What Does Beaver Taste Like? Does It Taste Good?

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If you’re a fan of the movie, “The Chronicles of Narnia,” you might have heard of the character named Mr.


It’s a popular character, very well-loved, and cherished worldwide.

In reality, it’s the second largest rodent after capybaras.

What’s more surprising is that this meat is edible.

Some may find it weird to have beaver meat since it’s not a conventional meat like beef or chicken.

In fact, it’s a delicacy in Canada and the United States.

So, what does beaver taste like? Keep reading as we reveal the taste profile, texture, and the best way to cook it.

What is Beaver?

what is beaver What Does Beaver Taste Like? Does It Taste Good?

Beavers are large-sized semiaquatic rodents found mainly in Canada and the United States.

It’s also the national animal of Canada.

Before, people used to hunt beaver for its fur, castoreum, and meat.

It led to a decline in the beaver population due to overhunting but bounced back after taking various initiatives to protect its population.

Since beavers are semiaquatic animals, it survives both on land and water.

It has a flat webbed foot, scaly tails, a large head, and a stout body.

Some people often confuse it with muskrats as they look almost similar.

Beaver meat is categorized as red meat and is relatively higher in fats and calories.

Its tail is quite popular because of its multiple medicinal properties.

The highest amount of protein is found in its feet and liver.

What Does Beaver Taste Like?

what does beaver taste like 1 What Does Beaver Taste Like? Does It Taste Good?

Beaver meat may look like rabbit meat.

It’s rich in flavor and tastes similar to pork or beef.

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The taste of this rodent may vary depending on the body parts and in which season you have hunted.

For instance, a beaver killed in spring has fewer fats than the one killed in winter.

Since there is less activity during winter, it stays plump.

Beaver’s tail has a delicate, creamy, and rich flavor.

It may slightly have a fishy undertone but is not overpowering.

Also, a higher amount of fat is in its tail, which tastes relatively different compared to other meat parts.

Generally, beaver meat is described as mild or bland, while some people find it sweet.

The texture of this meat is chewy similar to beef jerky that is dried.

Some even commented online that it’s like yard clippings or tree bark.

Expect divided opinions when it comes to the taste profile and texture of this meat.

The difference in cooking methods may also lead to separate opinions about beaver meat.

Regardless, we recommend having beaver meat killed in winter if you plan to have it.

It’s tastier and has a pleasant flavor than spring beaver.

Beaver meat is packed with minerals and vitamins.

100 gm of this meat gives you approximately 600gm of energy.

It’s also rich in omega-3, which is rare to find in red meat.

Note that beaver meat is considered kosher food, so it’s entirely on you whether to have it or not.

How to Cook and Serve Beaver?

how to cook and serve beaver What Does Beaver Taste Like? Does It Taste Good?

The preparation of beaver meat is just like any other red meat.

We advise you to soak the freshly killed meat overnight in salt water as it will help remove unwanted blood.

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Avoid cooking beaver’s tail and meat together because both have a different textures.

A beaver tail has a soft texture, is more like a sponge, and is predominantly fat.

So, when cooked together with other meat parts, it may result in an uneven outcome.

Beaver’s tail tastes best when it’s roasted on a fire.

You may pan-fry the meat or make stew or soup.

There is no limit to creativity in cooking, thus allowing room for improvisation.

Here is a simple beaver recipe that you may give a try if you plan to cook one:

  • The first step is to season the beaver meat with pepper, salt, and spices.
  • Take a pan and put the meat. Let it submerge in water. Add a few amounts of salt again, and then let it rest for thirty minutes.
  • Now cook the meat on low-medium heat until it’s cooked.

Undoubtedly, beaver meat is nutritious.

However, be wary of the contaminated ones.

Ensure you get it from a reputed store or catch it from a dam.


Beaver may not be like your regular meat, but it is worth giving a shot at.

It has high nutritional value providing multiple health benefits.

The taste of a beaver may vary depending on its different body parts.

Beaver meat has a chewy texture, while its tail is soft and creamy.

Overall, it’s a mild-tasting meat that gets better when cooked with the right ingredients.

Beaver meat is found in stores, or you may go on a hunt.

Buy the meat from a reputed store to avoid having contaminated ones.

If you plan to hunt, ensure that you follow the rules and regulations of the concerned authority.

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