What Does Venison Taste Like? Does Venison Taste Good?

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Have you ever wondered what does Vension taste like? Their taste must be something special, doesn’t it?

After all, there is an entire hunting culture built around it – The Big Game hunting.

Game hunting is an ancient hunting culture that has continued to exist in the majority of continents around the globe.

However, it is specifically popular and is a big deal in most parts of North America and Africa.

This hunting technique involves hunting game animals such as deer, elk, and antelope for their wild meat.

Vension is also considered as one of the ideal alternatives for conventional beef or any other red meat.

What is Vension?


Vension refers to the meat of game animals, specifically antelope or deer. However, the list of game animals varies from one country to another.

For instance, vension in North America include bear, wolf, or elk meat; whereas, in South America, it usually refers to cougar, feral pig, or deer meat.

Vension is a general term for describing any part of the game animal meat that is considered eatable, including the internal organs as well.

However, deer meat is the most accepted term for vension. So, if someone tells you to try vension, they probably mean deer meat.

The term vension is derived from a Latin word “Venor,” which loosely translates to “hunt or pursue.”

What Does Venison Taste Like? Does Venison Taste Good?


If you have ever tasted any wild animal’s meat, you know you’re in for a treat.

Wild animals have a slightly different texture and have a much more chewy consistency as compared your conventional meat such as beef or pork.

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People who regularly eat vension during the hunting season describe its taste as being reminiscent to a cattle meat, but with a stronger flavor and somewhat sweeter as well.

This may be hugely due to their identical diet routine. They both depend on natural green plants, corn, and nuts, which also explain the hint of corny texture that most people describe as well.

Vension also has a tougher and drier texture as compared to the moist or juicy texture of the normal meat. So, it’s basically like you’re eating a stronger meat version of beef.

Nutritional Value

Deer meat or simply vension has a rich nutritional composition. It is an excellent source of protein with a low calorie and fat percentage.

Other key compounds of vension include zinc and Vitamin B.

How to Cook Venison


Vension has a unique taste characteristic for being similar to a lump of conventional meat (beef and lamb), yet it possesses some distinct flavor of its own.

This is one of the reasons why vension can be incorporated perfectly in diverse food recipes.

In case you get your hands on an entire deer meat, there are specific ways and recipes you can count on to make the most out of all the different parts of the meat.

For instance, the meat on the front shoulders is ideal for grounding to a fine texture to make sausages out of it.

You can use this ground vension instead of your usual beef sausage if you require it on your next cooking venture.

Likewise, you can use different cooking techniques and methods for different parts such as the neck, backstraps, and shanks, etc.

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Vension is no doubt one of the best and the most intriguing tasting meat you will come across.

It’s funny how it tastes so familiar, yet it punches a distinct “wild” flavour.

You may have to spend a few more extra cash for it but considering its unique taste and nutritional benefits, it’s a must-try.

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