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by Ben Cole

When it comes to hunting or shooting there are several precautions one need to take in order to protect their hearing, vision as well as other things. Hearing protection is one of the most important aspects to pay attention to.

Traditionally hearing protection consisted of foam earplugs that almost completely eliminate hearing. They have their purpose and are effective but having the ability to hear game, communicate with fowl while protecting your hearing isn’t something in their realm. Recently I stumbled across Grizzly Ears while scrolling through social media. For years I have been frustrated with traditional ear plugs and was on the hunt for something better. I quickly found out that these were something hunters and shooters alike needed to know about. Grizzly Ears are revolutionary hearing protection devices that provide shooters with sound compression, Bluetooth, sound amplification as well as being 100% waterproof which provides multifunction use while afield.

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It wasn’t long after speaking with Mark Donohoo, owner of Grizzly Ears, we met for a product demonstration. Needless to say, I was blown away by the features, ease of use as well as the quality of these earbuds. As we talked over lunch I realized that his goal is to provide the best quality earbuds at a price affordable for everyone.

After the meeting, I was eager to put these earbuds to the test in the field. Over the course of several weeks, I used them for hunting ducks and deer in my home state of Alabama where I found that they do exactly as advertised. While hunting deer I was able to hear things that normally would be missed, in fact, the sound amplification made the sound of crunching leaves discernable between a deer and squirrels. Out of all of the success while in the deer woods the bigger test in my mind would be conducted in the duck blind.

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As the sun rose over the trees and birds began their morning flight patterns, the realization hit that I was picking up the sound of wing flapping through the air and the distant sound of a mallards quack that normally would be faint at best. Furthermore, I could hear and communicate with everyone around me without having to remove the earbud. It wasn’t long before the first group of ducks attempted to land, with everyone sending steel show down the long lines of decoys the Grizzly Ears worked flawlessly, canceling the sound just as they were intended to. Usually on a morning like this, shooting at several groups of ducks, my ears would ring for hours after the hunt but by using these earbuds I didn’t have any issues associated with ear pain or the aggravating ring.

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Needless to say after using Grizzly Ears for an extended amount of time I can say that they do exactly what they are designed to in a comfortable manner. It’s not often that a product with this much advancement doesn’t have a large price tag which isn’t unaffordable to most but the earbuds from Grizzly Ears are. In my opinion, they are the best bang for the buck despite what your target may be while afield.

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