold (406-388-9060; www.blackgoldsights.com) delivers competition-level accuracy, exceptional durability and easy adjustment, all with one incredibly bright pin. This quality sight features Black Gold’s PhotoChromatic shell that automatically darkens in bright light to prevent pin halo. The “Dial-of-Death” adjustment system offers quick, smooth and quiet adjustment, as well as a zero-out feature that allows the user to set the sight at a default distance of choice without looking at it. The Ascent Ambush comes with 54 sight tapes, boasts first-axis adjustment and works well with one-piece quivers.

Multiple-Pin Fixed Sights

The versatile CBE (606-663-2734; www.custombowequipment.com) Tek Hybrid Pro ($350) offers interchangeable laser-engraved aluminum yardage scales, a third-axis block and a 4-inch dovetail mount. This rugged sight features fully machined aluminum construction and CBE’s Armed Guard Fiber Management System to keep the fiber optics – 12 inches per pin for incredible brightness – protected. Durable Rhino Pin technology means that each pin provides the identical sight picture, and the pins stack extremely tight. The Quad Track design keeps the sight tight and rattle free over time, and the oversized four-point Rapid Drive knob provides a sure grip. The Tek Hybrid Pro boasts third-axis leveling. Optional interchangeable heads are available, allowing you to change between a single-pin and multi-pin sight. The Tek Hybrid Pro is available in one-, three- and five-pin housings.

The React Pro ($249) from Trophy Ridge (800-694-9494; www.trophyridge.com) combines the features of a premium target sight with Trophy Ridge’s revolutionary React Technology, which accurately predicts what each pin gap will be based on the distance between the 20-yard pin and a pin set at any other yardage. This lightweight but ultra-tough five-pin sight features a Front Fiber Optic Ring to soak up all available light and a No-Snag Fiber Routing System to prevent damage to the fiber optics. Other features include second- and third-axis leveling, micro-click windage and elevation adjustment, no-slop windage and elevation brackets, a bubble level and Contrast Glo Ring for quick peep-sight alignment.

Designed with precision and accuracy in mind, the Archer Xtreme (406-924-6113; www.archerxtreme.com) Ronin ($190) offers a number of smart design features. Just look at Archer Xtreme’s Center Core Pin Technology, wherein the .019 fibers run through the center of the pin instead of along the outside for unmatched protection. A micro LED illuminates the fiber optics in low-light conditions. A 2-inch HD Fiber Guard Sight Ring offers further protection to the fibers and makes for fast target acquisition, and the micro-adjustment knob allows for easy and dependable windage and elevation movements. Fully machined from 6061 T6 aluminum, this five-pin sight is both lightweight and durable.

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The Carbon Hybrid from TruGlo (888-887-8456; www.truglo.com) features revolutionary carbon composite and aluminum construction, giving this five-pin sight an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio and superior durability. A metal pin design boosts both brightness and durability, and a reversible bracket increases the vertical adjustment range. The Carbon Hybrid offers a large field of view, glow-in-the-dark shooter’s ring and TruGlo’s Tru-Touch coating. The Carbon Hybrid is available in a standard model ($74) and in a micro-adjust model ($99 black, $111 camo).

Black Gold (406-388-9060; www.blackgoldsights.com) now offers the Revenge ($254, five-pin black). This lightweight sight comes in five- and seven-pin models and boasts the micro-adjust pins that have been so popular in Black Gold’s Pure series. The Revenge features micro-adjustable windage and elevation, as well as the ability to set the first, second and third axis. The PhotoChromatic cover responds to the light conditions to dull pins in bright light. The Revenge comes with a 1 3/4- or 2-inch aperture with a fluorescent interchangeable sight ring in seven color options. This sight has an HD sculpted base, oversized clamping dovetail, .019 pins and an oversized adjustable level.

Hoyt’s (801-363-2990; www.hoyt.com) bows aren’t the only high-performance products available from this esteemed company: its accessories are standouts as well. The Pro Series Micro ($99-$119) sight is a field-proven sight available in three-, five- and seven-pin options with .019 steel pins. Shock Rod Technology kills noise and vibration, while extra-long bundled fibers deliver superior brightness. The Pro Series Micro offers easy and precise elevation and windage adjustment and comes with an included sight light.

Innovation and performance meet in the X-Force Drive Max sight ($200) from PSE (520-884-9065; www.pse-archery.com). The X-Force speed dial allows the user to quickly adjust for long distances, while second- and third-axis adjustments improve long-range accuracy. The X-Force Drive Max boasts four .019 full-capture pins, tool-less micro drive adjustments for windage, a yardage indicator pin and elevation lock, a bubble level and an included Purple Haze rheostat light. The 1 3/4-inch wire-frame housing is lightweight but durable, and the Black Maxx soft-coat finish dampens vibration.

