Goldflame Honeysuckle Vine


Vibrant blooms that will be smothered in butterflies and hummingbirds! You’ll be amazed by these extremely fragrant and ornamental vines! The sturdy twining vine Goldflame Honeysuckle (Lonicera x heckrotti ‘Goldflame’) is an incredibly hardy, native Honeysuckle Vine!

This vine has the scent of succulent sweetness as it drifts through the air from the long tubular blooms. Your Honeysuckle will easily grow to full length each year and start blooming in spring, lasting all summer long.

With no worry about invasiveness like other native species, Goldflame will fit perfectly into any garden design and size. The long tubular blooms are dark-pink and yellow and hang in bold clusters that absolutely smother this plant!

These 2-inch blooms appear in the hundreds and you will be amazed by these exotic flowers! They are a favorite among pollinators, butterflies and hummingbirds that will not be able to resist!

This is a vital source of nectar for all your beneficial insects and birds! With a longer bloom time than other Honeysuckle, you’ll have these visitors for weeks!

This vigorous vine can also be trained into a shrub or left to trail along the ground. It’s so adaptable to many conditions and very easy to manage.

These tropical flowers cling to a vigorously growing vine with reddish stems, and are absolutely vibrant as it twists and turns around your garden trellis and arbors.

Goldflame is a rugged semi-evergreen climber that’s virtually indestructible, even with haphazard pruning. Resistant to powdery mildew, Goldflame even tolerates some drought.

Each year, from June to September, you can look forward to lightly fragrant masses of deep pink and yellow, tubular flowers that give way to small inedible red berries in the fall which the songbirds just love.


How to Use Goldflame Honeysuckle In The Landscape

Despite being a fast-growing climbing vine, it won’t get into trouble in the landscape, Goldflame will ramble up trellis, fences and any place you encourage it to do so.

The Goldflame Honeysuckle is most often grown as a trailing vine with incredible flowers. It would create a dramatic effect climbing a trellis or your front porch rail.

Reaching near full height in a single growing season, this type of Honeysuckle is an amazing grower! Filling an area with deep blue-green foliage and bright blooms, these even work amazingly well in containers and act as both the upright thriller or a flowing spiller.

Lovely climbing over fences and hiding unsightly views while enhancing your own! These act as semi-evergreen in warmer growing zones and provide lush backdrop plants among your beds and borders. Beautifully spilling over retaining walls and rambling over hardscapes as an informal groundcover.

A delicious blend of hot pink and golden, exotic flowers smother this vigorous vine of vibrant blue-green as it twists and turns around your garden supports. Adapting to any style garden, these tame natives fill your landscape with color quickly! The long-lasting blooms are even suitable for indoor floral arrangements, filling your bouquets with sweet-smelling blooms.

Incorporate into your garden beds and borders on a trellis or an obelisk among your other planted flowers and perennials to add height, color, fragrance and drama throughout your landscape!

Looking fantastic growing up the columns of your pergolas and gazebos. No pollinator garden should be without something to attract butterflies and other visitors!

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#ProPlantTips For Care

Deer resistant and extremely hardy, Goldflame Honeysuckle thrives in a wide range of USDA 4 through 9 hardiness zones. Just provide good air circulation and water to keep these bi-color pink flowers going strong all summer!

Loving the full sun, these are also tolerant of partial sun, especially when planted in hotter climates; appreciating the relief from the summer sun.

Goldflame is highly disease resistant and adaptable. Not particular about soil type, Honeysuckle Vines loves any well-drained soil that ranges from acidic to alkaline.

Take care when applying lawn fertilizers near flowering shrubs. These high nitrogen formulas are designed to produce foliage, but will not support flower development. Instead, apply an all-purpose fertilizer for blooming plants in early spring. Reapply in mid-summer, following label directions for application rates.

Flowering best in average moisture, Goldflame is very drought tolerant once established. Extremely easy care and low maintenance, these won’t need pruning but are highly conducive to pruning if needed.

Sometimes a plant performs just a bit too well in certain areas. Rest assured, Nature Hills uses Plant Sentry™ to track all federal, state and local regulations on invasive materials. We will always protect you and your community.

We’re happy to offer this selection for sale into areas where it will work beautifully without any concern. To check your availability, simply type in your Zip Code to Find Your Growing Zone in the section above the Plant Highlights.

You won’t go wrong by adding height, drama, color, and fragrance with these exotic blooms for your landscape! Goldflame Honeysuckle Vine is just the bold addition your garden beds have been craving! Order yours today from Nature Hills Nursery!

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