Can You Use Cellular Trail Cameras on a Budget?


When cellular trail cameras first arrived on the scene, they were expensive. Lots of hunters saw that and moved on. In recent years the cellular trail camera landscape has changed, and now more than ever, using cellular trail cameras on a budget is a very real option.

Cellular trail cameras used to be expensive. The cameras alone cost hundreds of dollars, some even ran into the thousands. That was just the cameras, forget the data plans that went along with them. You could easily add multiple hundreds of dollars again just to be able to get the photos the camera was taking. That expense turned a lot of hunters off who thought it was just never going to be an option for them.

Jump forward a decade or so, and things have changed. Drastically.

Can you use cellular trail cameras on a budget? The answer is unequivocally, yes.

Are Cellular Trail Cameras Expensive?

They absolutely used to be. SPYPOINT didn’t think that was the case, though, and has been committed to developing the technology that would make cell cams affordable for any hunter that wanted to use it. Going back to the first LINK-series cameras, the goal was always affordability.

Never was that more evident than in January 2019 when SPYPOINT introduced the LINK-MICRO, a cell cam that would be available at retailers for just $149.99. Most hunters never imagined that a cell cam would be available for that price, and the responded. The LINK-MICRO line of cameras has become the number one selling cellular trail camera of all time.

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The LM2 is the evolution of the revolution that the LINK-MICRO started. The LM2 takes the value even further that its predecessor with 20MP photos and an optimized antenna to ensure you get the most out of any available signal. Even better, the price has continued to come down, with the LM2 selling for just $99.99.

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At that price, cellular trail cameras truly are something any hunter can afford to use.

Are Cellular Trail Camera Plans Expensive?

Sometimes, sure. With SPYPOINT? Certainly not.

Just like the commitment to make the cameras as affordable as possible, the photo transmission plans that lets the hunter see the photos the camera is taking have always had a focus on affordability at SPYPOINT.

With SPYPOINT you have options for your photo transmission plan, with four different levels available. The two most important, though, are the totally free plan, and the truly unlimited.

SPYPOINT is the only cellular trail camera that you can buy, and NEVER have to spend a penny on a photo transmission plan. The free plan option from SPYPOINT is exactly that. It’s not free for a limited time, or a trial period. It’s just, free. Every month, if the camera is out and on, it will send you the first 100 photos it takes. After that, they go on the card just like if it was a non-cellular camera. But you get photos every month to see what’s going on in the woods. With no commitment and no expense.

At the other end of the spectrum is the unlimited plan. When SPYPOINT says unlimited, it means it. It isn’t some super high limit that you aren’t likely to hit. It is unlimited. Every photo that camera takes will be sent to your app. Period. It’s that simple.

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You may be thinking a plan that promises to send every photo, with no limit, must be expensive. In reality, the SPYPOINT unlimited plan is just $10 a month when purchased annually, or $15 a month when you go month-to-month.

A reasonable amount for every photo a camera takes.

What’s Your Trail Camera Budget?

SPYPOINT is all about providing options for hunters. If your first consideration is a budget that needs to be respected, SPYPOINT has the mix of camera and plan to let you get the most out of a cellular trail camera experience, for far less than you would think.

Are you able to go to the extreme for your scouting? Those options are there too.

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SPYPOINT knows no two hunters hunt exactly the same. Why should they be forced into a cellular trail camera experience that can’t or doesn’t match who they are as hunters and people?

That’s why SPYPOINT has options for cell cam users on a budget.

SPYPOINT wants you to be the most efficient, prepared, successful hunter you can be.

Regardless of how much money you have to spend on trail cameras.

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