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Ever since the first polymer body pistol appeared on the market, Glock took the lead and has yet to relinquish it to any of the competition. There is a good reason behind this – Glocks are dependable, reliable, have high capacity, and are easy to clean. The Glock has become standard in many law enforcement agencies and some military groups as well. There are just too many good things to say about the Glock.

That brings us to today’s piece. Ghost Inc is your after-market Glock headquarters. Whether this is your first Glock or fifth, we have a Glock upgrade for you.

Many recognize the sanctity of the home and want to protect their homes to the absolute fullest. There are basically three options: pistols, rifles, and shotguns for home protection. Each of them has its pros and cons, but we are a family of Glock fans. This article is going to focus on the five best Glock pistols available for home defense.

Glock 17 For Home Defense

Mention Glock and the 17 is likely the first model to come to mind. The Glock 17 has been there, done that, and has the pedigree to back up its efficacy for home defense. After all, the Glock 17 has seen time on the battlefield and in the hands of more than one law enforcement officer.

The homeowner looking for a pistol that will serve a need from home defense to competitive shooting will find the Glock 17 meets every one of the categories. The impressive 17 round magazine was one of the first in the double-stack line, but the size of the Glock 17 is also perfect for smaller hands.

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The barrel of the Glock 17 is almost 4.5 inches in length, making it a bit too much for a concealed carry. The longer barrel of the Glock 17 does translate into additional accuracy, and this can make all the difference when lives may be at stake. Do not think this long barrel gives it unnecessary weight as even smaller-framed ladies can become competent with the Glock 17 with minimal instruction and range time.

Glock 32 For Home Defense

Back in the 1990s, the Sig Sauer corporation invented the .357 Sig. The goal was a bullet with more stopping power than a 9 mm but without issues arising from ejection and subsequent jamming. Glock saw the potential in this and set to manufacturing the Glock 32 to use this new .357 round.

Many are not enamored with the .357 Sig because ammo is difficult to find except in specialized gun stores and certain online locations, but those who have shot the round have nothing but praise for it.

The Glock 32 holds 13 rounds of the .357 Sig, making it more than sufficient to neutralize a threat. While bigger than the 9 mm round, the Glock 32 does not have the noticeable recoil of larger rounds.

Glock 34 For Home Defense

The Glock, after people began to take notice of it, quickly found its way into the competitive shooting fraternity. The company again recognized the void and filled it with the Glock 34 – the Glock designed around competition.

Competitors love the Glock 34 for the expeditious velocity out of the barrel and the accuracy to clip the wing of a fly. This is accomplished with a 5.31-inch barrel, excellent sight radius, and the best velocity out of the barrel within the entire Glock line.

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If you are unfamiliar with sight radius and velocity, sight radius is the amount of time it takes to line up a shot, and high velocity is absolute for hollow-point, defensive ammunition. The 17 round magazine is only one part of the beauty – the cutout below the muzzle is perfect for mounting aftermarket optics like lasers and lights.

The larger size of the 34, necessary for the competition shooter, makes the recoil much easier on the hand. This also allows the shooter to return to the target swiftly.

Glock 19 For Home Defense

Ghost Inc. has a soft spot for the Glock 19 because it’s known as the all-around Glock. A long standby of the Glock family and favorite of the gun owner, there is very little the Glock 19 cannot do for a shooter. Already in its 5th generation, it is relatively simple to find a Glock 19 that will meet the needs of all of the shooters in the home with most recommending the Gen 4 or Gen 5.

A new Glock 19 will have three 15 round magazines with it along with changeable grips (backstraps) that can enlarge or shrink the size of the grip to meet individual needs. The extended grip also helps for handling recoil, which is relatively mild.

Glock 19x For Home Defense

The Beretta company created the 92 for a military sidearm to replace the venerated 1911 model. When it came time, Glock entered the field with the Glock 19x.

The Glock 19x is specifically designed for close-quarters situations, like urban containment and securing. It has a relatively short 4-inch barrel that makes the Glock 19x ideal for fast draw and confined space. There is some sacrifice to make, however, as the shorter barrel does trade accuracy for speed.

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The 17 round magazine means sufficient ammunition for virtually any home situation and keeps reloading to a minimum. Night sights are standard – making the Glock 19x ideal for dark bedrooms and homes. What started as a strictly military sidearm is certainly worth more than just a look for a home defense pistol.

Glocks For Home Defense

If you are in the market for a pistol that will more than meet home defense needs, the Glock is certainly a top choice. However, there are two things recommended: 1. Take a firearms safety course from a certified individual; 2. Visit Ghost inc. for the absolute best in after-market Glock products and upgrades.

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