Best Oil Additives for High Mileage Engines: What Works and What Doesn’t


Best Oil Additives for High Mileage Engines: What Works and What Doesn’t

As your car’s mileage increases, its engine may start to show signs of wear and tear, such as reduced power, increased oil consumption, and the buildup of sludge and deposits. Fortunately, there are engine oil additives that can help address these issues and keep your high mileage car running smoothly.

What Are Engine Oil Additives?

Engine oil additives are chemical compounds that are mixed with your car’s motor oil to enhance its performance and protection properties. There are many different types of oil additives available, each designed to address specific issues, such as reducing friction, improving fuel economy, and cleaning the engine.

Best Oil Additives for High Mileage Engines

Here are some of the best engine oil additives for high mileage cars:

  1. Cerma Engine Treatment for Gas and Diesel Autos: Cerma is a high-performance engine treatment that uses a hardened polished ceramic surface to reduce metal-on-metal wear, penetrate varnish and carbon in new or old machinery, and increase engine power and fuel efficiency. It’s ideal for use in 4-stroke, diesel, 2-cycle, turbo supercharger automatic and manual transmissions, differentials, power steering, hydraulics, air tools, firearms, marine and aircraft engines.

  2. Cerma Ceramic Manual Transmission Treatment: Cerma also offers a manual transmission treatment that uses the same ceramic technology to protect gears, bearings, and synchros from wear and tear, reduce friction, and improve shifting performance.

  3. Prolong Super Lubricants Engine Treatment: Prolong is a well-known brand that produces a range of high-quality engine additives. Their Super Lubricants Engine Treatment is designed to reduce friction and wear, improve fuel efficiency, and restore power to high mileage engines.

  4. Sea Foam Motor Treatment: Sea Foam is another popular brand that offers a range of engine oil additives. Their Motor Treatment is a 100% petroleum-based formula that helps clean and lubricate the engine, reduce deposits and emissions, and improve fuel economy.

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Do Engine Oil Additives Really Work?

The effectiveness of engine oil additives can vary depending on the specific product and the condition of your engine. Some additives may provide noticeable improvements in performance, while others may have little to no effect.

Is it Good to Add Oil Additive for Older Engines?

Adding an engine oil additive to an older engine can be a good way to improve its performance and prolong its lifespan. However, it’s important to choose the right product for your specific engine and to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.

How Do You Clean Oil Sludge Out of an Engine?

If your engine has developed oil sludge buildup, using an engine oil additive may not be enough to address the problem. In some cases, it may be necessary to have the engine professionally cleaned or even replaced.


In summary, engine oil additives can be a useful tool for maintaining and improving the performance of high mileage engines. When choosing an oil additive, be sure to select a high-quality product that is designed for your specific engine and follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. And if you’re looking for a powerful and effective engine treatment, consider Cerma’s Engine Treatment for Gas and Diesel Autos or their Ceramic Manual Transmission Treatment .

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