255 Vs. 285 Tires (Difference And Are They Interchangeable?)


You should know the basics of tires to know what tires will be compatible with your vehicle. You must also be familiar with the sizes of the tires. This is the highlighted difference between the tires.

Tires have a lot of widths, sizes, dimensions, and many more. They’re the ones that carry the vehicle’s weight, and they are the reason why vehicles run. Automobiles are complex machines.

They have a lot of components in them. But, with all their components, the tires are the most vital ones. So, we have made this article for you who ask the same question.

This article will discuss the difference between 255 tires with 285 tires. We’ll also talk about the differences between 255 tires and 285 tires, and we will talk about whether you can interchange both of them. So let us get started.

What Is The Difference Between 255 And 285 Tires?

The 285 tires can rub even with no spacers, but you can turn out the steering stops and put a washer behind them. The55 tires are taller than the 285. So they might be lighter, and 255 tires are taller than the 285.

How Much Bigger Is A 255 Tire Than A 285?

The 185 tire is 12 wider, and the 255 tire is 10.5 wider. So, theoretically speaking, the 255 must get better while the 285 should deliver a little better traction in icy roads.

Are 255 And 285 Tires Interchangeable?

In terms of height, the tires are slightly different. The height of a 255 tie is 31.6, then the 285 tires. The 55 tires are narrower than the 285.

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A narrow tire is a brilliant idea. The 55 tires will have less rolling assistance than the 285 tires. You can improve your fuel economy if you choose 255 tires.

Can I Replace 285 Tires With 255?

Yes, you can replace it. The 285 tires and the 255 tires refer to the width in millimeters. And the second number is the percentage of the sidewall to the width. So the 278 is much broader than the 255.

Can I Replace 255 Tires With 285?

It can be replaceable with 285 tires. The 285 tires and the 255 tires refer to the width in millimeters.

And the second number is the percentage of the sidewall to the width. So the 278 is much broader than the 255.

What Does The Number On A Tire Mean?

It means the tire’s width is measured in millimeters from the sidewall to the sidewall. So the first three-digit number in the tire’s size refers to the tire’s width. So, for example, in the P215/65 R15 tire size, the width is 215 millimeters.

There is also the ratio of the tire’s cross-section to the width. The two-digit number after the size of the tire is the aspect ratio. So the more significant the aspect ratio is, the bigger the sidewall of your tire will be.


In summary, tires have many different sizes, weights, and more aspects. Therefore, it’s essential to know at least a basic of the tires to know what is compatible with your vehicle.

You can interchange 255 tires with 285 tires, but there are things that you should know. Just read this guide.

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