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We have the Hoyt Pro Defiant 34 bow, a 2017 model, currently on Special at just $1249.95. Normally $1519.95 but out they go at just $1249.95, only while stocks last. We have 1 bow in 70lb RH only in Buckskin in a draw length range of 29″ to 31″. Be one of the lucky ones to bag this high end hunting bow bargain. Save a healthy $270.00 off the retail price, but hurry as this bow is running out fast and once it’s gone…well, it’s gone.

86 years of cutting-edge engineering has culminated in Hoyt’s most advanced aluminium bow to date, period.

Hoyt bows consistently top the most prestigious podiums and punch the most demanding tags, dominating in situations that leave no room for error. The all-new, Pro Defiant integrates the best technologies from both of these worlds into a single, dominant technology set, backing its swagger with serious technology and performance.

The Pro Defiant is purpose-built for the most serious, demanding bowhunters on the planet.

Never has a series of bows received so much attention and so many accolades as the Hoyt Defiant Series.

Bowhunters across the world continue to rave about the smooth, quiet, hard hitting power of the Defiant Series bows as well as their pure toughness, durability and ultimate reliability.

Hoyt are super excited to introduce the most advanced aluminium series hunting bow, to join their industry leading Carbon Defiant Series, the all new Pro Defiant.

The Pro Defiant not only looks like the most wicked and aggressive aluminium hunting bow you have ever seen, it was also bred solely for the hunt.

With the most rigid, technologically advanced aluminium bow riser to date, you immediately appreciate the smooth, accurate, dead in the hand feel on every shot.

Unlike traditional style risers that only have one path for vibration to travel directly to the grip, producing inconsistent, inaccurate and uncomfortable shots, the Defiant Series Tec Risers channel vibration through the truss of the Tec riser, away from the grip and your hand resulting in ultimate accuracy and consistency, shot after shot.

Powering the Pro Defiant and Carbon Defiant is a cam engine built specifically for bowhunters, the easier to draw, super smooth, hard hitting DFX cam and a half.

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The symmetry between the top and bottom cam enables precise tuning and pin point accuracy. Fused together by one harness system, the cams work together rather than independently, meaning they fire at the exact same time, every time. That’s why Hoyt shooters never have to worry about cam synchronisation. It’s also what makes the cam and a half so forgiving and reliable.

The scoreboard says it all. Since the introduction of this cam technology, more Pro Circuit Tournaments have been won worldwide with cam and a half than all other cam systems combined.

DFX cams and Tec risers on the Defiant Series bows are connected by a high strength, high performance Ultraflex split limbs and the Ultra Lock Pocket system for a Zero Tolerance connection. The pocket is the most critical point on a bow as everything comes together at this one ultra critical junction and even the slightest shift or movement in this area will wreak havoc on accuracy and consistency.

That’s why archers and bowhunters have always raved about and appreciated Hoyt’s Zero Tolerance ultra tough pocket system.

The Defiant Series bows are also designed with a dramatically broader string angle and increased full draw axle to axle measurements and a more optimal peep position. This Hoyt design allows for a more relaxed strain-free posture at full draw while reducing facial contact, string pressure and eye fatigue at anchor, all resulting in better form and tighter arrow groups. The days of “reaching” are over; your days of tight, consistent groups have arrived. The result is a 30.5 inch bow that feels and performs like previous 34 inch equivalents, meaning that the compact version will feel and perform like a stable and forgiving 34 inch bow. Similarly, a 34 inch bow will perform like a 37 inch dream bow. If the numbers don’t convince you, your experience at full-draw and your tightened arrow groups will.

Hoyt’s patented Zero Torque Cable Guard system is arguably one of the greatest innovations in the history of the compound bow. Torque is naturally induced into the system of a compound bow by the need to pull the cables out of the way of the arrow path. Hoyt Zero Torque Cable Guard system on the Defiant Series bows eliminates that torque by inducing a force in the opposite direction as the rollers on the front of the arm flex inward, zeroing out the naturally induced torque, resulting in ultimate accuracy and proven consistency.

