How To Make Apple Flavored Deer Corn? 3 Simple Methods!

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For baiting deer, many hunters use corn, but apple-flavored corn is one of the deer’s favorite flavors that they can’t resist. So, many people prefer store-bought apple-flavored corn for bait.

Many people also prefer to make their own version of apple flavored deer corn.

So, how to make apple flavored deer corn?

If you want to make your own apple flavored deer corn, you can use apple juice. Many people prefer to use apple cider as well due to it being better than apple juice. You can even use food cover apple scent to mix with regular corn for a strong and long-lasting scent and flavor.

There are multiple ways you can make your own apple flavored corn. But each method requires different processes. For that, you need to know the proper way to make it.

I will also suggest some brands to alternate with the homemade apple flavored deer corn.

Does Apple Flavored Deer Corn Work?

Yes, apple-flavored corn does work for deer. Apples are high in energy compared to other food sources in the wild. So, deer can smell the scent of apples and even love to eat them.

Apple-flavored deer corn is used to bait wild deer, who come looking for their source of food. Apple-flavored corn has a scent that attracts deer perfectly. Moreover, these are excellent sources of energy for deer.

Deer also like to eat sweet food so the sweet taste of the flavored corn makes them want to come back for it again.

How To Make Apple-Flavored Deer Corn?

Anyone who baits with corn can easily make their own apple flavored deer corn. Sometimes deer may refuse to eat corn as bait.

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Apple-flavored corn is an effective deer bait without any doubt. But depending on the ingredients, you may need to make sure of the corn’s quality as well.

So, here are some popular methods for how you can flavor corn to feed deer. Let’s have a look at those methods.

Method 1: Apple Juice

Some people use apple juice to flavor their deer corn. You can put apple juice in a spray bottle. But there is something that you need to be careful about.

When you are spraying corn with apple juice, you need to spread and dry it properly before using it as bait. If you don’t dry them, they will get mold. And it creates more trouble for you instead of making it worth baiting.

Many people show their concern regarding whether apple juice will attract deer or not. If you are using apple juice, you need to ensure the corn soaks the juices in and out and lets them dry properly.

It can sometimes rain, and the corn used as bait may get drenched. It can undo all your seasoning efforts for the corn. In that case, you can substitute store-bought apple-flavored corn.

Method 2: Apple Cider

To flavor up the taste of apples, sweet apple cider is another highly effective type of scent and flavor. Using apple cider makes the corn more appealing to deer.

It will help draw deer into your feeding areas. Although apple cider is a seasonal product, in many regions, people get it around deer season.

You can purchase them by the gallon. For 50 pounds of corn, you will require one gallon of apple cider to coat. Just like apple juice, apple cider is easy to use, but the scent remains mild.

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What you have to do is take a bucket full of corn and pour the cider into it. Let them soak overnight. After that, they are ready for use.

The scent of apple cider vinegar will attract deer, and eventually, they will find your feeding location.

Compared to apple juice, some people find apple cider more effective and think it works better as deer bait.

Method 3: Food Cover Apple Scent

Food cover Apple scent is another kind of element with which you can flavor deer corn. This type of flavor works well to hide human odors and also covers foods effectively.

When you mix this type of flavoring scent with deer corn, the corn will smell and taste like real apples with sweet flavors in them.

To mix the flavors with corn, take a 50-pound corn sack. Unpack them in a bucket and then mix your favorite brand of apple scent in them. Give them a good mix. After mixing the flavors, the corn will have the naturally sweet smell of an apple with an irresistible flavor.

The scent will attract deer from a long distance and make them stay longer in your hunting area or make them keep coming back.

The mixing of apple scent is more effective than other apple flavorings with deer corn. It also smells stronger and more intense, which encourages deer to explore the feeding area.

Besides the apple scent, you can also find drink mixes and apple flavoring powders. To make a sweet feed for deer, you can use any that will give you good flavoring.

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Alternatives Of Handmade Apple-Flavored Deer Corn

In case you don’t want to make it on your own, there are many store-bought brands of apple-flavored corn you can get for your bait.

Here are some alternatives for you that you can look for if you want something without spending effort.


Frequently Asked Questions (FQAs):

Do Deer Like Apple Flavored Corn?

Yes, deer are attracted by the sweet apple scent and they also like the sweet flavors of apple corn. For deer, apples are higher in energy than other wild food sources. They are easy to digest and tasty as food.

What Do Deer Like Better Than Corn?

Besides corn, deer also like alfalfa bales. They’re also commonly used as feed bait for deer. It’s also considered a better option than corn by hunters. Deer get attracted to them, and they’re easy to digest. Although they’re good for deer, you may find them quite expensive compared to corn.

What Smells Do Deer Avoid?

Deer can detect danger by smelling it, such as wolf urine. They also don’t like the smell of eggs, garlic, or mint. Deer have an overwhelming sensitivity to smells. There are other smells they dislike like marigolds, tansy, thyme, etc.

Wrapping Up

Finally, I hope now you know how to make apple flavored deer corn. Once you make your deer corn, spread it where you want to hunt your deer.

The smell of apples will attract them from far away. And when they enter your territory, hit your target.

Till then, keep calm and go hunting!

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