Good Luck Fishing Quotes and Sayings


For years, men and women have plied the sea to bring home fish. People have been fishing since before recorded history and even today, some cultures live on seafood alone. As well as providing food, this old trade brings in a large amount of money for many areas. Fishermen go out for days at a time on their boats, leaving families behind. Their time is spent in a dangerous environment, where every day, something could happen to make things harder for them when they return home.

Wishing a fisherman good luck goes back thousands of years. Most fishermen wake up early on a nice sunny day and head to the water with their fishing poles. They want to catch as much fish as possible before the sunsets, but sometimes, that doesn’t happen and they don’t catch anything. We all have bad days. The ones where everything breaks and nothing seems to go your way. It’s times like these when you need to just look up and say ‘I need some luck’.

As a fisherman, good luck is something you need. Whether it’s on a big fishing trip or just trying to catch dinner for tonight. Some fishermen feel lucky all the time, but others are not so lucky. That’s why when you see a fisherman out there catching fish, always wish them good luck. All fishermen deserve the best odds when it comes to fishing.

Do you know a fisherman who deserves the best good luck wishes? Below is a collection of good luck fishing quotes and sayings you can share with them.

Good Luck Fishing Quotes and Sayings

Good luck to you today, fisherman. I know how the catch goes sometimes. Your income is at risk and there are lots of sharks around that could eat it all. But hopefully, you’ll come back to shore with a few fish in your boat.

1. Good luck while fishing and remember that you can fish anytime, even when it isn’t fun.

2. Good luck with your fishing adventure this weekend. Hope you catch some fish.

3. Whether you’re trying to catch a big one or just looking for some fun, we’re rooting for you.

4. Good luck as you fish for a meal. You never know what’s lurking in the depths!

5. Enjoy a good time on the water with your family, and we wish you luck while fishing.

6. We hope your fishing trip goes well, and that you find exactly what you’re looking for.

7. Good luck on your fishing trip, friend. There’s no better feeling than catching a fish with a friend by your side.

8. Know that fishing is more than just a hobby. It’s another form of meditation and can lead to a whole new perspective on life. Good luck!

9. Good luck to all the anglers out there, hope you catch something big this weekend!

10. Have fun in the great outdoors this weekend. fishing is a relaxing and stress-relieving activity, so take some time to enjoy it!

11. Feel the pull of adventure, the rhythm of the waves, and the thrill of catching a big catch.

12. Good luck while fishing this weekend. I hope the water is calm and your hook gets a bite.

13. We hope you catch a big one! You are the best person for this job and we’re rooting for you.

14. May the fish be plentiful, and may you have a great time on your outdoor adventure today.

15. Don’t forget to take your happy pills while going fishing. You’ll need ’em by the time you’re done!

16. Hope you’re fishing for something good because if not, we hope you catch a smile.

17. A successful day on the water begins with a little luck. Pales in comparison to your preparation and teamwork, though. Good luck today!

18. Fishing is one of the greatest feelings in life. When you feel that feeling and know that it can always be better, you’re truly happy.

19. Fishing may not seem like the most exciting thing in the world, but sometimes you need a break from the stress of life.

20. Good luck with your fishing endeavours this weekend. Hope you catch something good!

21. May the fishing be a success and the catch a good one, we wish you all the best in your fishing adventures!

22. As you head out on your next fishing trip, here’s to hoping what you catch is bigger than the ones that got away.

23. Good luck while fishing, I know it can be a little stressful especially when you catch a big one!

24. Good luck on your next fishing adventure. Here’s to those who want to catch a big one!

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25. You will get the best catch of your life when you are in a good fishing mood. Good luck!

26. Fishing is more than just a sport. It’s an art and a passion that allows you to relax and have fun with friends and family. Good luck!

27. Good luck fishing this weekend. Hope you catch a big one and make it home safely!

28. Good luck out there on the water or in the woods this weekend. Have fun and remember to stay safe!

29. Good luck while fishing, enjoy the fresh catch and may your catch be bigger than your expectations.

30. Good luck with your fishing trip this weekend. We’ll be cheering you on from the shoreline

31. Just because it’s cold out, doesn’t mean you can’t fish. Good luck while you wait for the season to come back.

32. Fishing is a great way to spend time with friends, family and even wildlife. The best part is, that fishing doesn’t have to be boring. Good luck as you fish.

33. Good luck while fishing! We know how important it is to spend time out on the water. To stay connected with nature, and to be thankful for what we have.

34. When your favourite pastime is catching that big fish, a little slice of luck never hurt anyone

35. Fishing can be a hard job, so we’re here to remind you that you got this. Good luck and always remember: fishing is a team sport.

