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If you’ve ever broken off a fish because of poor line selection, or from using old line, you may want to think about spooling a hundred yards, or so, of braided line onto your ultralight reel. Braided lines offer some of the highest levels of sensitivity of all the types of lines, incredibly thin diameters, making it super-easy to cast, and, as technology has advanced, even prevents wind knots, tangling in the rod tip, and losing its dye over a few short fishing sessions. Listed below are five of the different types of braids that I have used with high levels of success.

Suffix Performance Braid

One of my favorite braids for ultralight fishing has to be the Suffix Performance Braid. The line is slightly on the expensive side, but the old adage “You get what you pay for” rings true every time I purchase another spool. Suffix tests their braided lines in some of the harshest conditions to ensure that even us lowly ultralight anglers will get the best use from it. Their Y6 digital braiding technology and smooth coating make it last, almost, forever, no matter what punishment you can put it through. When I’m using Suffix Braid I will actually tie on a Suffix Siege leader.

Sufix Performance Braid: (See Prices or Buy Here)

PowerPro Spectra

It is hard for me to decide which I like more, the Suffix line above, or a spool of PowerPro Spectra. In the end, the PowerPro came in second because I have been using the Suffix line on my reels this season and haven’t had any problems with it. The Spectra boasts one of the highest diameter to strength ratios of any braided line, and features a smooth texture, instead of the waxy coating on other lines, which makes it easy to tie knots, and leaders.

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Power Pro Spectra: (See Prices or Buy Here)

Berkley Fireline

Berkley Fireline is excellent for making long casts, and not having to worry about your knots slipping as easily as other types of braid or fused lines. The 6lb test operates flawlessly under all fishing conditions, from super cold fall and winter afternoons, to some of the hottest, muggiest days in the bright summer sun.

Berkley FireLine Braid: (See Prices or Buy Here)

SpiderWire Stealth

Spiderwire Stealth Braid Braided Line

SpiderWire comes into the ultralight fishing market with a 6lb test line that features a 1lb test diameter, making it incredibly thin. A unique Teflon coating on the line helps maintain a reliable cross section and makes it super quiet during casting and retrieving. One thing I like about SpiderWire the most is that it does not usually bleed its colors onto your clothing, or lose its coloring over the course of the season like other, lower quality, lines will.

SpiderWire Stealth Braid: (See Prices or Buy Here)

Tuf-Line Dura Cast

Tuf-Line understands the problems anglers have when they are trying to spool braided lines onto their ultralight spinning reels. From slipping, to creating loose loops, the problems are taken care of with the extensive engineering that goes into each spool of Tuf-Line Dura Cast braided lines. The line helps to reduce the line guide noise, wind knots, and wrapping around the rod tip.

Tuf-Line DuraCast: (See Prices or Buy Here)

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