Zeiss’s Four New Thermal Imaging Cameras are Ideal for Finding Wildlife

Video thermal imaging camera for wildlife

Zeiss DTI thermal imaging cameras

Zeiss has announced four new thermal imaging cameras designed for daytime and nighttime observations. The company promises that the cameras deliver “a new way of birding.”

The Zeiss DTI 1, DTI 3 Gen 2, DTI 4, and DTI 6 all promise thermal imaging capabilities, albeit with different focal lengths and image quality. All four models share “intuitive ergonomics for ease of use, excellent optics for an exceptional viewing experience with the ability to reliably recognize even the smallest details, as well as sophisticated power management.”

The DTI 1 is the entry-level model in Zeiss’ thermal imaging line. The lightweight and compact thermal imaging camera offers numerous features, such as Transition Zoom, which provides a continuous zoom effect, and includes eight color modes. One of these new modes, “Detection Mode,” makes heat sources easier to detect.

Zeiss DTI thermal imaging cameras

The Zeiss DTI 1 is launching with two different focal lengths. The DTI 1/19 has a field of view of 24 meters at 100 meters and a 1000-meter range. The DTI 1/25’s field of view is 18 meters at 100 meters, and its range is 1,320 meters.

Zeiss DTI thermal imaging cameras

The Zeiss DTI 3 Gen 2 is a “versatile solution for any situation.” The original DTI 3 was released last year, and the new version offers significantly upgraded hardware and software features. A new image processor and upgraded AMOLED display promise significantly better image quality.

Zeiss DTI thermal imaging cameras

“The DTI 3 Gen 2 is an extremely versatile option among thermal imaging cameras. The advantages of the four additional observation modes are particularly evident when observing birds at closer distances in native forests or tropical rainforests,” says Stefan Gerner, product manager in Nature Observation at Zeiss Consumer Products. Gerner is himself an experienced and avid birder.

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Zeiss DTI thermal imaging cameras

The DTI 3 Gen 2 comes in two focal lengths. The DTI 3/25 has a range of 930 meters and has a “particularly wide field of view of 26 meters.” The DTI 3/35 version has a range of 1,300 meters.

Zeiss DTI thermal imaging cameras

The Zeiss DTI 4 has a higher resolution 640 x 512-pixel image sensor. “This delivers even better image quality at all zoom levels and increased detection range,” says Gerner.

The DTI 4 comes in 4/35 and 4/50 focal lengths, with the latter option delivering an impressive 2,500-meter range.

Zeiss DTI thermal imaging cameras
ZEISS DTI 6/40 with 20mm interchangeable lens

For even more detail, the high-end Zeiss DTI 6 thermal imaging camera is the best of the bunch.

“Thanks to the innovative Zeiss Smart Image Processing Pro (ZSIP Pro), combined with a 640 × 480 sensor and a 1024 × 768 AMOLED display, the high-end Zeiss DTI 6 thermal imaging camera delivers particularly sharp and detailed images,” Zeiss explains.

Zeiss DTI thermal imaging cameras

“The use of thermal imaging cameras in nature observation and birding is becoming increasingly popular,” reports Gerner. Devices like the new DTI thermal image cameras enable users to locate, identify, and observe various animals, including nocturnal species. It also makes finding animals with excellent natural camouflage, such as snipes or bitterns, easier,” the company continues.

Zeiss DTI thermal imaging cameras

“…A thermal imaging camera is now part of many ambitious birder’s and ornithologist’s must-have gear and opens up a new way of observing nature and birds by day or night,” adds Gerner.

Zeiss DTI thermal imaging cameras

These imaging cameras can also benefit nature and wildlife photographers as they scout and locate potential subjects, especially when working in dim conditions. Often, a nature photographer is out before dawn, setting up and looking for animals. A thermal imaging camera has clear utility in cases like this.

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Pricing and Availability

The Zeiss DTI 1, DTI 3 Gen 2, DTI 4, and DTI 6 thermal imaging cameras are available now, with prices starting at €1,700, which is around $1,900. Prices range to €4,800 for the Zeiss DTI 6/40, which is nearly $5,400.

Image credits: Zeiss

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