Most Accurate 22 Pistol Out of The Box [Review & Comparison]

Video most accurate .22 pistol for hunting

The .22 round has been around for the last 160 years and its popularity continues to grow daily. In fact, it is older than many of the weapons we’ve had the opportunity to handle. But what’s the most accurate 22 pistol out of the box? In this guide, we will find out.

These rounds are available almost everywhere and they can be easily stored at little to no cost at all. Weaponry of this caliber can be used for target shooting, practice, hunting, and even for home defense.

Especially when it comes to practice, these rounds are highly suitable because they are inexpensive. So, now having fun doesn’t have to come at a hefty price.

Not only that they are fun, but they offer also other advantages such as minimal recoil, muzzle rise, and greater control. In this article, we are going to go over the best .22LR handguns to own for more than just concealed carry.

What to look for in a .22 handgun?

Giving the term “best” to a firearm is a complex matter, that requires a lot of factors to be taken into consideration. That’s why before we begin with our list, we would like to tell you what are the things we’re looking for in a handgun of this caliber.

The first thing is accuracy. When it comes to that, the .22LR shows a surprising performance, especially at close ranges. That’s why we always look whether a gun is accurate enough to hit a target at longer distances.

The second thing we take a close look at is the performance and ergonomics of the firearm. After all, the main purpose that we buy a weapon is because we love the pleasure of shooting and secondly for defense.

Therefore, I would like to purchase an enjoyable and reliable sidearm. The last thing you want is a gun that jams or forces you to put extra efforts to be accurate.

Last, but not at least, we look for availability and aftermarket options. You wouldn’t want to purchase a mid-range firearm and then realize that there’s little-to-none aftermarket parts or the ones that are available cost a lot.

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Rimfire handguns and rifles, for example, offer a huge variety of aftermarket manufacturers. This gives you the opportunity to experiment and go all out on accessories. They offer improved sights, magazines, stocks, triggers, etc.

Most Accurate 22 Pistol Out of The Box Comparison Table

Most Accurate 22 Pistol Out of The Box Reviews

#1: Walther P22 Q

Most Accurate 22 Pistol Out of The Box


You can’t have a .22LR article without mentioning Walther. The company is one of the most renowned gun manufacturers in the world. The P22 is a .22 caliber semi-automatic handgun, with a 10-round magazine, suitable for concealed carry, self-defense, and training.

In terms of construction, the frame is made of polymer, while the slide and the receiver from zing alloy. It also offers a thumb safety switch that protects the finger from recoil and a steel barrel.

The barrel measures at 3.4 inches in length, has a steel barrel sleeve and we were surprised to learn that it is very lightweight too.

We can say that the gun is excellent, except that it is prone to malfunctions. Due to overly tight tolerances, the gun must be cleaned frequently or else it might not function properly.

This problem is resolved in the new QD model with slight updates to the design while providing the same performance that we expect from the firearm.

As we mentioned above, the gun is DA/SA, which means that you have a second-strike option in case of a fault. In double-action mode, the trigger pull is around 11lbs, whereas the proper and crisp break would be at 4lbs of pressure.

The magazine offers a 10+1 capacity, but it doesn’t offer much aftermarket support. However, we could say that it doesn’t need any. Honestly, if you want to carry a nice-looking, easy-to-shoot .22 caliber, then the P22 is the right gun for you and the most accurate 22 pistol out of the box.

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#2: Ruger Single Six

Ruger Single Six pistol


Given that you’re looking for a powerful and precise handgun, then the Ruger Single Six would be a great choice to consider. It’s a single-action revolver, which means that the hammer should be cocked after every shot.

Ruger is known for making only high-quality firearms and the Single Six makes no difference. Even though it is single-action and shots may be slower, the trigger pull is very light, allowing you to be more precise.

This model comes with a 6.5-inch barrel and target sights that can be easily adjusted. Also, there’s a cylinder to switch from .22 long rifle to .22 magnum. Hence, you have more power for target shooting and hunting.

Finally, the gun is constructed of steel in order to resist corrosion and the challenges of adverse weather.

#3: Browning Buck Mark Camper

Browning Buck Mark Camper


One of the most recognizable semi-auto .22 handguns on our list is the Browning Buck Mark. The model comes in a variety of configurations and the one that we review is the “Camper” edition.

It features a 5.5-inch barrel and a magazine of 10 rounds, making it suitable for individuals expecting accuracy from their firearm. Moreover, its compact size makes it perfect for campers and hunters.

In terms of design, the Buck Mark Camper highlights a beautiful matte-blue finish, but it is less resistant to rust and corrosion. That’s why it will require frequent oiling to maintain its good condition, especially if used outdoors.

We noticed that the Buck Mark will operate with one specific type of ammo and weight. So, you have to find the one that works and stick with it.

#4: Smith & Wesson Stainless Victory

Smith & Wesson Stainless Victory


Smith & Wesson is a renowned brand that has built its solid reputation for years and its .22 caliber model lives up to the company’s prestige. The Stainless Victory is a semi-automatic handgun that uses a .22 caliber. It features multiple adjustable sights, making it very easy to aim.

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The grip is very comfortable, while the single-action trigger provides a clean pull, making shooting a seamless process. With the stainless construction, it is very hard to get rusted, while the satin polish provides an effective finish that absorbs sun glare.

Moreover, it implements a 5.5-inch barrel that has 10-round magazine capacity. You will love the way it fits firmly in your hand, allowing you to stay stable and shoot precisely.

#5: Beretta U22 Neos

most accurate 22 pistol out of the box


The Berreta Neos are known for making magazines and the U22 Neos is a more recent addition to the marketplace. We had to mention it because it features very notable features for .22 pistols.

The components are made of steel alloy, while the exterior is constructed of a polymer. Moreover, it offers multiple safety features, such as a firing pin indicator, which shows when the gun is ready.

Plus, the gun is very easy to reassembly, allowing you to maintain it frequently. There’s both a front and rear sight on the rail that can be easily adjusted.


There are literally hundreds of options on the market, but we can’t cover all. There are some other reputable brands worth mentioning such as Sig Sauer, Pardini, Benelli and Hammerli, but we have to put a line somewhere.

The mentioned above .22 caliber handguns provide proven reliability, accuracy and overall performance. Each one of these firearms will bring pleasure to shooting and you won’t regret choosing any of them.

To close this wonderful list, we would like to recommend to take a look at our number one pick – the Walther P22 is the most accurate 22 pistol out of the box. It is similar to the Ruger Single Six but provides a more simplistic approach. So, it is up to your personal preferences which one you will choose.

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