What is the Best Boot Brand for Lawn Care Professionals


It’s true, there is nothing like a good pair of shoes, especially when you are on your feet all day.

And if you have been in the lawn care business long enough you know that not all boots are created equally.

So we asked our pool of lawn care pros what they look for in a boot. And further what their favorite boot brand is.

Below are the results of our findings, and the top 3 boots for lawn care professionals.

But first, what makes a good boot?

The Qualities of a Good Work Boot

Our research has found 4 qualities lawn care pros look for in a good work boot.

These 4 qualities are:

  1. Safety

  2. Comfort

  3. Stability

  4. Durability

So which of these qualities do most lawn care professionals look for in a boot?

This is surprising, but lawn care pros favorite work boot quality isn’t safety. It’s comfort.

67% of the lawn care pros we surveyed said that comfort is the MOST important quality in a work boot. In fact, safety was the least important quality to the landscapers we surveyed. With only 3% saying that safety was the most important factor.

Durability came in a distant second with 17% saying it was the most important quality, and in 3rd is support at 13%.

So the bottom line is that most lawn care pros want comfort and durability first and foremost in their work boots.

After all, you want to be selective when purchasing gear for your lawn care company.

What is the Best Boot Brand for Lawn Care Professionals

The Least Desired Qualities

There were two qualities that none of the lawn care professionals in our survey chose. The first was style. While style may be an afterthought when choosing a work boot. None of the lawn care pros said it was their chief concern.

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The next one is kind of surprising.

Surprisingly, affordability was NOT a concern for any of the lawn care pros we surveyed. None of the lawn care professionals were concerned about price when choosing the right work boot.

At the end of the day, saving a few bucks simply isn’t worth getting a lower quality shoe. And it makes sense, as landscapers are on their feet all day.

What is the Best Boot Brand for Lawn Care Professionals

What is the best boot brand for lawn care professionals?

One brand certainly shined above the rest, but we found 3 shoe brands that were highly rated among lawn care pros. Unlike the heated debate among lawn care professionals about whether or not to use a guard on a string trimmer. These results are cut and dry.

What is the Best Boot Brand for Lawn Care Professionals

#1 Red Wing-

Hands down, Red Wing was the #1 chosen brand by the lawn care professionals we surveyed. With 35% saying they were the best boot brand.

You simply can’t beat an American made boot. All of Red Wings shoes are well-made and there is a huge selection to choose from.

In my own experience, Red WIngs are comfortable and built to last. Most of the shoes I have gotten from them last easily 1 year of hard daily use without any issues. In fact, some pairs have maintained their integrity for well over 1 and a half years for me.

I prefer the logger style boot as it gives ample support when you might be working on uneven terrain. For example, weed whacking a ditch, or while you are mulching garden beds.

What is the Best Boot Brand for Lawn Care Professionals

#2 Wolverine

In at number 2 are Wolverine shoes. Specifically the Durashock series of work boots. 19% of the lawn care professionals said the Wolverine’s Durashock boot series was their top pick.

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Get this, Wolverine has been making boots for over 135 years, so they must be doing something right! Many of their boots are still made in America today. And like Red Wing, Wolverine has a wide selection of boots to chose from.

What is the Best Boot Brand for Lawn Care Professionals

#3 Kujo

Finally, in at number 3 is Kujo, with 15% of the lawn care pros choosing Kujo as the best boot for lawn care pros.. Most people don’t know this, but Kujo designs shoes specifically for lawn care professionals. While they may not have a wide selection, the shoes they offer have the lawn care industry in mind when they were made.

Kujo offers 2 styles of shoes;

  1. Yard Shoe
  2. X1 Landscape Boot.

Both are waterproof, breathable and lightweight.

Selecting the Best Boot For You

When it comes down to it, each one of us is looking for something a little different in our work boots. But most lawn care professionals agree. A good work boot should be comfortable first and foremost. Additionally it should be built to last.

While there are assuredly other great brands of work books for lawn care professionals that did not make the list. There were 3 brands that really shined above the rest. And you will likely find that one of those 3 brands will be your best fit.

Now that you have found the best pair of work boots. Have you ever wondered what the best commercial string trimmer on the market is?

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