5 Best Turkey Decoys for 2024


The first step to successfully hunting uncooperative gobblers is to become confident in your turkey decoys choice and set up. It is easier to be patient, and you will hunt longer if you know that there are mature gobblers on your property. The best way to find out for sure if the birds are there is to set out game cameras. It seems that just about everyone these days is using a trail camera or two to scope out their deer herd, but I rarely hear of anyone using them to scout turkey activity. However, I have found that turkeys can be more predictable and easier to pattern than deer and you will find historic strut zones for optimal turkey decoys placement on stubborn toms.

Best Overall: Avian X LCD HDR Jake & Hen Combo for $239.98

Best for the Price: Flextone Thunder Creeper for $49.98

Most Mobile Combo: Lucky Duck Collapsible Combo for $67.47

Best Hen: Montana Decoys Miss Purr-Fect – $79.99

Best Value: HS Strut Lite Hen and Jake Turkey Decoy Combination – $84.99

Strengths: Easy to use, durability

Screenshot 2024 04 17 101204 5 Best Turkey Decoys for 2024Weakness: In some instances (10% of the time), turkeys feared the decoys and wouldn’t come in close when using the aggressive head.

The Avian-X® LCD HDR Jake and Hen Turkey Decoy Combo is designed to stir the blood of dominant toms nearby with its heavy-duty realism. These turkey decoys are made from durable blow-molded materials based on hand-carved designs, offering unbeatable detail and longevity to deceive even the most wary of gobblers. By combining lifelike feather detail and painting with flocking in strategic areas, both the HDR Jake and HDR Hen deliver a natural look that will leave big toms eager to assert their dominance. The barely undersized HDR Jake features a quarter-strut posture and subdominant feathers, and both turkey decoys come with two interchangeable heads. The Jake includes a curled, aggressive head and a straight and submissive head, while the HDR Hen features a lowered resting head and a raised active head. The rubber molded leg stumps and included carbon mounting stake (which stores in the tail) provide a quick setup and realistic movement without any unnatural spinning. Additionally, a carry bag is included for easy transportation.

  • For your average hunter who doesn’t plan to run a marathon with a turkey decoy in his vest, the Avian X set carries well enough.
  • For all the folks who have had issues with the decoys leaking, you will find exponentially more who have been happy with the durability of these decoys
  • It would be hard to find turkey decoys any better looking than these, especially for the price.
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Best Price

Strengths: Price point, easy to use, light to carry

Weakness: Doesn’t allow for actual tail feather, slightly undersized

Screenshot 2024 04 17 101703 5 Best Turkey Decoys for 2024The Flextone Thunder Creeper Turkey Decoy has the gobbler-attracting realism of a full-body decoy in a front-profile, easy-to-pack design. Blow-molded, one-piece construction has true-to-life painted feathers and the lifelike posture of a smaller-than-average strutting gobbler to challenge without being intimidating. Tail removes for easy transport. Includes carbon-fiber stake.

  • Front-profile, easy-to-pack design
  • Blow-molded, one-piece construction
  • True-to-life painted feathers and lifelike posture
  • Removable tail for easy transport


Most Mobile Combo

Lucky Duck Collapsible Hen/Jake Decoy Combination – $67.97

Screenshot 2024 04 17 104132 5 Best Turkey Decoys for 2024Strengths: Price point, mobility

Weakness: Durability

The HD Collapsible Jake/Hen Turkey Decoy Combo from Lucky Duck in front of them. The pose of this semi-strut jake will get any mature tom fired up. Allows you to set it up as an upright hen or partially collapsed for a breeding hen position. Lightweight pair offer exceptional detail and the durability of molded EVA plastic construction. Both decoys collapse easily to fit in your vest when it’s time to move, and then deploy easily at the next spot. Includes 2 two-piece folding metal stakes.

  • Realistic jake and hen turkey decoy combo from Lucky Duck
  • Exceptional detail for lifelike realism
  • Durable, crack-resistant molded EVA plastic
  • Decoys collapse easily for transport
  • Includes 2 two-piece folding metal stakes

Best Hen

Montana Decoys Miss Purr-Fect – $59.99

Screenshot 2024 04 17 102623 5 Best Turkey Decoys for 2024

Strengths: Portability, light weight, realistic look.

Weakness: Its lightweight and portability do lead to some less realistic features.

The ultimate portable decoy, the Montana Decoy Miss Purr-Fect can be packed down to the size of a baseball cap and spring into a full-bodied 3-D hen decoy in seconds. Detailed feathering built from an HD photo of actual feather cuts fools even the wariest of toms. In addition, the molded head and multiple leg-pole sleeves allow you to adjust the pose to fit the situation. Easy to carry and set up.

  • Packs down to the size of a baseball cap
  • 3-D soft-side body with ultrarealistic feathering
  • Adjustable head and multiple leg-pole sleeves add realism
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Best Value:

HS Strut Lite Hen and Jake Turkey Decoy Combination – $79.26

Screenshot 2024 04 17 105040 5 Best Turkey Decoys for 2024Strengths: Most realistic, durable, and transportable for the price

Weakness: Takes time to get the shape right.

Fool even the wisest toms in the woods with the H.S. Strut Strut-Lite Hen and Jake Turkey Decoy Combo from Hunter’s Specialties. This durable decoy combo features foldable hollow bodies that carry to your favorite gobbler hunting spots quickly and easily. Flake-resistant paint creates an extremely realistic look. The hen features a receptive upright position that’s sure to grab nearby toms’ attention, while the Jake’s semi-aggressive posture is sure to infuriate dominant toms and bring them running. Use the decoys apart, or together in a breeding setup. Comes with 2-piece ground stakes that help you set up quickly when needed.

  • Foldable hollow bodied decoys are easy to carry.
  • Long-lasting, flake-resistant paint for true-to-life look
  • Hen decoy – receptive upright position
  • Jake decoy – arrogant, semi-aggressive posture
  • Set up decoys by themselves or together in a breeding pose.

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