36. You might catch a fish, but don’t forget to cherish the people in your life while you’re out on the water.

37. Good luck while fishing, you’re out there fishing on a bright day and with a smile on your face.

38. So you’ve spent hours on the water and lost count of how many fish you caught. But this one is different. It’s the best fish of your life. Good luck while fishing today.

39. Freshwater fishing season is almost here. Good luck while fishing, and don’t forget to stay safe out there.

40. Good luck, as you fish with the ones closest to you. Have fun and catch some fish.

41. We hope you have a great day fishing, it’s one of the best ways to spend time with good friends.

42. Fishing is a simple sport, but it can be hard to catch a big one. So you may want to give some extra love to your favourite fishing spot this season.

43. Good luck with your fishing trip! May the tank be full of fish and the reel squeak-free.

44. Fishing is more than just a pastime, it’s a way of life. So have fun, but be careful.

45. Keep your rods and lines tight, and don’t forget to wish everyone a good day on the water. Welcome to fishing season.

46. Fishing is a great, relaxing hobby and it can also be quite exciting when you hook a big fish. Have fun!

47. Good luck while you fish today! You can catch a lot more than just a fish today.

48. Don’t be disappointed if you don’t catch a fish today. There is plenty to do in the river. You can talk with your friends, have a picnic in the park, or just enjoy the scenery from your boat.

49. Hang in there. It takes time to catch a big one! You never know what will bite when you go fishing.

50. We hope this weather is creating good opportunities for you. Stay safe and good luck!

51. Good luck catching some fish this weekend. We wish you the best on your trek.

52. Just remember to always keep your rod bent, your reel spinning and your bait on the hook. Good luck out there!

53. Good luck while fishing, there’s a whole world out there waiting for your hook.

54. When you are going fishing, it’s important to have the right equipment and supplies. We wish you good luck.

55. Good luck on your fishing trip. Always remember to strive for perfection, and don’t forget to bring home something delicious.

56. Good luck while fishing and remember the mantra: “The best way to catch a fish is to let it hook you.”

57. Have a great time fishing with your friends, especially if it involves catching that big one!

58. This weekend, with the fish biting and the water warm, take a plunge into the fun of fishing. We’ll see you on the line.

59. Fishing is a good way to spend the whole day, especially when you’re with friends and family. Good luck!

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60. Good luck to everyone fishing this weekend. Have fun and catch a big fish.

61. Fishing is fun, but it can also be dangerous. Have fun but be safe out there.

62. Fishing is a great way to enjoy the outdoors, relax and blow off some steam. Make sure you’re ready for the action with fishing poles and lures tailored to your activity or species of fish.

63. Good luck while fishing. Hope you catch a big one today and don’t worry about what others say about your fishing outfit.

64. Make sure to always be safe while fishing. It’s not only a fun activity, but you never know what may be lurking in the water.

65. We’ve all been there, no matter what type of fish you’re catching, don’t forget to enjoy this moment.

66. Fishing can be a real adventure, and if you don’t take the time to enjoy it you’ll never see all of the fun things it has to offer.

67. Good luck while fishing. May your day be filled with good catches and a future of happiness ahead.

68. Good luck fishing. We’re wishing you the best of luck when it comes to your fishing endeavours this season!

69. Fishing is a lot of work but if you love it, the reward is better than any other type of work. Good luck!

70. If you’re out fishing, we wish you a great day of catching and sharing that catch with your friends.

71. Good luck while fishing, have fun and enjoy the time spent with family and friends.

72. Here’s to the day you catch a fish, here’s to the story that it tells. And here’s to you. Good luck while fishing.

73. Good luck on your fishing adventure! We’ll be waiting in the kitchen for you when you get back.

74. Good luck on your fishing trip! Hope the fish are biting and you catch a big one!

75. This is for all the fishermen out there, good luck on your next fishing trip and remember to bring me back a fish.

76. Good luck with your fishing, remember to check the water temperature first before casting.

77. Take a moment to reflect on all the fish you caught while fishing and count your blessings. Good luck.

78. Summer is almost over but fishing season never ends. Hope you catch a big one on your next trip.

79. You got this. You’re the only one who can catch it. Good luck while fishing!

80. Good luck with your fishing today. We’re rooting for you to catch the biggest fish of your life.

81. When you’re fishing, you never know what you’re going to catch. Good luck today!

82. Good luck to you on your fishing trip. Hope you catch lots of fishy friends.

83. Hope your day is full of memories and laughter with your loved ones. Happy Fishing!

84. Go fishing, have a good time and remember to always be safe. Have fun guys!

85. Fishing is a great escape and a great way to spend time with family and friends. Good luck while fishing.

86. Fish on, my friend. The fish are watching. Good luck as you go out fishing today.

87. Fishing is one of those things that’s hard to explain in words. Just remember good luck and feed the fish.

88. Fishing is one of those things that can make you feel like you’re on top of the world—and it’s even better when you’re with someone you love. See you on the line!

