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The Scam Detector’s algorithm finds having a medium-authoritative rank of 62.6. This rating means that the business could be classified as Small Risk. Standard. Active..

Our Validator gave the rank based on 50 relevant factors. These include, but not limited to, a range of elements from the quality of the customer service to small red flags or third parties affecting the website (even when the owners are not aware). In this case, the Firearms niche is irrelevant, as malicious attacks happen easier when the security of a website is weak.

Other factors we usually look at are the IP address, modern/old technology used for the website build, SSL certificate, and – most importantly – presence on blacklisted domains directories. You could see more technical details referring to in the above box.

That includes its Tranco rank, phishing, spam and malware-related scores, as well as relativity/connection of to suspicious sites.

The Basis for Our Analysis For

You probably saw the three tabs under the Company Details section listed above, each warranting comprehensive scrutiny. Here they are again in aleatory order:

Proximity to Suspicious Websites Threat Profile Phishing Profile Malware Score Spam Score Domain Blacklist Status HTTPS connection Domain Creation Date

While some aspects may be self-evident regarding, let’s now direct our attention to the remaining components.

Proximity to Potentially Suspicious Online Entities

This measure quantifies the extent of association, ranked on a scale from 1 to 100, between and websites flagged as suspicious. Higher scores imply a stronger connection to these contentious online platforms.

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Interestingly enough, most website owners might not always be aware of their site’s proximity to these questionable servers or platforms. Nevertheless, if the “Proximity to Suspicious Websites” score exceeds 80, it strongly implies a high-risk website, while a score below 30 suggests a more peaceful status.

Risk Assessment: Phishing, Threat, Malware, and Spam

These parameters offer insights into potential hazards and components embedded within the HTML code of Their significance escalates when the website has garnered reports from online users who’ve encountered unsolicited emails, deceptive advertisements, or unwanted messages associated with the site.

In the case of, we’re currently categorizing it, but your contributions in the comments section below are highly encouraged.

Malicious Software and Spam Scoring

A high Malware score typically indicates the presence of suspicious code that might unknowingly propagate. Conversely, a high Spam score hints at the possibility of a spam-infested email address associated with the business. Scores below 30 in both categories provide a level of security, but any score surpassing this threshold should raise concerns.

The Scam Detector scores imply caution for all these risk tabs, meaning that is a small-risk website. Additional information is provided within this article.

Status of Domain Blacklists

This tab reveals whether has been blacklisted on any online directories and labeled as suspicious.

Security of the HTTPS Connection

This tab indicates whether includes an ‘s’ at the end of the ‘HTTP’ protocol visible in your browser’s address bar. While some individuals may lack extensive technical knowledge, we won’t delve into those intricacies here. If the tab appears in green, consider it a positive sign.

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