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Video best one man ice shelter

The Ice Runner Escape is the BEST VALUE in a SPACIOUS, INSULATED shelter for the solo ice angler!

Solo ice anglers have differing opinions when asked, “What would your PERFECT shelter look like – shape, dimensions, color, etc.?” But ALL ice anglers can agree that they want the:

  • 1.LARGEST shelter for comfortable fishing with all their gear, but
  • 2.LOWEST weight for ease of transport on and off the ice, and
  • 3.MOST affordable complete package, including shelter, sled, and cover.

Ice Runner is a leading brand of two-man and three-man ice shelters. We listened to anglers and looked at the available solo ice shelter options. Then we designed and delivered the most FEATURE-PACKED sled shelter. Compare size, features, and price and you will AGREE that the Ice Runner Escape combines UNMATCHED design and enclosed space with the LOWEST cost.

Ice Runner Escape

The Ice Runner Escape is built on a tough, low-profile sled. The collapsed Escape is ONLY 64″ long x 30″ wide x 12″ high. This compact package weighs ONLY 38-pounds – that’s 50% LESS than many competitive models! One person can easily pull this roomy, insulated house without a snow machine!

But the Ice Runner Escape is not thin, noisy nylon. The Escape (like ALL Ice Runner shelters) is constructed with quality, warm 600 Denier FULLY INSULATED quilted material. No one wants a thin nylon, uninsulated shelter anymore. Without insulation, you will have condensation problems when you add a heater. The Ice Runner Escape is only available in a fully-insulated version – side walls and ceiling. You stay warm and enjoy added stability out on the cold, windy ice.

The Ice Runner Escape opens fast with a folding three-pole system. There are NO poles to extend – just flip the Escape open in less than one minute! The opened Escape gives you UNMATCHED 64-inches of headroom in a one-person house. Watch this video to see the Ice Runner Escape in action:

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The added height of the Escape also provides the MAXIMUM fishable area. The Ice Runner Escape opens to an interior “floor space” that is 30″ wide x 50″ deep. That is 10.4 square feet of UNOBSTRUCTED ice! This HUGE ice area remains unobstructed with the EXCLUSIVE Ice Runner back door entry. You enter and exit from the REAR of the shelter via a huge zippered door and the dry sled. NEVER step on the wet, slippery ice or climb over your holes, rods or locator again.

Ice Runner Escape interior

The Ice Runner Escape is built for the way YOU fish. A gear pocket is sewn into the side wall. There are THREE huge, vertical windows – plus a SKY LIGHT – for maximum interior light and viewing tip-ups spread around the shelter. Or seal the windows tight to black-out the interior for sight fishing or spearing. Flaps are attached to the outside apron of the house to seal in the heat and eliminate drafts. There are also exterior anchor points if you need to stake out the house on glare ice. The exterior shell has side vents and reflective patches on all four sides. Ice Runner even includes a clear exterior envelope for your ID license info – if required in your state. We have included EVERY feature you asked for in this COMPLETE “run and gun” ice fishing sled shelter!

Ice Runner Escape exterior

Ice Runner has also eliminated fixed, heavy built-in seats. No seat is included because everyone fishes differently – and has different requirements from day to day. Add the folding chair, stool or bucket that matches your style. Store one or two seats depending on the day for fishing inside and outside the shelter. Enjoy the added space, versatility and ease of entry not possible with bulky seats that are bolted to the sled.

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The Ice Runner Escape is designed to be the PERFECT sled ice shelter for the active solo angler. It is warmer and more spacious than other flip shelters. There is space for three or more holes, plus tackle, a heater and locators. The light, low profile sled pulls easy and sets up faster than any other shelter. You can open the Escape halfway as a wind shelter on mild, sunny days. When you are done fishing, weighing less than 40-pounds, the Escape fits easily fit in the back of a small SUV. The Ice Runner Escape is the most spacious and versatile one-man ice shelter for the hard-core ice angler!

On top of ALL these standard features that make fishing easier and more comfortable, Ice Runner ensures the Escape is your BEST VALUE by including a FREE sled cover with every house. That’s a $50.00 FREE bonus! The middle zipper on the sled cover provides fast access to all your gear without removing the cover. The roomy 60-inch sled will store your auger, heater and fishing gear with room to spare.

Ice Runner Escape sled

Ice Runner stands behind their loyal customers with FREE replacement windows for the life of your shelter. All the windows are replaceable (Velcro all the way around) and come with a lifetime warranty. Just send any cracked windows back to us for free replacement!

The Ice Runner Escape requires only minor assembly of the pole set. (See the assembly instructions below.) But – if you prefer or for gifts – let us assemble your house for you! Ice Runner will fully assemble your fishing shelter so you only need to unbox it and go fishing! (Optional additional $50 assembly fee.)

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Ice Runner gives you the option to add a tow hitch for pulling your Escape with your ATV or snowmobile. For added strength and protection when towing the loaded sled, Hyfax runner kits are also available for the Escape.

Ice Runner sled hitch

Ice Runner Hyfax sled runners

You can spend over $500.00 for a comparable insulated, one-man ice shelter. Then you will need to spend another $60.00 for a cover – AND you will have LESS fishable space, LESS headroom, and a HEAVIER package to tow. SAVE money and buy the Ice Runner Escape!

Compare size, features, and price and you will AGREE that the Ice Runner Escape combines UNMATCHED design and enclosed space with the LOWEST cost. That is why the Ice Runner Escape is the BEST VALUE in a SPACIOUS, INSULATED one-person ice fishing shelter. Order YOURS today!

Ice Runner Escape solo fish house


Angler Capacity: 1

Collapsed Size: 64″ long x 30″ wide x 12″ high

Set-up Total Footprint: 107” long x 30” wide x 64” high (not including snow apron)

Interior Ice Floor Space: 50″ x 30″ (not including sled)

Fishable Area: 10.4 sq. ft.

Assembled Height: 64″

Total Weight: 38 lbs

Framework: Aluminum poles (3 pole system), fixed with no extension required

Windows: 3 large vertical side windows. Removable, with covers plus, sky light

Door: Rear Entry

Gear Pockets: 1

Fabric: Fully Insulated – 600 Denier


Full assembly of shelter poles

Tow hitch for ATV or snowmobile

Small Hyfax sled runners for Escape sled

Ice Runner Houses (IceRunnerHouses.com) are distributed by KMDA, Inc. Visit KMDAInc.com to see the full range of ice fishing equipment and tackle from Lakco and Croxton. KMDAInc.com is also your source for open water fishing, including brands like Wing-It sinkers and bobbers, VibE Blade Baits, and Pro King spoons and flashers.

​Designing the BEST One-Person Sled House: Ice Runner Escape - Ice Runner Fish Houses

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