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Where should you be fishing this winter?

What are the best fishing spots for finding fish this winter?

Check out the top 3 winter fishing spots below!!

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Best Winter Fishing Spots


There are a few things to keep in mind when fishing during the wintertime.

Bait is scarce and not as plentiful as in the warmer months.

Fish are forced to put themselves in areas where they can consistently source food without expending a lot of energy.

Moreover, fish are cold-blooded and during the colder months, their metabolism decreases.

The cold temperatures often leave fish stunned and lethargic because of a lack of energy and calorie intake.

This makes it all the more important to choose your fishing spots correctly and where the fish will be holding this winter.

You need to present your lures right in front of their faces to induce strikes because fish will not chase baits down as opposed to the warmer seasons.

Additionally, fish will want to seek out warmer water and have close proximity to deeper water where the temperatures are more stable.

Lots of times, areas that are really warm are not stable in temperature and can fluctuate from warm to cold quickly.

During windy and colder days, the shallow areas become much colder than deeper water.

In addition to the 3 fishing spots mentioned below, if you are fishing anywhere with oyster bars in close proximity, it is worthy of covering that area and looking for fish.

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Lots of times when the water is pushed out with the tides and the sun is shining directly on those dark-colored oysters, they will heat up and act as a sort of heat radiator for nearby fish.

Fish will hang around these structures for warmth and bait congregates around these structures bringing in more fish as well.

Be on the lookout for oyster bars when you are out fishing this time of the year.

1. A Deep Cut Along A Shoreline

This applies to any sort of deep trench or trough that is close to shallow structure.

Deep cuts along shorelines allow fish to have access to both deepwater and shallow water hunting opportunities.

Shorelines with oyster bars and mangrove trees in the water are a popular bait congregating spot that fish know they can source food from.

2. Creek Bends Leading To A Flat

There is an increased opportunity to catch more fish on a negative tide in these types of fishing areas.

Fish are locked down in deep holes because the water has moved out of the creeks and marshes leaving them in pools of water.

Bends often have high currents whipping around them which brings along lots of baitfish through these areas.

Most of these bends have a point or ‘armpit’ which provides predatory fish an ambush location that is wind protected.

Furthermore, there will most likely be a deep hole created by the high current just around the bend.

This provides fish a place to hold and ambush bait that is swept around the bend.

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3. Docks

If all else fails, fishing docks are a great alternative during the winter.

Aside from redfish, trout, and flounder, you can find lots of sheepshead huddled around docks during the wintertime.

Sheepshead start to move into canals and docks in protected zones this time of year.

It is in your best interest to fish docks in protected zones as opposed to docks in intracoastal waterways that are exposed to wind and the elements.

The docks in canals and deeper into protected zones are going to be in warmer water than those closer to the intracoastal.

Also, as a rule of thumb, fish the oldest docks that you can find.

The reason being these docks usually have the most underwater structure and barnacles that create the most food sources for sheepshead.

Best Winter Fishing Spots




Finding the right fishing spot is tricky and especially during the winter season when fish are lethargic and difficult to locate.

Be sure to properly scout your area and find similar structures to the ones mentioned above.

Oyster bars and points are a great starting point if you are struggling to find fish!

Do you have any more questions or suggestions on the best winter fishing spots?

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