7 Trout Lures You Can Rely On All Year


Trout waters remain about the same temperature throughout the year so it’s fairly easy to pick lures that catch trout year-round.

Any lures that imitate aquatic creatures are the best picks for year-round trout fishing whereas lures imitating terrestrial insects are more seasonal choices for catching trout.

Here are seven lures you can depend on for catching trout throughout all four seasons.

1) Jigs

A marabou jig is my number one choice for trout fishing any time. This lure produces trout for me in either the fast water of streams or the calm, deep waters of lakes. I can fish the lure shallow with a 1/32-ounce version or deep with a 1/16- or 1/8-ounce models using ultralight spinning gear and 2- to 4-pound test line. My favorite retrieves are stroking the jig off the bottom and letting it fall or steadily reeling it in and shaking it throughout my presentation.

2) Spinners

Trout are attracted to flash and vibration so Blue Fox Spinners and Mepps Aglias are effective lures throughout the year. I favor throwing these lures in current so the force of the water flow makes the lure’s blade spin harder to create more flash and vibration. Trout hit these lures viciously so I upgrade to 6-pound line to prevent line breakage when a trout strikes.

3) Spoons

This lure also generates plenty of flash and its wobbling action when retrieved steadily or with a lift-and-drop presentation draws plenty of strikes from trout year-round. The lure works effectively in both the shallows of streams and the deep waters of lakes. I throw spoons on either 4- or 6-pound line to get the optimum wobbling action for the lure.

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4) Jerkbaits

My largest brown trout catch weighing more than 13 pounds fell for a suspending jerkbait at Lake Taneycomo. The suspending jerkbait works best for me in current such as the riffle areas of streams or the tailrace areas of dams during periods of moderate to heavy generation. This lure triggers hard strikes from big trout so I work it on medium-heavy baitcasting or spinning tackle with 8- to 10-pound test line. A steady jerking retrieve is the most productive presentation for this big fish lure.

5) Crankbaits

These lures catch plenty of trout because the baits imitate prey that is abundant throughout the year. When fishing streams I favor using crawfish crankbaits with a stop-and-go retrieve on 6-pound line. Trolling shad-colored crankbaits is a popular tactic for catching trout on lakes. When Table Rock dam is running three or more generators, I drift medium-diving crankbaits with the current to catch big rainbow and brown trout in the trophy area of Lake Taneycomo.

6) Sculpin Streamers

Source: Fly Tying

When trout are feeding in the shallows, a sculpin fly pattern is a big meal trout crave. Sculpins always hug the bottom so you need to make sure your fly stays close to the bottom when stripping your fly line with short, sharp pulls. When you see the trout suck in the sculpin you need to set the hook hard so you will need to use a 5- or 6-weight fly line and 4x tippet to prevent line breakage on the hook set.

7) Wooly Buggers

Source: The Albermare

Wooly buggers mimic baitfish, crawfish and other underwater forage such as leeches and hellgrammites so these flies are ideal for catching trout year-round. These versatile streamers can be presented on a dead drift with the current, stripping your fly line and pausing it or stripping line constantly at various speeds. The lure works great in off-colored waters of streams, ponds and lakes so you can get away with using a heavier tippet such as a 3x, which will also prevent line breakage when trout explode on the streamer.

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