With advances in technology and design, bowhunters and competition shooters have access to arrow rests that produce higher arrow speeds and better stabilization characteristics than ever before. A proper arrow rest allows an archer to obtain precise arrow placement along with repeatable shots because arrow dynamics remain consistent.

Arrow rests come in a wide range of designs and price ranges — full capture, prong, drop-away, blade, etc. — sure to fit every hunting/shooting application and personal preference. Archery retailers take note: Some models exceed $200, making them a profitable add-on when selling a new bow. Make sure you have the most popular designs on hand. Here are four models your archery patrons might want to check out.

APA Archery Twister 360

Machined from aircraft aluminum, brass and stainless steel, APA’s rugged and compact Twister 360 arrow rest is a revolutionary new design that allows archers to nock any arrow with any fletching combination regardless of cock vane orientation for easier tunability. This limb-driven, side-loading full-containment arrow rest incorporates APA’s forward launch position for increased efficiency and pin-point accuracy, and its all-metal construction provides durability and strength. The Twister 360 is micro adjustable and lined with fleece to eliminate noise for whisper-quiet operation. Left- and right-handed models are available.

MSRP: $153

CONTACT: www.apaarchery.com

QAD UltraRest HDX

Quality Archery Designs’ top of the line UltraRest, the UltraRest HDX, has all the features of the UltraRest HD and more, tailor-made for die-hard hunters. Its new modern design and sleek styling offers compatibility, versatility and even custom colors. It features a sleek, curved capture bar for more clearance and total arrow containment, and its convenient thumbwheel cocks the launcher into position. The HDX is available in right- and left-handed versions in a wide array of camo and custom colors, and its noise-reducing design employs laser-cut felt, cam brake and dampeners. It has a break away safety feature, vertical, horizontal and overdraw adjustments, and full draw indicator marks.

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MSRP: $155.95-$183.55

CONTACT: www.qadinc.com

Ripcord Max IMS

Constructed from lightweight aluminum, the Max IMS by Ripcord is an advanced drop-away rest design, compatible with any model of bow that features the Integrate Mounting System machined directly into its riser. A soft-rubber coating eliminates almost all noise while drawing, providing silence and superior arrow containment when needed the most. The Thumbcock launcher allows the shooter to load and cock the rest with one hand while the Firefall feature offers complete arrow containment, even when the user is on the move. Other features include the Double Down Brake System that increases accuracy by eliminating bounce back and a Ball Bearing Drive System that allows for smooth operation and durability.

MSRP: $179.95

CONTACT: www.ripcordarrowrest.com

Vapor Trail Gen Integrate 8

Vapor Trail’s Limb Driver Gen Integrate 8 (GI8) arrow rest was specifically designed for the Integrate Mounting System found on most of today’s major bow brands. This system not only alleviates past fitment issues, but the rest is one of the company’s lightest, most compact models to date. The GI8 was designed with advanced features including adjustable windage and elevation, and a full-capture rubber over-molded carbon cage made with proprietary vibration-dampening material and is available in 14 interchangeable colors. A free-floating launcher arm supports the arrow for up to 70 percent of the shot cycle, resulting in increased downrange accuracy. The GI8 comes packaged with Vapor Trail’s SHAG (Shelf Hushing Arrow Grabbing) pad and activation cord.

MSRP: $199.99

CONTACT: www.vaportrailarchery.com

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