The Best Portable Griddle: Our Top 5 Picks


Best Portable Griddle Buyer’s Guide

Now that you’ve seen our recommendations for the best portable griddle for camping, it’s time for a detailed look at camping griddles. Read on for some guidance to help you choose the type of camping griddle that best suits your preferences.

Propane Griddles

While electric griddles are routinely designed for tabletop use, propane griddles come in a variety of cooktop sizes. That’s certainly an advantage over electric griddles, but it also means that you should be careful with your choice of propane griddle.

If you’re considering a propane griddle for camping, make sure to balance cooktop size with portability. It’s nice to have a massive cooking area, but that advantage diminishes if it is difficult to set up or move the griddle.

Another thing to remember about propane griddles is that they are designed primarily for outdoor use. You can use them indoors in glamping structures or cabins, but be sure the space is adequately ventilated.

Finally, you should be prepared to pay more for a propane portable griddle than an electric protable griddle.

Electric Griddles

If you’re looking at an electric portable griddle to add to your camping gear, you’ll be pleased with its portability in comparison with propane griddles. The tradeoff, though, will be that it takes longer to cook with an electric griddle.

Also, an electric griddle does not allow the same range of temperature control as a propane griddle. That means there are some things you could cook on a propane griddle that you won’t be able to manage on a propane griddle.

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Additionally, you’re limited to using an electric griddle in camping areas that have electrical service.

On the plus side, however, is that electric griddles are easier to clean than propane griddles, requiring little more than wiping down with a damp cloth.

Campfire Griddles

Campfire griddles are square or rectangular plates that can be placed across a campfire, atop a propane- or electric-powered griddle, or even in an oven. They must be made of cast iron to be effective.

Your best bet will be to buy a cast-iron campfire griddle that has both a flat surface and a ribbed surface. The flat surface is for pancakes and other foods, while the ribbed surface is for hamburgers and other meats.

When using your campfire griddle with a propane or electric stove, be sure that it fits the burner pattern to be the most effective.

Best Portable Griddle Frequently Asked Questions

Even after our detailed look at the best portable griddle options, you probably have other questions about adding a griddle to your camping gear. Read on for answers to a few of the remaining questions you may have.

Which is better, a propane griddle or an electric griddle?

In terms of quick and even heating, a propane-fueled griddle is going to be your best choice. With electric-powered griddles, burner shape and location may mean some areas will heat to a higher or lower temperature than other areas.

However, if you’re looking for ease of use and convenience, an electric griddle is a perfectly reasonable choice. With an electric griddle, you won’t have to deal with carrying a propane tank, as long as your campsite has electrical access.

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Additionally, electric griddles routinely will be more portable than propane griddles. But, the tradeoff is that electric griddles will routinely have smaller cooking areas than propane griddles. Practically speaking, that means it will take longer to feed a family-sized group of campers with an electric griddle.

In the end, your choice will depend on a number of factors. Things to consider include the number of people with whom you’ll regularly be camping and your comfort with using propane over electricity.

What are some tips for cooking with a campfire griddle?

Whether you’re cooking with a portable griddle atop a campfire, or using a stand-alone propane or electric griddle, remember to preheat the griddle before cooking.

And before you preheat your griddle, apply a thin coating of some cooking oil to keep your food from getting burned. But don’t worry about what kind of oil you use. Anything from basic cooking oil to fancy olive oil will work just fine.

While many griddles will come with attached preparation areas like fold-down metal trays, that won’t always be true. So, before you get started with your griddle, make sure you have a preparation area nearby to hold food, seasoning, and utensils.

What is the best way to clean a portable cast-iron griddle?

If you have a griddle with a cast-iron cooking surface, you’ll need to take special care in cleaning it after use. First, after you’ve finished cooking and while the griddle is still warm, clean off any food particles stuck on its surface. If some of the bits of food won’t readily come off, use a chainmail scrubber.

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Next, wash the griddle with warm water and mild, non-abrasive dish soap. After rinsing and drying thoroughly, apply a thin layer of cooking oil to the griddle. Use paper towels to spread the oil across the griddle’s entire surface.

Heat the griddle until the oil starts to smoke. Wipe any excess oil from the surface, and after the griddle has completely cooled, store it in a cool, dry place.

Wrapping up the Best Portable Griddle

A portable griddle can add a lot to your camping experience, easily expanding your outdoor cooking possibilities. And now that you’ve learned about the portable griddle choices that can be used outdoors, you’re ready to choose your own.

As a reminder, our choice for the best overall portable griddle is the Blackstone 1814 Propane Griddle.

Beyond The Tent is a great resource for learning more about cooking and cooking gear outdoors. As just a few examples, check out our guide to camp cooking, suggestions for RV kitchen accessories, and a look at the best foldable tables.

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