89. May the fish be at your side and the wind in your sails this weekend. Happy fishing!

90. Good luck while fishing! Let the fish come to you and be there until it’s time to go home.

91. Good luck while fishing, always remembers to think positive and stay safe!

92. Good luck while fishing. Stay warm, stay safe, and don’t forget to catch a fish.

93. Good luck while fishing, but if you don’t catch any fish, there’s always a spot in our hearts.

94. Fishing is a lot like life. You never know what you’re going to catch and it can take a few tries before you get it right. Good luck with your fishing!

95. Luck doesn’t always come from being prepared. Sometimes, it comes from the right choice of gear.

96. The best way to get peace of mind, is by trusting your instincts and following your gut. Good luck while fishing this weekend.

97. Good luck on your fishing trip. Feel free to share photos, especially if you catch a fish.

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98. Good luck from all of us here at the office! Can’t wait to see how many fish you catch. Let us know when you return with an update.

99. Fishing comes with enough drama of its own. Let’s hope you have a good time and catch something big.

100. Fishing isn’t the same on a good day as it is on a bad one. And neither are you. Good luck!

101. Catch up to your usual fishing game with a reel that feels smooth and light in the hand.

102. Good luck out on the water today. We hope you catch something big, big enough to put a smile on your face.

103. Feeling the excitement while you’re out there fishing? It’s a good feeling when you’ve hooked the biggest fish of your life.

104. Fishing is a great way to enjoy the outdoors, introduce your kids to the great outdoors and bond with your family.

105. Good luck while fishing and may your catch be as big as the one you caught last time.

106. Good luck while fishing this weekend. Make sure you have a partner to help carry your catch home.

107. Good luck while fishing, may you catch a big fish and be able to eat it for dinner tonight.

108. Fishing is a great way to spend time with your friends and family. Enjoy the outdoors, catch some fish, and enjoy the moment. Good luck!

109. Good luck to all the fishermen out there! We hope that you catch a big one today (or tomorrow!)

110. Good luck, brother. If you’re going to throw something back, make sure it’s something worth catching.

111. It’s important to have a little good luck while fishing, especially when you are just starting.

112. Good luck while fishing! We love that you take the time to enjoy the great outdoors with your family.

113. Good luck while fishing today. May the fish be plentiful and you catch something good!

114. Good luck while fishing and don’t forget to bring something to make a sandcastle.

115. Let’s hope this fish is ready for the line when you get out there and reel in some wins!

116. Fishing is not always what you expect it to be, but when it works out, it’s magic. We hope you have a good time doing this thing that you love, even if it isn’t always easy.

117. Good luck while fishing today. It’s been an exciting day of catching fish and a fantastic day of fishing!

118. Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty, because there’s nothing more satisfying than landing a big fish. Good luck while fishing this weekend!

119. Fishing is a great way to spend time with family and friends. Good luck out there!

120. Good luck on your fishing trip this weekend. Make sure to catch something fresh and delicious!

121. Looking for a productive way to spend your afternoon? Go fishing and catch a couple of fish.

122. Didn’t catch anything? Don’t be too hard on yourself. At least, you got to spend some time outside and enjoy the weather while doing so.

123. It’s good luck when you catch a fish, but it’s even better when you catch ’em with a friend.

124. Hoping your next fishing trip is as successful as this one. Good luck!

125. Good luck with your fishing adventures! We hope you’re catching lots of fish this summer.

126. Expect the unexpected when you’re out there fishing. It could be the biggest fish of your life or maybe it’s a bite that turns out to be a prank on you. Either way, we say good luck!

127. Good luck on your fishing trip. We hope you catch something amazing this weekend.

128. If you’re looking for that big one, keep on fishing. We’ll be here cheering you on every step of the way. Happy Fishing!

129. Good luck while fishing. You’ll catch a good fish if you are patient and use your bait wisely.

130. Fishing is a great way to spend time with friends and family. Good luck out there.

131. Good luck with your fishing expedition. The fish are sure to bite if you know what you’re doing.

132. If there’s one thing you should know about fishing, it’s that a good fish story is worth repeating.

I hope that the collection of good luck fishing quotes and sayings inspires you to wish a fisherman good luck. Please make sure you share the post with others people. Thank you.

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