Tree Stands That Can Carry 400 And 600 Lbs. Weight (2023)


When it comes to hunting, you will find many options with varying weight-carrying capacities. However, finding the climber stand that has 400 or 600 lbs. Capacity is tough because all brands limit their products to 350 lbs. Above that, their products are liable to damage or accidents.

When looking for high weight capacity options, Summit’s climbers and Guide Gear’s ladder units are the best bet. These are top brands with a proven customer base.

Best Climber Tree Stands For 400 And 600 Lbs. Weights

When looking for the best options for a 400 lbs. climbing tree stand, Summit Titan SD is the best bet. It provides up to 350 lbs. weight capacity and ample space to move, aim and shoot.

It is hard to find the climber stand for 400 lbs. Going for 600 lbs. is more tough. However, ladder treestands serve up to 500 lbs. Weight capacity, which is close to 600 lbs. If you are interested, you can go for the Guide Gear ladder tree stand, which is the best option.

Summit Titan Sd – 400 Lb. Climbing Tree Stand

Weight Rating : up to 350 lbs. weight capacity Color: Mossy Oak Seat: Suspended Foam padded seat with back rest Attachment: It has cable attachment

Summit Titan SD is the best option as a climbing tree stand rated 400 lbs. It is designed with modern engineering featuring dead metal noise, a quick draw cable system, and a summit lock structural enhancement that makes it quick and easy to set up with trees.

Additionally, summit Titan SD has a full backrest with foam-padded seats, adding comfort. This stand is designed for large sized hunters. The platform frame is 21 X 38.5 inches, which adds comfort and flexibility for hunters to move and aim. Moreover, the seat height is adjustable.

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In short, Summit Titan SD, a climbing tree stand, is a close-call option for hunters looking for 400 lbs. Capacity tree stands as it offers ample space to them.

Guide Gear Ladder – 600 Lbs. Tree Stand

Weight Rating : up to 500 lbs. weight capacity Color: Camouflague Seat: 38X12 inch padded seat Height: 16.5 feet high ladder stand

If you’re looking for a tree stand with a high weight capacity, the Guide Gear ladder tree stand is a great option. With a capacity of 500 lbs., it can support more weight than climbing tree stands, which usually have a limit of 350 lbs. So, if you need a stand with a higher weight limit, a ladder stand like the Guide Gear is the way to go.

Guide gear has been serving America since 1977, and this ladder tree stand provides a 38 X 12 padded seat and foot platform that gives ample support for hunters. I have found this stand spacious, giving ample room to aim, shoot, and move even for large-sized hunters.

This guide gear ladder stand reaches a height of about 16.5 feet, giving clear vision while hiding you away from the prey’s sight. It has a padded bow/gun rest, making it easier to aim and shoot.

In conclusion, the Guide Gear ladder tree stand is the best bet against 600 lbs. weight capacity. It has padded seats and ample room for hunting.

How Much Does It Cost To Ship Huge Capacity Tree Stand?

Treestands weigh differently. As their weight capacity increases, this adds to their overall weight. So, with every tree stand, its shipping price also changes. However, the shipping weight starts from $17 in us for 1-2 pounds of product, which goes as high as possible according to the item weight.

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If your tree stand is 80 lbs. and has a weight capacity of about 600 lbs., it will be shipped at around $286 to $308 within the US. However, additional charges will be added if it is being delivered outside of the US.


To summarize, no climbing tree stands are available for 400 or 600 lbs. Weight capacity. However, Summit Titan SD, limited at 350 lbs. capacity, and Guide gear ladder stand for 2 persons, limited at 500 lbs., are the best options for such scenarios.

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