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The wait is over! MAX-7 will be officially unveiled this weekend in Little Rock, Arkansas at the Delta Waterfowl Expo

Realtree’s MAX-7 takes flight this week! The design elements, detail, and effectiveness that went into MAX-7’s pattern design have no rival or peer in the marketplace. Waterfowl hunters are in store for maximum concealment, effectiveness, and best-in-class camo, regardless of flyway.

Review the key details, features, and pattern “bio” below. Realtree’s business model lends itself to the consumer’s need regardless of region, product price point, or product type. Aligned with key licensees, independent retailers, and large retail stores, Realtree’s MAX-7 pattern comes loaded with products to serve the waterfowl enthusiast. What separates Realtree in the market today is a relentless focus on creating best-in-class, realistic camo patterns that can be included on consumer’s waders, bags and packs, hard goods, accessories, and lifestyle products before, during, and after their hunt.

Pattern Bio

Realtree MAX-7 features photorealistic imagery of common elements that are found in natural waterfowl habitats like reeds, mud, cattails, milo, and corn. Realtree MAX-7 combines these elements in the foreground of the pattern to create shadows and highlights that blend in naturally with surroundings. MAX-7 features a highly detailed background layer that features cracked mud and moss. This background layer unites the pattern and enhances the pattern’s concealment capabilities.

Realtree MAX-5 vs Realtree MAX-7

The biggest difference between Max-5 and MAX-7 is where the two are designed to work. MAX-5 was specifically designed to have a slightly darker color pallet to blend in with flooded timber as well as flooded fields. After the release of Max-5, Realtree designed a purpose-built timber pattern called Realtree Timber.

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The launch of Realtree Timber allowed the team to create MAX-7 with a focus strictly on more common areas of waterfowl hunting that do not contain a large amount of flooded timber. MAX-7 is a versatile flooded and dry field pattern that is slightly lighter which allows it to blend in more naturally with reeds, dirt, and muddy open water. Regardless of where waterfowl hunters may find themselves on the flyway, MAX-7 has been engineered to conceal.

What Environments is Realtree MAX-7 Designed For?

The “X” in the Realtree X series of patterns refers to where waterfowl want to land. Birds land for 3 reasons. To rest, eat, or mate. Most waterfowl hunters try and avoid resting spots or “roosts” to keep birds in an area and not overwork or stress them. There are many different sources of food for ducks and geese and these change as weather changes.

From milo to corn, winter wheat to duckweed, peanuts, rice, insects, snails, and even some small fish are all sources of food for waterfowl. To conceal yourself, you need to be able to match the environments that house the food source. This includes everything from large lakes for divers, farm ponds, flooded rice fields, dry milo fields, flooded and standing corn, riverbanks, and many other places. MAX-7 was purpose-built for these exact environments.

What Makes Realtree MAX-7 Superior?

Realtree MAX-7 contains elements that match every optimal waterfowl hunting environment. The carefully selected color palette, precise shadowing and contrast, and high-definition imagery make Realtree MAX-7 a top-performing waterfowl camouflage pattern. Realtree MAX-7 can morph and blend into almost any waterfowl hunting environment out there. “Simply put, we design patterns to let hunters look like the areas they are hunting in. Designing a pattern to do that is easier said than done” said Realtree Founder & CEO Bill Jordan. Jordan continued “Color is key, and contrast is essential. Our team has spent countless hours designing, learning, testing, and optimizing this pattern to make it better than any waterfowl pattern we’ve ever released. We’re beyond excited to bring MAX-7 to market and look forward to continuing to set the benchmark with effectiveness and concealment for our loyal waterfowl customers.” See MAX-7 in action here.

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Find Your “X” with Realtree MAX-7

MAX-7 is built not only for but also by waterfowl hunters. MAX-7 features versatility, and a broad application regardless of the flyway. Realtree’s attention to detail has allowed them to create a waterfowl pattern with unrivaled effectiveness. If you want a pattern that is going to help you MAX out your limit, look no further than Realtree MAX-7!

About Realtree:

Realtree is the world’s leading camouflage designer, marketer, and licensor with over 1,000 licensees utilizing the Realtree camouflage brand. Thousands of outdoor and lifestyle products are available in Realtree camouflage patterns. In addition, Realtree is committed to supporting individuals and groups that work to ensure our outdoor heritage, the conservation of natural places, and the wildlife that resides there. Find Realtree on Realtree 365, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter and at

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