Is Magnet Fishing Legal in Florida?


Florida is one of the USA’s most popular places to magnet fish. The hobby has been going on for decades. Florida Wildlife officials only prohibit the use of grappling hooks and magnets for harvesting fish or plants from a natural habitat. No law currently prohibits the use of magnets to fish for trash or metal objects in Florida waterways.

With that said, always remember to check and follow the rules and regulations of the specific body of water you are fishing in. Some areas may have their own restrictions in place regarding magnet fishing. It is always best to err on the side of caution and get permission before magnet fishing in a new area.

While there are no specific laws against magnet fishing in Florida, it is important to consider the safety hazards associated with the activity. Powerful magnets can attract objects from long distances away. If you are not careful, you could end up latching onto a boat or dangerous item close to your magnet.

Keep your eye out for hazards:

Alligators are common in Florida waterways. If you are fishing in an area with alligators, be extra cautious. Do not enter the water to retrieve your magnet if there is an alligator present. Wait for the alligator to leave the area before proceeding.

Another hazard to be aware of is power lines. If your magnet becomes caught on a power line, do not try to retrieve it yourself. Call the power company and wait for a professional to take care of the situation.

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Magnet fishing can also require bug spray, and you should consider wearing a floatation device when magnet fishing close to any waterway. Canals and swamps can drop off quickly, and being able to swim is not always enough with the current or a heavy item attached to your magnet.

The best spots to magnet fish in Florida:

Miami’s Piers:

The Miami Pier system is one of the best places to magnet fish in Florida. With so much foot traffic and fishing, there are bound to be plenty of items that have fallen into the water over the years.

The Tampa Bay Docks:

Boat docks and marinas are other great places to try your hand at magnet fishing. The Tampa Bay area is a popular spot for magnet fishers. There are also a number of shipwrecks in the area that attract magnet fishers and divers from all over the world.

The Peace River:

This river is listed on America’s national register of historic places, and magnet fishing close to the landmarks along its banks can be a fun and rewarding experience. The river is located in central Florida and runs through Charlotte, DeSoto, and Hardee counties.

Florida’s waterways are a great place to enjoy the outdoors and try your hand at magnet fishing. Remember to always follow the rules and regulations in place for the specific body of water you are in, and be sure to get the permission of the landowner before magnet fishing on their property. With a little caution and preparation, magnet fishing can be a fun and safe activity for the whole family to enjoy.

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