New Dog? Here Are 10 Military-inspired Names for Your Pet


Your new dog finally has a forever home. Now, it needs a forever name. Luckily, choosing a moniker for a four-legged friend allows for some fun and creativity.

If the trendy (Luna and Bella were among the top for 2019) or traditional (Fido and Spot) don’t quite work, consider something a little more rugged. One of these 10 ideas just might be the right fit for your military pet’s personality.


A guaranteed conversation starter at the dog park. Whether it gets designated to a Chihuahua or a German Shepard, be sure you’re well-versed about the origins of the legendary “bear story” and how the Ka-Bar knife came to be.


Our nation’s history with Colt’s Manufacturing Company goes back as far as the Civil War. This firearm manufacturer has equipped the military with everything from revolvers to carbines, including the popular and long-standing M1911 pistol.

Alpha, Bravo, Charlie…

The military alphabet (officially the NATO phonetic alphabet) is a great source for both male and female names. You’ll have 26 options to choose from – sounds like the perfect excuse to bring home more dogs.


Long before today’s armies, there were empires and warrior-leaders. Genghis Khan was one such commander, known for his violent and ruthless battles. Modern warfare has come a long way from Mongol fighters on horseback but Khan’s tactics continue to be studied.

Maverick (or Goose)

Thanks to the movie Top Gun, pop culture gave us the two most famous call signs. If you want to come up with one of your own, keep with tradition and let it arise organically from something associated with your dog’s appearance or personality.

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British General George Patton was a name synonymous with World War II. It’s also the title of a feature film starring George C. Scott. Even if you don’t know much about this prominent figure, chances are you know his famous line: “Lead, follow, or get out of the way.”


Military ranks vary, but all the branches have someone in charge of bringing the big guns. One famous “Gunner” was a dog who helped alert the Australian Air Force against the Japanese in the 1940s.


Through the NICKA system, every military campaign or operation is designated code words. Some, like Desert Storm for the Gulf War, work well for a pet name. Anthropoid and Overlord, on the other hand, might not necessarily translate into something usable.


To talk about military history is to talk about the ancient Romans and Greeks. One leader that always stands out is the infamous Roman senator, Marcus Junius Brutus. Hero or traitor, you decide, but it’s a name that gets remembered.


The military has its own slang for everything. A dog named Helicopter might not make sense but change it up with some inside lingo and voila!. It’ll set your pet apart from the “civilian” dogs who don’t know the jargon.

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