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Loaded from axle to axle with the most advanced industry leading technologies, the Pro Defiant and Carbon Defiant Series bows set the standard for compound hunting bows.

Not only do they set the standard in advanced technology and performance, they set the industry standard for toughness and durability.

Every Pro Defiant and Carbon Defiant model of riser Hoyt designs is required to survive 1,500 dry fires without a single failure before they are even considered for Hoyt’s product line. The Ultraflex limbs go through the same unprecedented torture test.

Beyond that, every model is required to survive a million draw cycles. These are not industry standards, this is the Hoyt standard.

Hoyt knows who they are building these bows for and you deserve the very best.

The Pro Defiant and Carbon Defiant are available in three different configurations and a number of awesome finishes including the all new Buckskin. Buckskin is an ultra tough finish featuring a Buckskin riser and a Buckskin carbon weave limb graphic.

Engineering elements and benefits include

  • Offset Riser Technology kills vibration & adds strength & stiffness
  • Smooth, fast & powerful DFX Cam & a half system
  • Dual Cable Stops for a solid back wall
  • Optional limb stop that provides a no-play back wall, for customisable comfort and consistency
  • Rotating cam modules, allowing easy adjustment without module replacement or a bow press
  • Multilayer laminate UltraFlex limbs
  • Zero tolerance limb-to-pocket connection for precision & accuracy
  • Zero Torque Cable Guard system eliminates torque for dead-on alignment
  • Synergy between DFX cams & UltraFlex limbs, increasing the axle-to-axle measurement at full draw & improving form, comfort & accuracy

As part of your bow purchase, you receive a Hoyt promo kit comprising

  • An 18 page Owner’s Manual
  • Hoyt Decal
  • Warranty Registration Card
  • Hoyt Wrist Band
  • Hoyt Cap

Specs at a glance

  • ATA Speed 325fps
  • Weight range 60-70lbs only
  • Draw length ranges 27″-29″ in Under Armour Ridge Reaper Barren and 29″ to 31″ in Buckskin. Please specify draw length
  • Brace height 7″
  • Axle to Axle 34″
  • Mass weight 4.4lbs
  • Let-Off 75%
  • DFX Cam and a Half system fused together by a harness system, with cams fire at the exact same time, every time
  • Aluminium TEC lite risers survive our 1,500 dry-fire tests and feature the vibration-stifling bridged grip design
  • UltraFlex Limb technology utilises the entire length of the limb for increased efficiency
  • Parallel split limb technology
  • Multi-layer limb lamination
  • Pro Lock Limb Pocket system
  • In-line roller cable guard
  • Perfect balance stabilisation system
  • Silent shelf technology
  • Pro-Fit Custom Grip
  • Uniform Stress Distribution
  • Shock Rod Technology, kill noise, kill vibration
  • FUSE Custom Strings and Cables built rock-solid
  • Offset Riser structure, a new realm of aluminium riser design to kill vibration while adding strength and stiffness
  • Zero Torque Cable Guard system, a revolutionary cable containment system built for easy-tuning and maximum forgiveness
  • Limb Shox limb dampening system
  • Available in Right Hand onlyAvailable in standard hunting colour options of Under Armour Ridge Reaper Barren and Buckskin. Please specify colour choice
  • Custom Colour Accessories. Hoyt Stealth Shots, AirShox or LimbShox, Shock Rods and Pro Fit Wood Grip accessories are available in 9 great accent colours to customise your look. Components are sold individually, or in a custom 10 piece accessory kit.
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Come in today and test drive the all new Pro Defiant and Carbon Defiant bows. Packed with attitude. And all the tech to back it. Get in the Hunt. Be Defiant. Hunt Defiant. Get Serious. Get Hoyt.

We have the Hoyt Pro Defiant 34 bow, a 2017 model, currently on Special at just $1249.95. Normally $1519.95 but out they go at just $1249.95, only while stocks last. We have 1 bow in 70lb RH only in Buckskin in a draw length range of 29″ to 31″. Be one of the lucky ones to bag this high end hunting bow bargain. Save a healthy $270.00 off the retail price, but hurry as this bow is running out fast and once it’s gone…well, it’s gone.

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