Coyote Hunting

Video coyote hunting guide

Imagine, calling in a coyote from 1000 yards out-watching him come in the whole way until he is within 25 yards, hair bristling, looking for dinner!

Our coyote hunting takes place near Lusk, Wyoming at 5000 feet elevation. The high elevation and cold climate really enhances the pelt quality. The hides are thick and in perfect prime condition. The color is usually a light silver or pale, and they have good size to them. If you’re interested in making a coyote fur coat, or just hanging a pelt in the den, these are the skins you want.

There are several ways to hunt coyotes, but the one most preferred is calling them in. Our terrain ranges from wide open fields to cedar filled canyons, and most of the time you get to watch the coyotes come in from hundreds of yards out.

Take advantage of our coyote hunting expertise. Our guides have several years of calling under their belts, and they are prepared to bring the coyotes right in to you. Whether it is day or night, windy or rainy, fall or winter, we have techniques designed for the condition.

We do our Coyote hunts from October 1 through February 15. The later the better as far as the coyote pelts, but after February, the hair starts slipping and hides are less desirable. The lodge closes after November 15, so any hunts after that are day hunts with no food or lodging provided.

Congratulations to Wesley and Ethan from West Virginia on their first successful coyote hunt.Wesley shot this coyote at 100 yards with his 204 Ruger. Perfect bullet performance with an entry hole and no exit.

“Dear Brad: Thanks for the great hunt! Here are a couple of pictures from our trip. The picture with Bruce’s dog was his first coyote of the hunt. It was the first of his three coyotes. Bruce took coyote from the following ranges 118, 125 and 250 yards. The picture of my dog is my first of the hunt, it was our second set of the morning and was the fourth coyote we saw that morning but the first that was in range. I took my two coyotes from 155 and 330 yards. We saw 24 or 25 coyotes for the whole hunt. We connected with those that were in range and did not blow any opportunities. I still feel that Bruce wheeled that coyote on the night hunt. We cannot say thank you enough for all of your efforts. We honestly felt that we were treated as though we were family! I especially would like to thank you, Mark and Scott for working with me and my physical challenges. You guys are simply professionals. Feel free to use these pictures on your web site. We are both available anytime for references for future clients. I would also be willing to provide a reference for future clients that may have physical limitations who are willing to put forth a strong desire and effort to hunt.Thanks, Gordy, Extremely satisfied Rockin’ 7 Ranch coyote client!”

“Hello Brad, Here are some of the photos from the coyote hunt. It was a pleasure spending time with you calling and hunting coyotes on your ranch. I had a great time and am very satisfied. Thank you very much!” Scott R.-Lincoln NE

Wyoming Coyote Hunting Guide
Milan from Wisconsin with a double on coyotes the first stand of the first morning of his hunt. The first was so close he shot it without even looking through the scope, and the second one stopped at 25 yards.
Wyoming Guided Coyote Hunts
Milan from Wisconsin got er’ done again. A nice come from behind coyote at 35 yards. It was good having you back again Milan!
Coyote hunting
Tom H. with a rainy day coyote. “Thanks for everything. This was the best hunting trip I’ve ever had!” That’s exactly our goal Tom, Thank you!
Coyote Hunting
We ended up harvesting 6 coyotes during the biggame season at the Rockin’ 7. Guys that finished their antelope or deer hunts early, but still wanted to hunt something. No licenses required.

Coyote Hunting Rates For 2022

2022 Rockin’ 7 Ranch Guided Coyote Hunting Rates – Includes guide and over 140,000 acres of private, Wyoming land to hunt on.

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Coyote Hunt -$500 for one person per day

$750 for two people per day

$850 for 3 people per day

-October 1 through February 15-

No meals or lodging included.

We recommend staying in Lusk- they have great hotels, and the best pizza place in the country!

Rates do not include transportation to Rockin’ 7 Ranch, and gratuities. No licenses are needed.

Deposit Information

  • $200 deposit required per hunter on all coyote hunts. Deposit can be transferred to any other hunt if cancelled with at least 60 days notice. If less than 60 days notice, deposit is NON – REFUNDABLE.
  • Balance due upon arrival.
  • Personal checks, Cashiers Checks, Cash, VISA and Master Card, and Discover accepted for deposits and final balance. *A 3% convenience fee will be added to all payments made with a credit card.
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