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A 3D target is specifically a target shaped like whatever animal you’re hunting. For instance, it may be a full buck with a target drawn on the kill zone in the shape of vital organs like the heart and lungs.

This has the obvious benefit of providing you with realistic target practice that imitates a real hunting scenario. We highly recommend getting a 3D target with its own stand as well so that you can shift the angle for even better practice.

Foam Targets

Foam is easily the most popular material for modern targets. It’s great at slowing down bolts while still being lightweight and easy to move around. These days, manufacturers have even discovered how to produce foam in layers that then “self-heals” or moves back into place after each shot, thereby increasing the life of the target.


What is the best target for a crossbow?

Here at Deer Hunting Guide, we consider the SpyderWeb ST24XL the best target for crossbow shooting. Made of self-healing woven Spylar fabric, it’s rated for any bolt speed. It’s a great way to sight in a powerful crossbow and then practice your aim regularly.

Do I need a special target for a crossbow?

Regardless of the type of crossbow you use, you are going to need a crossbow target. In theory, you can use any archery target for a crossbow. However, crossbows are much more powerful than other bows, even compound bows. They sometimes shoot bolts over 500 fps, and that means that a crossbow bolt may pass through a target that would otherwise stop a recurve arrow traveling at 200 fps.

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As a result, you should look for a tougher, higher-quality target if you’re going to be shooting a crossbow at it. The easiest way is to just check your crossbow’s rated bolt speed and then check what bolt speed the target is rated for.

Will a block target stop a crossbow?

Since block targets tend to be smaller and simpler than other targets, most of the cheapest models won’t stop a crossbow bolt, unless you are shooting from a long distance away. However, there are some that are rated for crossbow bolt speeds.

For example, take a look at the Block Infinity Crossbow Target. Despite being a lightweight compact block target, it can stop bolts shot at speeds up to 520 fps, which includes most production crossbows.

Will a Black Hole target stop a crossbow?

Yes, despite its lightweight foam design, the layered technology in the Black Hole target produces friction that can stop crossbow bolts traveling at around 400 fps. That covers most production crossbows, though it may not be enough for the most powerful on the market.

Final Thoughts

Because crossbows are so powerful, you can’t just get any old archery target off the shelf. Instead, you need something with stopping power for high bolt speeds, in addition to other features that help you sight in your crossbow accurately and prepare for hunting season.

For these reasons, we highly recommend the SpyderWeb ST 24XL. Made with self-healing material, it’s rated for any bolt speed. That said, make sure you check all our reviews in case there’s something that works better for your personal situation or budget.

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