What Is An Air Rifle?

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Air Rifle FAQs

Here are answers to some of the most common questions surrounding air rifles. While they are meant to be informative, they are not to be construed as legal advice. Always check your local laws to make sure you are abiding by them.

How far can an air rifle shoot?

The answer to this question changes with the specific air rifle you shoot. Some air rifles are best for up-close shooting, a distance you might choose if you were shooting a powder-burning pistol. However, there are air rifles that will make a few hundred-yard shots with the right scope—and more importantly, the right shooter.

Do I need a license to own an air rifle?

Yes and no. While federal law does not prohibit the ownership of an air rifle, local laws may differ depending on the type of airgun/caliber/power rating.

Some states, counties, and/or cities require you to have a permit or license in order to own an air rifle, as they consider some airguns to be a firearm by definition. Other states have no laws against air rifles. If you’re not sure about what your local air rifle laws are, research them before making a purchase.

Can a felon own an air rifle?

The short answer to this question is yes, but the long answer is more complicated.

Some states consider air rifles to be classified as firearms. This can depend on the velocity of the projectile as it exits the muzzle and/or the caliber. Since felons cannot own firearms, they cannot own an air rifle in jurisdictions that choose to classify air rifles as firearms.

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There are certain states, however, that do require you to carry a license/permit if you own an air rifle. This applies to anyone who wants to own an air rifle, not just felons.

For more information on what’s restricted and what’s not, check out Pyramyd Air’s shipping restrictions by location. You should also check your local county, city, and state laws to see what restrictions may apply.

What are the benefits of owning an air rifle?

Air rifles can be great tools for a variety of situations. Many pro shooters use air rifles to practice their shooting in a less-expensive way. After all, it’s often much easier to find and purchase lead projectiles than live firearm ammunition.

Beyond that, shooting air rifles can actually help hone your general shooting skills. Trigger discipline and many other fundamentals apply to air rifles as much as they do to firearms. In fact, it takes arguably more effort to become a skilled airgun shooter because the projectile weighs less and isn’t moving as fast as a bullet.

Replica air rifles that are shaped to look like the real thing can also be a huge benefit to training for everyday carry. You might not have the sheer firepower of a true firearm if you want to survive with an air rifle, but it’s much more effective than a knife. Whether it’s to fend off predators or bring down dinner, an air rifle has a lot of uses for many situations.

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