Video workouts for bow hunting

Archery isn’t just a relaxing, and calming sport, but one that requires incredible strength of the mind and body. To improve your shot and chances in the sport, you need to incorporate archery training into your schedule.


To arch, an archer would need to make use of most of the muscles in the upper body. Therefore, some of the best archery exercises focus on the chest, back, shoulders, biceps and triceps.


Anybody can do archery strengthening exercises. Start slow! Each of the movements should be adapted to suit your strength, ability, and accessibility to workout materials.

It’s important to modify each exercise routine to suit your ability As a beginner, start without a weight. Use movement alone; you will still feel a nice burn after each rep.


1. One-arm Dumbbell Lateral Raises

Grab your weight (or start without). Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Now put your other arm on your waist for support. Lift the other arm up and to the side at a ninety-degree angle.

2. Dumbbell Shrug

Pick up the weights and have one in each hand, resting at your sides. Hold the weight still and lift your shoulders in a normal shrugging motion. Center each movement to keep your muscle active.

Dumbbell Shrugs For

3. Single-arm dumbbell row

Stretch one leg back to make a straight line from your heel to your head. Bend the other leg and keep the knee right below your shoulder.

On the side of the leg stretched back, take one weight and bend your arm back. While your elbow is parallel to your shoulder, bring your arm back straight.

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Use a bed, chair or bench for support!

Rest one knee on the surface. Lean forward to place the hand on that same side on the surface as well. Stretch your other leg back slightly and keep your chest high.

Form a 100-degree angle with your body. Take a weight in the arm that is not resting on the bench and pull it back until the elbow is at shoulder-height and repeat.

4. Bench Dips

You need a table, chair, bench, or even stairs that allows you sit and have your leg bent at a 90-degree angle comfortably for this exercise. Grip the edge of the bench with your palms facing backward.

Move your lower body off the surface to activate the arms.

Beginner should keep their leg bent and bend their arms to lower their body.

Bench Dips (Aka Reverse Dips)

5. Bend-over Rare Lateral Race

Sit down on a bench with your knees bent at 90 degrees. Bend over and rest your weight on your feet.

Without lifting your chest, raise both arms straight out, mimicking the movement of wings.

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6. Variation on Push-ups

Push up work so many muscles in the body. If you’re new to push-ups stick to regular opinions. Open your body up to one side pushing up your fingers on the outer side.

Do the same on the other side!

Push-up hand positions and target muscle chart | Bar workout, Push ...

7. Planks

An easy full-body workout that helps you focus on the upper body, core and leg muscles. Make sure your body is in a straight line by activating your core muscles.

Keep your hands (or elbows) below your shoulders and hold for as long as you can!

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8. Overhead Triceps Extension

Extend your arms straight up over your head. Slowly bend your arms until you feel the weights touch your back.

Keep your arms bent and bring them forward before pushing them up and straight again.

How To Do An Overhead Dumbbell Triceps Extension | Coach

9. Rowing Machine

Excellent option If you want exercises for bow hunting that use the whole body. This exercise can be done at home without a machine with bands attached to a door or wall.

Secure your feet in the holsters and grab the handles. First, push back with your legs, then pull back with your abdomen. Bending out to your sides with your hands coming into your chest.

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Build up Your Strength

Exercises for bowhunting are for everyone, from kids to adults, from beginners to experienced archers – You don’t need equipment to improve your strength! There is a perfect bow exercise for you! You´ll find the full article at UberBows.com

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