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Sitting in a pine tree in the early morning light, I watched intently as two mature whitetail bucks fought viciously. The two bucks slammed antlers together and pushed back and forth across the frost-coated turnip plot, determining who would be boss. A handful of does mingled in and out of the fighting arena as if trying to cheer on one of the opponents. When all was said and done, the heavy 8-point claimed victory, headed for to the group of does, now across the field from my stand.

I wanted to get an opportunity to challenge the buck and crossed the creek and climbed the far bank before using my calls. The buck answered quickly to a grunt and was heading back in my direction.

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I watched excitedly as the big whitetail closed the distance and headed directly to me. My only concern was that the buck was on the other side of the food plot and I had a group of does moving in my direction that would have to pass by me and not detect my presence. I held my breath, hoping that some of the animals, passing within 6 yards of the tree I was hiding behind, would not see or smell me. Seconds later, the mature buck came trotting down the same game trail and offered me a shot at just 8 yards.

I will never forget that exciting moment, and one of the things that stands out in my mind is the fact I took the time to be scent-free. Controlling human odor is often the key to success in the field, but don’t take it for granted. You must deal with scent control in a ritualistic manner and make sure that you cover all the bases, all the time. Washing your clothes in Scent Killer Gold, using their special deodorants, shampoos, and even Sent Killer Gold spray in the field simply isn’t enough.

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The human body is continually generating new odor, and it takes effort to stay on top of things. A scent control routine includes everything from preparing your clothing when you get up in the morning to ensuring your vehicle is scent-free before you get in it, and covering all your bases before you walk anywhere into the field. Some people say that I’m a little obsessed with scent control, but I know that it makes a difference and has led to success in the past.

This is what my routine looks like:

  • Wash clothes, bedding and towels in Scent Killer Gold Laundry detergent, and use SKG dryer sheets. Prepare regular clothes to travel in and pack hunting clothes. Anything you wear, sleep in, or use before the hunt should be scent-free.
  • Store clothes in an airtight container or bag for in the field and tossing in the new No Zone Tote Tamers to control moisture and unwanted odors. What I love best about these little guys, is that no batteries are required and they last a whole season!
  • Shower with SKG body wash and shampoo, conditioner, and soap, and use their deodorant before dressing. A good trick for shaving is to use the hair conditioner as shaving cream. It protects your skin and fits into the scentless routine.
  • Spray seat in vehicle with SKG and wipe steering wheel with their wipes.
  • Travel to the hunting area before dressing in your field clothes.
  • Spray boots, clothing, hat, gloves, pack, and other accessories with SKG spray.
  • Go hunt, but remember to spray often, as we continue to generate new bacteria continually and only vigilant behavior will keep it in check.
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I like a pine masking scent to hide anything I might have missed. The old saying is true, we educate deer more on our way out of the woods than going in! Practice scent control and you’ll see more deer and hopefully get a shot at Mr. Big!

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