Is it Legal to Shoot a Coyote in Nevada?

Video coyote hunting in nevada

It is no surprise that predator hunting is a topic that causes controversy. The main reason for this is that predator hunting is not killing for food. There is an important contribution to society, however, when it comes to predator population control. When it comes to coyotes, they are not typically prey to another predator, unless it is a mountain lion or a human. This is the reason that coyote hunting is generally accepted and welcomed by society.

A Growing Species

Our coyote population is a healthy one. In fact, coyotes are one of the most abundant of the animal populations in the United States according to National Geographic. Coyotes live in 49 of the 50 states in the nation, and their population continues to grow despite over 400,000 coyotes being killed annually. Coyotes are great at keeping rodent populations down, however, they can also decimate herds of deer and elk as well as populations of grouse and pheasants. Moreover, coyotes cause other issues including feeding on small pets and livestock as they enter into urban areas. The issue of whether population control actually helps reduce predator numbers, particularly when it comes to coyotes, since they have larger litters and often migrate into the territory of killed-off competing predators; this means that for hunters, coyotes are fair game in Nevada.

Hunting Rules in Nevada

Under state law, coyotes are an unprotected species. The NDW reports that coyotes can be hunted by both Nevada non-residents and residents in the state without the need for a hunting license. In fact, there are minimal rules when it comes to coyote hunting in the state of Nevada. There are no limits on the number of coyotes you can hunt and kill, nor are there state-imposed regulations for weapon use for hunting coyotes. If you decide you want to skin coyotes that you hunt and kill and profit from the sales, then you must obtain a trapping license from the state. The trapping license not only allows you to profit from hunting coyotes but also permits you to lay coyote traps. Coyotes are allowed to be hunted with dogs, decoys, bait, and electronic calls. Keep in mind that if someone catches another animal in a coyote trap that animal must be released.

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While coyote hunting season is year-round, some counties allow nighting hunting while others prohibit nighttime shooting. The counties that allow night hunting of coyotes, with some limitations, include:

  • Churchill County Lyon County;
  • Humboldt County Douglas County;
  • Mineral County Nye County;
  • Esmeralda County;
  • Carson City County;
  • Storey County;
  • Clark County; and
  • Lincoln County.

Counties that prohibit night time hunting of coyotes includes:

  • Washoe County;
  • Pershing County;
  • White Pine County;
  • Lander County;
  • Nye County Code;
  • Elko County; and
  • Douglas County.

Keep in mind that in Nevada, carrying a loaded shotgun or rifle in or on a vehicle is against the law. This includes the cartridge or shell inside the firing chamber of the weapon. That being said, ammunition can be kept in the weapon’s magazine.

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