Does Bear Oil Cure Baldness?


Bear oil being applied to hairBaldness is something that mankind has been trying to combat since its earliest days. Primitive wigs and hairpieces go back to early civilizations like the Celts and the Sumerians. Ancient Egyptians would mix concoctions to put on their heads in the hopes of curing baldness. The Roman Empire saw the use of the combover by people like Julius Caesar.

One of the older hair care products that had also been used as a remedy for baldness is bear grease or bear oil. Dating back to the 19th century, bear oil had been used to style hair – similar to hair gel – but had also been promised to help cure baldness. Is that something bear oil can actually do?

Did You Mean Beard Oil?

You heard it right the first time! Bear Oil is different from beard oil. Beard Oil is used to help style your beard… as well as moisturize your skin underneath it. It’s a part of proper hygiene related to having a beard, but unfortunately, there’s nothing about beard oil that prevents baldness. That said, Beard oil can help to give your beard a thicker, fuller look.

What’s The History Of Bear Oil?

People have been recommending bear oil for cosmetic purposes going back as far as the 12th century. It wouldn’t be until 1653 that an Englishman named Nicholas Culpeper would write in The Physician’s Library about how bear grease cures baldness.

The popularity of bear oil as a potential treatment to prevent baldness in men would go on throughout Europe into the 1920’s. Additionally, it would be later found to be used by Native Americans as a hair product… but rather than being used to deter hair loss it was used as a type of hair gel.

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Can Bear Oil Help Fight Against Hair Loss?

The idea of bear oil helping to fight against hair loss was originally built on the myth that because bears are so hairy then the grease or oil from bear fat would help grow hair on others. Yes, unfortunately, bear oil growing hair back is a myth. While it has been used as a hair care product, it cannot in fact regrow your hair.

As of now, there are no tonics or medications that can regrow hair. That said, there are some treatments (both surgical and non-surgical), that can help you regrow your hair.

RHRLI Has Both Surgical and Non-Surgical Approaches To Restoring Hair

Have you been affected by permanent hair thinning or loss and are looking for a way to turn back the clock? Has making sure you’re getting the right vitamins and nutrients and using hair care products not been enough to stop or reverse hair loss? Our team of experts at Robotic Hair Restoration of Long Island are here for you.

We’re well known for the ARTAS Robotic FUE Hair Restoration System, a minimally invasive procedure that will get you back to your day-to-day life quickly as you start your journey towards a full, natural head of hair once again. Additionally, we also offer Non-Surgical options. Contact us today for a free consultation on how best to restore your hair.

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