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We can all agree that kayaking is one of the best water sports out there. Paddling through waters for adventure or fishing is refreshing! However, nothing matches the kayaking experience of using a trolling motor on your kayak! It makes things easier and 100 times more fun! However, motorizing your kayak is a fairly new concept that many people don’t know about, so many questions may come to your mind. Fortunately, we created a list answering the top 10 questions about using a trolling motor on a kayak.

Is it possible to install a trolling motor on a kayak?

Of course it is! Trolling motors are designed to be installed in small water crafts such as paddle boards, dinghies, float-tubes, and of course, kayaks! Putting a trolling motor in your kayak will allow you to stay out longer, explore new waters, fish more, troll for hours, or just get home effortlessly at the end of a long tiring day on the water or when the weather turns on you and you need an extra push to get you back.

Can you put a trolling motor on an inflatable kayak?

Yes, you can put a trolling motor on an inflatable kayak. Just be sure to position it correctly and reinforce the structure if need be. There are several trolling motors that are designed for inflatable kayaks. If you need to build your own custom mount, there are many great videos on YouTube you can watch.

Is it legal to put a trolling motor on a kayak?

Yes, it is legal to put a motor on your kayak if you FOLLOW THE RULES! Most states require that you register it the same way you would with a regular boat. The only exception would be if you use it on private lakes and ponds. When it comes to public waters, you MUST register your kayak—or risk getting a hefty fine.

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Do I need to register my fishing kayak with a trolling motor?

Yes, you have to register your kayak with a trolling motor in most states, such as California. Every motor-driven vessel (regardless of length) that is not documented by the U.S. Coast Guard are subject to registration by the Department of Motor Vehicles.

How do I choose a kayak motor?

When it comes to choosing a motor for your kayak, you want one that’s powerful and reliable. This can be found with the Bixpy J-2 Motor. The Bixpy J-2 Motor is a compact, lightweight, high-performance marine motor designed and optimized specifically for personal water propulsion and small watercraft such as kayaks. While most marine motors try to achieve more power using larger batteries and propellers, Bixpy has completely reinvented the trolling motor by borrowing technologies from hydro-electric dam turbines, jet engines, and airfoil techniques used in aerospace applications. Combine this mighty motor with a Bixpy Outboard Battery and you now have the ultimate kayak motor!

How fast can a kayak go with a trolling motor?

The typical top speed for a trolling motor is 5 miles per hour (mph).

How long will a trolling motor battery last on a kayak?

A Bixpy trolling motor runs for approximately 80 minutes at top speed and up to 12 hours at slower speeds.

Are trolling motors safe for kayaks?

Yes, trolling motors are completely safe for kayaks. As long as you install the motor correctly, there is no major hazard you need to worry about. We would recommend that you make sure that your motor is tightly anchored to your kayak. With that being said, the only potential danger would be reckless steering! If you make a really sharp turn, your kayak could potentially flip. Just use common sense and steer safely!

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Is it easy to add a trolling motor onto a kayak?

If you choose to install a Bixpy motor, installing a trolling motor onto your kayak will be a piece of cake! The installation is so simple it will only take you minutes to install! Check out our installation guides by clicking here.

How do I put a trolling motor on a kayak?

Installing a trolling motor on your kayak is pretty straightforward:

  1. Attach the propeller to the motor
  2. Mount the motor to your kayak
  3. Wire motor to marine Battery

Simply follow the instructions that come with your motor and get rolling!

Check out this tutorial here to see how to install a Bixpy J-2 Motor Transom Adapter (using RAILBLAZA Motor Plate) by clicking here. We have a lot of tutorials on our YouTube Channel, so feel free to check it out.

Motorize Your Kayak with Bixpy

When it comes to trolling, you will need the best motor in the market to make the most out of your kayak fishing experience. Don’t settle for anything but the best with Bixpy motors! If you’re ready to motorize your kayak, Bixpy has just the motor you need! Feel free to explore all of our motor options by clicking here.

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