The Ultra Lite from IQ Bowsight (866-574-8741; www.iqbowsight.com)certainly lives up to its name thanks to its lightweight fiber polymer construction. But that light weight doesn’t come at the cost of durability. The Ultra Lite also offers a high-impact resistant design and a silent coat finish. In addition, the Ultra Lite promotes improved accuracy through IQ’s Retina Lock instant feedback technology. That improved accuracy results in longer effective shooting ranges and tighter groups. Other features include a built-in sight level, optional rheostat light and stack-tight .019 fiber-optic pins. The Ultra Lite is available in three- ($100) and five-pin ($110) models.

New from Apex Gear (877-701-2739; www.apex-gear.com) is the Attitude Micro ($123). This user-friendly sight features micro-adjustable windage and elevation adjustment and Gravity-Line rotational adjustment, which aligns pin movement with gravity. Pro-Brite pin technology makes for exceptionally bright .019 pins while minimizing pin gaps. The reversible bracket offers increased vertical adjustability, and markings for elevation and pin adjustments make fine-tuning this sight a breeze. The Attitude Micro also features a level illuminated with luminescent tape.

Schaffer’s (952-894-6169; www.schafferarchery.com) Opposition Air ($179, four-pin) weighs a mere 4 ounces, but it’s no lightweight when it comes to durability – this sight was designed to be bowhunting tough no matter what it’s put through. The Opposition Air is available in four- and six-pin configurations with Opposing Pin Technology for a range of customization and a balanced sight picture. The Opposition Air also boasts a pivot-lock attachment that makes removing and installing the sight fast, easy and fail proof (a hard-mount version is also available). This sight features ultra-bright fibers. Options include an integrated light system.

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The latest from Sure-Loc (877-322-9988; www.sureloc.com) is the Lethal Weapon RED ($370), a durable, dependable hunting sight designed to perform no matter the weather conditions. The five-pin Lethal Weapon RED features MicroLock pins fully enclosed in stainless-steel tubes and is designed with stack-tight technology for use with today’s fast bows. This sight also boasts accuracy-boosting micro-windage adjustments and extended elevation adjustments, as well as five-axis adjustments and micro-adjustable pins that can be moved individually or as a group. The Lethal Weapon RED is also available with Retina Lock Technology, which provides feedback on torque or change of anchor point. The Retina Lock model is available with five ($420) or seven pins ($440).

From Tactical Archery Systems (877-686-7226; www.tacticalarcherysystems.com) comes the 2nd Generation SABO non-electronic holographic sight for left-handers ($152). This peep-eliminating sight uses independently adjustable holographic dots, providing multiple yardage dots with no electronics. This innovative sight helps correct eye-dominance issues, as well as helping with near- and farsightedness and low-light conditions.

Multi-Pin Moveable Sights

Who wouldn’t want the option to choose between a moveable single-pin and a fixed multi-pin sight? That’s exactly what the Trophy Taker (406-826-0600; www.trophytaker.com) Option 6 ($370) gives you. The Option 6 comes with both a set of fixed pins and a single moveable pin. With just a flick of the wrist the user can rotate the fixed pins on this ingenious sight out of the way, leaving behind only the moveable single pin. Magnets hold the fixed-pin guard in the open or closed position, making for quick and silent changes. The Option 6 boasts ultra-bright stainless-steel pins, as well as easy second- and third-axis adjustments, clickable micro-adjust windage and elevation, and a smooth moveable-pin system.

For 2015, Copper John (315-258-9269; www.copperjohn.com) has introduced its popular Mark IV slider ($135) in a multi-pin configuration – essentially, Copper John’s time-tested Mark I head mounted on a Mark IV body. Designed with all the features that made the single-pin version such a success, the new Mark IV slider boasts an innovative slack-absorbing bearing system for exceptional repeatability and accuracy. The Mark IV slider features five .019 micro-dot pins, third-axis leveling and an included sight light.

From Trophy Ridge (800-694-9494; www.trophyridge.com) is the 2015 React Trio ($249). This sight, which utilizes Trophy Ridge’s ultra-accurate and user-friendly React Technology, combines three fixed pins with the ability to move the 40-yard pin out to 120 yards. The React Trio includes a sight level with second- and third-axis adjustability, a rock-solid lock-down feature for single-distance shooting and a positive stop design at the 40-yard indicator position. Ultra-bright .019 pins and fast and quiet movement round out the features of this sight.

The G5 (866-456-8836; www.g5outdoors.com) Optix XR2 ($210) is a versatile two-pin sight. The top floating pin utilizes Smart Pin Technology, which allows the user to adjust the top pin without the pin deviating from the sight’s centerline. The second pin boasts a hybrid-floating pin design that increases range adjustment and delivers exceptional accuracy. Magnesium alloy construction results in a remarkably lightweight sight – a mere 6 ounces. The Optix XR2 offers micro-adjustments, third-axis tuning and a large adjustment knob with vinyl yardage ta

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