Use U-40 Cork Seal to Protect Cork Fishing Grips

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Use U-40 Cork Seal to Protect Cork Fishing Grips

Protect Cork Fishing Grips When it comes custom rod building and fishing in general, cork will always be a popular grip because of its traditional look and classic feel on any fishing rod. With that said, the big knock against cork is its tendency to slough, erode, and chip over time, but just one coat of U-40 Cork Seal will prevent these factors and so much more.

Whether installing a traditional cork grip or the more inventive cork checkerboard handle, each initially look great, but the wear and tear of constant fishing will do significant damage to the cork itself. Protecting the cork’s surface is crucial to preserving its initial look and extending the cork’s lifespan. The ultimate protector of cork, U-40 Cork Seal works by sealing the cork’s surface to maintain the natural look and enhance the cork’s grip.

Sealing the Cork Grip

While out on the water, cork grips contact all sorts of damaging contaminants. From fish guts and mud to the very oil on our hands, cork is constantly exposed to harmful materials in the fishing environment. These materials penetrate the cork’s semi-porous structure causing unfortunate deterioration.

By sealing the cork’s surface, U-40 Cork Seal outworks the damaging materials to in turn preserve the cork look and feel fishermen love. The cork soaks up the U-40 Cork Seal to prevent the worst of oil, mud, water, fish guts, and even eggs from entering the cork. Not only does U-40 Cork Seal defend your cork handle assembly, it also looks great getting the job done.

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Preserve’s Traditional Cork Appearance

Although U-40 Cork Seal can’t stand up to your dog’s teeth, it does work extremely well in reducing the potential for any chipping or sloughing from the cork’s surface. In addition to fishing, cork handles are often damaged during the packing and transporting phase of the fishing trip. The added protection of U-40 Cork Seal is a huge benefit in each of these phases.

Since cork’s surface is semi-porous, it accounts for its lightweight benefits however, it also causes the cork to be easily soiled. Once unwanted materials penetrate the cork’s surface, the cork’s gradual deterioration begins. The protective layer provided by U-40 Cork Seal stands between the cork and the exposed environment to keep the handle both clean and intact.

Strengthen the Cork Feel

Knowing that U-40 Cork Seal prevents all unwanted debris from penetrating the cork’s surface, it also helps by enhancing the feel of the cork. This means that it prolongs the initial grip that makes cork so popular among rod builders. By capturing and preserving the initial grip, U-40 Cork Seal ensures your cork handle maintains peak performance every time it’s on the water.

5 Simple Steps to Seal Your Cork Grips

The ultimate protector of cork, U-40 Cork Seal takes only one coat to seal the cork’s surface and protect the cork’s natural look and grip. Follow these steps to successfully coat your cork handle assembly:

1. Clean Cork Grip

Using some warm — lightly soapy — water and a sponge, gently rub the soapy sponge over the cork grip. For problem areas, use a little more pressure with the sponge. Once satisfied, rinse the cork with plain water to remove all the soapy residual.

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2. Wait for Cork to Dry

With all the soap suds removed, leave the cork out to dry. Make sure the cork is completely dry before moving on to applying the U-40 Cork Seal.

3. Apply U-40 Cork Seal

Next, apply U-40 Cork Seal to the dry cork’s surface with a bristle brush to ensure you cover the entire surface. Use the brush to wipe away any excess that will not soak in to prevent the U-40 Cork Seal from sagging, streaking or running.

It is important to only apply one coat considering the second coat will not penetrate the first.

4. Let U-40 Cork Seal Cure

After the cork is completely covered and all the excess is removed, clean the brush right away in running tap water. Then, let the sealed cork cure. It will be dry to the touch in 30 minutes and ready to use in only 24 hours.

5. Get Back on the Water

Once 24 hours pass, get back on the water with your sealed cork handle that can now outlast the elements of fishing to look and feel brand new every time. With the application of U-40 Cork Seal, your cork will look, feel, and fish as genuine as its first day on the water.

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