Where, For Wyoming, Did Where Warm Waters Halt in Forrest Fenn’s Poem?


Forrest Fenn announced on July 22, 2020 that his hidden treasure chest was found in Wyoming. Where then did Where Warm Waters Halt? Can it be narrowed down?

Over the years, Forrest has given a couple clues to Where Warm Waters Halt. We knew it was the first clue. We knew it wasn’t a dam. And we also knew ‘certainly more than several’ searchers had identified the first clue correctly, from the following MW Q/A:

Forrest, you have stated that several searchers correctly identified the first two clues in your poem. Could you tell us how many searchers to your knowledge have correctly identified the first clue correctly? Thanks. ~49 Dollars

No 49, I cannot tell you how many searchers have identified the first clue correctly, but certainly more than several. I cannot imagine anyone finding the treasure without first identifying the starting point, although many seem to be preoccupied with later clues. To me that’s just expensive folly. f

So what is the definition of ‘more than several’? It’s relative to the total amount. Several is defined as more than 2 but less than many.

For instance, if out of 10 searchers, several got lost, it would strongly suggest 4, possibly 5, got lost. Not the majority, of 6, 7 or 8 though, as 6 and 7 would most likely be ‘many’, and 8 and 9 would be ‘Most’. Less than 4 would most likely be stated as a few searchers.

So, if out of 1000 searchers, several got lost, it’s unlikely ‘several’ suggests 4 now. Most and Many would suggest numbers over 500, not 6 to 9; and so several could suggest quite a good number in connection to 1000 searchers. What it might exactly be is debatable. But at least 10? Maybe 12? What about 15? What if there were more than 100,000 searchers, like Forrest feels there were?

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And what is most interesting, in the Q/A, we have Forrest saying, ‘certainly MORE than several’. So increase whatever number you felt ‘several’ could imply- by ‘certainly more’ than that number.

In a poll I recently conducted in The Chase Legacy Facebook Group, I had asked searchers since we knew the treasure chest was found in Wyoming, what was their Where Warm Waters Halt?

With knowing ‘more than several’ had correctly identified WWWH, can we exclude any locations where only a ‘few’ searchers suggest it as WWWH?

When considering the WWWH locations given in the poll, do we exclude the most common answer of Madison Junction, because Many had it, and not Several. Do we go with the next one on the list, since it seems ‘More than several’ had thought this, but not most?

It is a play with words. But I do feel it might offer some insight.

Below is a list of answers given.

Surely it would seem, that if ‘MORE THAN SEVERAL’ had correctly identified WWWH, it should have at least been mentioned in the following list? Can we narrow WWWH down to being one of those mentioned? What do you think?

  • Madison Junction -24
  • Ojo Caliente Hot Spring- 18
  • Sinks Canyon-9
  • Thermopolis-6
  • Warm Spring Creek-5
  • Jelm Mountain- 3
  • Soda Butte Cone – 3
  • Colter’s Hell – 3
  • Wyoming- 3
  • Snake River – 2
  • Tower Creek- 2
  • Yellowstone Lake -2
  • Firehole River – 2
  • Tower Falls (near)- 2
  • Boiling River Hot Springs -1
  • The Big Hollow- 1
  • Devil’s Den- 1
  • Yellowstone Entrances – 1
  • Joe Brown Trailhead – 1
  • Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument -1
  • Hot Springs/Park County Line- 1
  • Bighorn National Forest- 1
  • Warm Creek Picnic Area – 1
  • Granite Hot Springs -1
  • Cody Wyoming – 1
  • Sunlight Creek Ends- 1
  • Mammoth Hot Springs -1
  • Mud Volcano Spring – 1
  • Buffalo Bill Reservoir – 1
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