Green Balls That Grow on Trees: what are they?


Nature surprises us pleasantly every day and often generates deep curiosity. It is very common to walk through the streets and see balls growing in the trees.

You wonder what these balls are, because the truth is that they are really striking. You should know that those green balls that grow on trees are inedible fruits of a tree called Osage Orange.

The technical name of this tree is Maclura Pomifera, also popularly known as Louisiana Orange. This species grows in the southern United States, from Texas to Arkansas.

The green balls are actually globular fruits with rough base, very similar to oranges. They differ from oranges because they are not edible and their color is yellowish-green.

Green Balls That Grow on Osage Orange Trees

The fruit of the Osage Orange tree has a very unpleasant taste and when it falls to the ground and rots, it acquires an unpleasant odor that spreads to the surrounding area.

However, these characteristics are incredibly useful to scare away spiders and pests from your garden. What you have to do is to take a fruit of the Osage Orange with gloves and a lot of care because it has a milky substance that hurts sensitive skin.

Then place it in a container and place it in strategic places. For example: inside your closet, in different parts of your garden and around your house. Leave them there for a month, then these fruits will turn brown and you will have to remove them. In a short time your house and garden will be free of pests.

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Other uses to keep in mind

The fruits of the Osage Orange tree are not edible for humans because they taste too bad. However, these green balls contain numerous seeds that can be eaten.

Birds and squirrels extract the seeds from these fruits with a lot of effort, to finally eat them. If you want to extract these seeds from the pulp of the fruit you will have to do extensive work to find and eat them.

Some nature lovers choose these rough green balls as decorative objects. These fruits are about 6 inches in diameter and remain fresh for about a month. During that period, these balls emanate a nice aroma, as long as they are kept in well-ventilated environments. If you want to decorate your home with these green balls, remember that only female trees produce these fruits.

Think carefully

Green Balls That Grow on Trees: what are they?

The Green Balls That Grow on Trees are often considered a problem for the environment. When the fruits of the Osage Orange tree fall to the ground, they generate a large amount of litter that can damage the ecosystem.

If you see these green balls on the ground in your neighborhood, do not hesitate to pick them up immediately so that the foul odor they emanate does not spread.

Take the necessary precautions and collect them so that they do not cause any nuisance. Then you can get rid of these fruits or you can choose them as a decorative object or use them as a pest repellent.

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