How Fast Is A Bullet In Mph? – Speed Of Various Ammo Types


How fast is a bullet in Mph? The speed of a shot depends on many factors. However, a bullet traveling at very high speeds can cause severe injury and even death in minutes. In this article, we will discuss the speed of bullets with each type of firearm.

Naturally, the speed of a bullet depends on the potency of the firearm that shoots it out and the bullet’s structure. But if we put complicated factors aside, a bullet can travel as fast as 1422m/s or 3180mph. This type of bullet is called 220 Swift, and it first appeared in 1935, a few years before the event of the Second World War.

How Fast Is A Bullet?

The speed of a bullet can decide the power of the shot. Learn fun facts about how fast a bullet can travel here!

Fastest bullet speed mph

The fastest bullet speed in Mph is 3180, which belongs to the Swift 220, a rifle-type ammo that the Winchester Repeating Arms Company created in 1935. The Swift is a controversial deer hunting. It is banned in many US states as well as in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland for large deer.

How fast does a bullet travel m/s?

The Swift 220’s speed in m/s is 1422. Although it was invented and mass-produced in the 1935s, this ammo remains the fastest bullet by far. Swift 220 is the most powerful bullet that one can choose from a big rifle.

Bullet speed kmh

The speed of Swift 220 km/h is 5119.2. Compared to some of the fastest objects, animals, or vehicles, Swift 220 is still the absolute winner. A commercial airplane flies at the speed of 740-930 km/h. Sound travels at 1,225 km/h. The peregrine falcon, the fastest one in the animal kingdom, can dive from the sky as fast as 389 km/h. All are much slower than Swift 220’s velocity.

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How Fast Is A Bullet In Mph?

What about other types of ammo? How fast are they in miles per hour? Check out these 9 different copper candies and how quickly they can travel.

How fast does a 9mm bullet travel in mph?

A 9mm bullet travels at around 850 – 1022mph. In 1901, Georg Luger, an Austrian firearm designer, created the cartridge. This type of bullet is still commonly used, but there are many more variations now.

How fast does a 22 bullet travel mph?

A .22 bullet travels around 710 to 875mph, which is slightly slower than the 9mm. Louis-Nicolas Flobert invented the original .22 in 1845. It was originally designed to use with revolvers. However, rifles were soon parts of the game as well, and the ammo became popular and mainstream as a small game cartridge.

How fast does a 50 cal bullet travel mph?

It’s hard to tell how fast a 50 cal bullet travels because there are a lot of variations these days. It also depends on the length of the gun barrel, bullet mass, and shooting range. The most common type is the 50 BMG round, and we can expect its speed to reach 1972mph. The size of the 50 BMG is massive. It is 12.7mm long and is used with machine guns.

Ar-15 bullet speed mph

The AR-15 caliber’s speed is 2214mph. It is used with assault rifles and was designed in 1956 by the Americans. This ammo has gone through the Vietnam war and needed to undergo remodification due to its inferiority of efficiency on the battlefield back in the day compared to the AK-47. Now, the design of the bullet is in its best state and can tear through soft armor.

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How fast does a 5.56 bullet travel mph?

This bullet travels at 2,050mph and is widely known as 5.56mm NATO. This is because it was commonly produced for NATO military forces.

M16 muzzle velocity in mph

The muzzle speed of M16 is 2,050mph, the same as the 5.56. This ammo is compatible with rifles and also is popular in the military.

Rifle bullet speed mph

2,050mph is the average speed of a rifle bullet.

How fast does a 45 bullet travel mph?

This is actually the 5.56mm NATO that we mentioned above. It travels at 2,050mph and was commonly made for NATO military forces.

Pistol bullet speed mph

The average speed for pistols or handguns is 859mph.

Slowest Bullet Speed Mph

The slowest gunshot travels at 114 m/s and belongs to the .22 caliber Colibri. Others might be slower, but this is the slowest that we encounter. This lead bullet is designed for hunting at close range and doesn’t produce much recoil. Its muzzle’s speed is slightly higher: 128m/s.


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