Best Crossbow Broadheads In 2024(Fixed Blade-Mechanical)

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Things To Consider When Buying Crossbow Broadheads

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Fixed Blade Or Mechanical

Fixed-blade versus mechanical broadheads is one of the biggest debates in the bowhunting community, and it’s unlikely to be settled anytime soon. At the end of the day, it comes down to personal preference and hunting style, but we find that most crossbow hunters perform better with fixed-blade broadheads due to each type’s particular advantages.

Fixed-blade broadheads are a lot tougher than mechanicals. Their sturdier blades can more easily break through bone and thick tissue. As a result, they’re better for hitting the kill zone that’s protected by ribs and, at certain angles, shoulder.

If you decide to go with fixed blade broadheads, be sure to pick up a broadhead wrench for installing and removing the broadheads.

The main advantage of mechanical broadheads is that you can have a much larger cutting diameter since you don’t have to worry about the wind resistance of the blades. Consequently, they produce more internal damage and heavier blood trails, which is important if you miss the heart and lungs and have to wait a while before tracking down the animal.

Additionally, mechanical broadheads can often help accuracy. This isn’t necessarily because they help bolts fly better. (In fact, fixed-blade broadheads can actually better induce spin for your bolts.) Rather, it’s because mechanical broadheads fly more similarly to field tips, so it’s easier to take consistently accurate shots.

With these things in mind, you can understand why we lean towards fixed-blade broadheads. Crossbows are generally more accurate and require less practice. You’re more likely to hit the kill zone than with a vertical bow.

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That said, mechanical broadheads are still a good choice, especially if you’re hunting over long distances where your shots might be more difficult. We also recommend them for hunting smaller game like turkey.

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Best Weight For Crossbow Broadheads

In our opinion, heavier broadheads are better, especially for crossbows. Most crossbows have the power to send even heavy bolts and broadheads long distances, so adding some weight will improve penetration.

You only want to shave off weight if you’re hunting over long distances and need to maximize range. This could be a result of the environment (large plains or valleys), or it could simply be your hunting style.

We generally recommend at least 100 grains for crossbow hunting, and it’s worth looking at 125-grain or 150-grain models if you have a crossbow rated for around 400 FPS or higher.

Cutting Diameter

A larger cutting diameter is almost always better. For one thing, it increases your chances of hitting a vital organ. More importantly, it means a bigger wound and therefore a bigger blood trail.

The only issue is that wider broadheads are more susceptible to wind resistance, so they can throw off your accuracy. This is why mechanical broadheads have bigger cutting diameters than fixed-blade broadheads.

Final Thoughts

Your broadhead can make or break your hunt. To maximize penetration and lethal damage, we highly recommend the Excalibur Boltcutter 150-grain fixed-blade broadhead. However, if you want to maximize your range and blood trails, we also like the G5 Megameat 100-grain mechanical broadhead. Make sure you’ve weighed the pros and cons of all the above options to find the broadhead that will work best for your situation and preferences.

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Are crossbow broadheads different than compound bow broadheads?

Yes, crossbow broadheads are different than compound bow broadheads. While you could technically use crossbow broadheads in a compound bow, the opposite is not true, especially with mechanical broadheads. They need to have much stronger retention mechanisms to compensate for the explosive power of a crossbow. This applies to all types of crossbows.

What grain crossbow broadheads should I use?

You should use crossbow broadheads that are at least 100 grains. You may have trouble sighting in your crossbow when using 100 grain broadheads out of faster crossbows. In which case you could go to a 125 grain broadhead, but our favorite crossbow broadhead is 150 grains.

What are hybrid crossbow broadheads?

Hybrid crossbow broadheads are a combination of fixed blade and mechanical. They come with 2 fixed blades and 2 expandable blades, giving you all of the advantages of both types of broadheads.

Can I reuse crossbow broadheads?

Yes, you can reuse fixed blade crossbow broadheads, as long as you inspect them carefully for damage and re-sharpen them. We do not recommend reusing mechanical broadheads. Their razor thin blades are susceptible to damage and they cannot be easily re sharpened.

What is the best broadhead for crossbows over 400 fps?

The best broadhead for crossbows over 400 fps is the TenPoint EVO-X CenterPunch Broadhead. TenPoint makes the fastest crossbow in the world and this broadhead has been tested with that crossbow at 505 fps.

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