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Admittedly, the TurboHawk is one of the best “value for money” bows in 2010. Equipped with the same technologies as the ever popular Alphamax 32, the new TurboHawk is much more affordable. With a very efficient set of technologies and attractive price tag, this bow has become a very popular choice among savvy shooters.


The TurboHawk is equipped with a magnesium riser that is first cast and then machined into shape (as opposed to being fully machined from aluminum). While this manufacturing process is cheaper compared to technologies used for manufacturing top end bows, the result is almost exactly the same. Many archers claim that this platform is very efficient and doesn’t feel much different (compared to more advanced risers) in real hunting situations. The TEC riser has a strong structure, looks pretty good, and helps to deliver great shootability characteristics. It is designed to be stiff and strong to deliver better performance and to absorb shock and eliminate unwanted vibration.


The TurboHawk comes with the 180 Pro-Fit grip made of a rubber material. While some archers like this grip and say it functions pretty well, others are not very happy about it. This is, of course, a matter of personal preference. The good thing is, if you don’t like the factory grip you can always replace it with side plates or the wood grip.


The new XTS 500 limbs are exactly the same as on the Alphamax 32 and are very lightweight and durable. Made of a five layer laminated material, they are designed to be lightweight to further reduce the bow mass weight. Being very lightweight, the new XTS 500 limbs are extremely durable – Hoyt engineers used proven technologies while designing them. In addition, a number of tests were conducted by the Hoyt design team to prove that the limbs can survive a minimum of 1000 dry fires.

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Eccentric system

Being almost identical to the Alphamax 32, the new TurboHawk comes with the same XTR Cam & 1/2 performance system. This modular adjustable cam system comes with the two different cams: XR2 cam and XR3 cam. While the former covers draw lengths from 26 to 28 inches, the latter is used for longer draws from 28 to 30 inches. Botch cams can be adjusted in 1/2 increments via a set of interchangeable modules without using a bow press. Also, this cam system comes with an adjustable draw stop helping to choose the valley you prefer. The let-off on this cam is 75%.

Draw cycle / Shootability

When it comes to shootability, many experts agree the TurboHawk is as good as the more expensive Alphamax 32 due to the same technologies used on both bows. With a smooth draw cycle and little vibration, the TurboHawk is reported to be a great shooting bow by many archers. They say this rig also has a very solid back wall and is easy to hold at full draw. Although a bare TurboHawk has some vibration (there is no absolutely quiet bow anyway), installing a good stabilizer makes it very quiet on the release and further improves shootability. Overall, archers are very impressed with how this rig shoots especially taking into account its lower price.

Very popular bow

While analyzing feedback about this bow, we were overwhelmed with how popular this rig is due to its great shootability characteristics and lower price. A lot of shooters say this bow is one of the best rigs for the money on the market: while it’s almost as great as some high-end Hoyt bows, it is also much more affordable. Hundreds of topics on different forums have been created about this bow with a lot of extremely positive feedback on this rig. This is due to the fact the TurboHawk is a great shooting bow at a very affordable price.

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Great value for money

Admittedly, the Hoyt TurboHawk is a great bow for the money. Engineered with the same technologies and shooting as well as the legendary Hoyt Alphamax 32, the TurboHawk is less expensive. As a result, this bow became very popular among those archers who are after the best value for money. Almost every single archer who shot both bows agrees that the former is nearly identical to the latter in terms of shootability but is more affordable. So, if you want to save money and get a very good shooting bow that shoots and performs as well as more expensive rigs, the TurboHawk could be a very good choice for you.


To conclude, the Hoyt TurboHawk is a very popular and great shooting bow at a very affordable price. With nearly identical technologies and specs, the TurboHawk is almost as good as the ever popular Alphamax 32 and yet it’s cheaper. Equipped with high quality components, this is a very lightweight, durable, and high performing bow capable of generating decent IBO speeds. With a modular adjustable eccentric system, the draw length can be easily tuned without using a bow press. This bow would be a great choice for those hunters who are after great value for money: while it’s not a high-end rig, its shootability and performance come very close to some higher priced bows.

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