4 Tips For Catching Fish Before & After Storms (Best Lures, Spots & More)


When a storm comes in, the barometric pressure falls.

And when the storm passes, the pressure rises again.

What does that have to do with fishing?

Well, when the pressure is changing, that’s like ringing a dinner bell for fish, so these can be great times to get out on the water.

However, if you want to really make the most out of fishing around storms, you need to keep a few things in mind because the conditions are different than on a normal day.

Check out this video to learn:

  • Where the best spots are right after a storm
  • My favorite lure to use when it’s raining
  • Why snook and trout get fired up when it rains
  • And more


Catching Fish Around Storms [VIDEO]

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Here are four tips for catching fish around storms:

Tip #1: Stay safe

Yes, this isn’t a sexy tip, but storms can be dangerous and unpredictable, so keep an eye on the radar and be careful when fishing around storms.

Always be more careful than necessary because it’s just not worth risking your safety to catch fish (there will be plenty of other, safer opportunities in the future!).

Tip #2: Look for areas with runoff

When it rains, look for places where runoff is coming into the water.

Spillways, culvert pipes, residential canals, and small streams along the shoreline can bring baitfish or little bits of food that attract baitfish.

Either way, when there’s bait around, you can bet there will be predators around.

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Tip #3: Use topwater lures

Topwater lures are usually best in low light conditions, which include when it’s cloudy before and after a storm.

Plus, the surface of the water will be cooler after it rains, and disturbed while it’s raining, so this is a great time to throw topwater lures.

I’ve found that snook and trout especially love to hit topwater lures in the rain.

Tip #4: Fish shallow flats

I mentioned this in the previous tip, but when it rains, the surface of the water gets cooled off.

In shallow flats from 1-2′ deep, the entire flat may be cooler, which will get fish there fired up, especially if it’s the middle of the summer and they’re looking for cooler water.


topwater fishing lure mistake

Changing barometric pressure can cause fish to be really aggressive, so fishing around storms can be a great time to catch fish.

Look for areas with runoff, target shallow flats, and use topwater lures to catch more fish.

But above all else, be careful because you never know what can happen during a storm.

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