Tikka T3 243 Accuracy Test, Deer Hunt

Video tikka t3 accuracy review

The Tikka T3 in 243 Winchester is featured in this video. First a trip to range to test the ammo and find the best 243 loads. Then on to a short deer hunt using a suppressor. All testing at 100 yards.

The Tikka T3x Rifle is made by Sako of Finland. It is a durable hunting rifle with choice blue or stainless steel and is built with a cold hammer-forged barrel that is free-floated to deliver unmatched accuracy and precision. The stock is designed to reduce the noise created when firing the rifle for added concealment while hunting. The steel recoil lug smoothly transfers recoil to the stock to reduce muzzle jump, while a contoured recoil pad absorbs recoil to deliver more comfortable shooting.

Tikka T3 243 twist rate 1:10 DOES stabilize 95 grain 243 and 6mm bullets very well.

Ammo selected was hand load using Hornady 95 grain SST bullet with IMR4831 powder, CCI Magnum primers for a velocity of 2900 FPS. This load puts 3 shots into one hole at 100 yards. Nosler 95 Ballistic Tips and Hornady 70 Vmax ammo were also tested and proved to be very accurate.

The scope used for testing and hunting was Leupold VX2 4x12x40AO rifle scope with long-range duplex reticle. Barrel of the Tikka T3 was threaded by Grizzly Guns in Jefferson, GA. https://grizzlygunsmith.com/ Load data can be found on our website at https://theolddeerhunters.com.

For smoother ejection and cycling, this hunting rifle features a widened ejection port and metallic bolt shroud. Caliber 243 WIN Ammo capacity 3 + 1, 22.4 in. barrel, 42.6 in. overall length, weighs 6.5 lbs., 1:10 twist barrel.

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The .243 Winchester (6.2×52mm) is a popular sporting rifle cartridge. Developed as a versatile short action cartridge to hunt both deer size game and varmints. It was introduced in 1955, and remains one of the most popular whitetail deer cartridges. It is also commonly used for mule deer with heavier loads, and is equally suited to varmint hunting with lighter rounds. The .243 is based on a necked down .308 Winchester, introduced only three years earlier. Gun Digest estimates that (as of the end of 2018) the .243 Winchester is second-most popular of all hunting rifle chamberings.

This video was the first trip to the range to check out the rifle and shoot some 70 grain handloads.

The .243 Winchester Accuracy

The .243 Winchester cartridge was first introduced by Winchester in 1955, and quickly gained popularity as a versatile and accurate cartridge for hunting and target shooting. The cartridge is based on a necked-down .308 Winchester case, which gives it a relatively short overall length and a relatively flat trajectory.

The .243 Winchester is commonly used for hunting small to medium-sized game, such as deer, antelope, and coyotes. It is also a popular choice for target shooting and long-range shooting competitions. The cartridge has a reputation for being accurate and consistent, which makes it a favorite among hunters and shooters alike.

One of the key advantages of the .243 Winchester is its relatively low recoil, which makes it a good choice for young or inexperienced shooters. The cartridge also has a relatively high velocity, which helps it maintain a flat trajectory and good downrange energy.

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While the .243 Winchester is primarily a hunting and target shooting cartridge, it has also been used in military and law enforcement applications. In the United States, the cartridge has been used by some police departments for sharpshooter and counter-sniper roles.

Overall, the .243 Winchester is a versatile and reliable cartridge that is suitable for a wide range of applications. Its combination of accuracy, low recoil, and high velocity make it a popular choice for hunters, shooters, and law enforcement professionals.

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Tikka T3X Rifle

The Tikka T3x rifle is a highly regarded hunting rifle produced by the Finnish firearms manufacturer, Sako. The T3x is an updated version of the popular Tikka T3 rifle, and features a number of improvements and enhancements.

One of the key features of the Tikka T3x is its accuracy. The rifle is built using high-quality materials and manufacturing processes, which allows it to deliver consistent and precise performance. The rifle’s cold-hammer forged barrel is free-floating, which helps to minimize any interference from the stock or other external factors. This, in turn, helps to ensure that each shot is as accurate as possible.

The Tikka T3x also offers a number of customization options, which allow hunters to tailor the rifle to their specific needs. The rifle is available in a variety of calibers, from the .223 Remington to the .338 Winchester Magnum, which makes it suitable for a wide range of game animals. The T3x is also available in a number of different stock options, including synthetic, wood, and laminate. This allows hunters to choose a stock that is comfortable to hold and suits their shooting style.

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Another important feature of the Tikka T3x is its reliability. The rifle is designed to withstand harsh conditions and tough hunting environments, and is built using high-quality materials that are designed to last. The rifle’s bolt is smooth and easy to operate, and the detachable magazine allows for quick and easy reloading.

Overall, the Tikka T3x rifle is an excellent choice for hunters and shooters who demand accuracy, reliability, and customization options. Its combination of precision engineering, high-quality materials, and customizability make it a top choice for those who want the very best in hunting rifles.

Screen Shot 2024 02 13 at 6.39.49 AM Tikka T3 243 Accuracy Test, Deer Hunt

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