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Whilst there are many different types of fishing, the two most popular that have thrived in recent years are trout and bass fishing. Both have their similarities, but it is their differences that allow anglers to make their preference depending on their skill level, as well as their fishing style.

Searching for a fishing pole can be difficult in the best of times, let alone when you have to differentiate between trout fishing and bass fishing. You’d hate to have purchased a new fishing pole, only to find out there is a better one suited to your preferred type.

In this article, we’ll go through the difference between bass and trout fishing, including the best fishing pole for trout.

Trout vs Bass

Both trout and bass are types of wild fish, but their weight, temperament and habitat differ wildly.

Trout tend to live in clear and cold waters and are incredibly nimble making them incredibly difficult to catch. On the other hand, bass are generally much larger and whilst they are not as temperamental, they do indeed require much heavier tackle and hooks to reel them in.

Fishing Pole For Trout

Features of a trout water fishing

  • Freshwater
  • Fast-moving
  • Clearwater
  • Strict regulations

Features of bass fishing:

  • Sunfish family
  • The majority live in freshwater however, some are salt-water
  • Found in deep lakes and ponds with different temperatures

Best Rods for Trout

Trout fishing is all about sensitivity. The more sensitive the rod, the better you’re going to be able to use your skills to catch up with the fast-moving trout. You’ll be wanting to partner with incredible sensitivity with a high-quality design that allows for a great feel.

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In trout fishing, the lighter the gear you use the quicker your reactions, movements and accuracy. The lighter the rod is, the better you’re able to drop the lure or spinner where you want it to be with pinpoint accuracy. Heavy rods attached with heavier lures simply won’t give you the accuracy you need to catch the smaller nimbler fish.

But you also want to be stealthy. With heavy rods that include incredible strength, you’re going to break the water with tremendous force, scaring the trout away. Lighter rods and lures allow you to drop into the water without a splash, making your chance of catching the little swimmer higher.


Many fishing brands offer an abundance of rod lengths and action types. Deciding on the best for you, especially for trout fishing can be an incredibly difficult task.

To keep your setup as light as possible, you’re going to want to keep your rod length rather short but have enough length to cast the distance you need to.

We recommend a rod around 7 feet in length. It is best suited for most fishing scenarios generating the best possible distance with the lightest design.


You’ve probably already guessed, but you don’t need much power when it comes to trout fishing. Quite simply, they aren’t the strongest fish, and whilst they are quick and nimble, they don’t require high levels of power to reel them in.

Rod Action:

For those experienced anglers, you’ll know that rod action refers to the amount the rod bends as you’re casting a lure or bringing a fish back in off the line.

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Due to the lightweight nature of trout fish, you’re going to want an extra fast action rod. You’ll be able to feel every movement and keep up with it alongside the benefits of being more accurate.


Composite materials are extremely popular when it comes to trout rod design giving both flexibility and durability without compromising the lightweight features.

When casting, composite materials are designed to bend and have very little risk of breaking, especially if you keep up regular maintenance.

Kastking Perigee II Ultralight Trout Rod

The Best Fishing Pole For Trout

When we think of all the features needed for a rod designed with trout fishing in mind, we think of lightweight and fast action.

Cast your eyes upon the Perigee II rod that was built for lightweight purposes. The two-piece fishing rod is built to include Toray 24-ton carbon matrix KastFlex blank technology bringing power, strength and most importantly, accuracy.

It is available in 29 sizes, however, it its ultralight spinning variety that makes this rod so great for trout fishing. Consider either the 6” or 7” spinning rods that range from 4-12 lbs giving you that lightweight feel to aid in the accuracy of your casting.

KastKing pride itself on always using the most premium components. This epic rod contains the incredibly popular and professional Fuji O-Ring line guides as well as tuned ergonomic graphite high-strength reel seats. Alongside its high-density EVA grips and the carbon fibre lightweight rod blanks, you get the sensitivity you need as well as the comfortability.

Whilst trout fishing isn’t about power because that would compromise its lightweight usability, the Power Transition System allows the two-piece design to feel exactly like a one-piece fishing rod with incredible smoothness and power flow.

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Whatever technique you use in saltwater or freshwater conditions, the dynamic rod will enable you to keep up with the nimble trout fish, gripping a sensitive lightweight and highly technical rod in your hand to give you the best possible chance.

The best feature of the Perigee II is the price point. On its own, the rod comes to just $55.99. However, if you wanted to include a spinning reel and line the price point maxes out at just $135 making the Perigee not only incredible in performance, but also price.


Although we have recommended the Perigee II as the best fishing rod for trout due to its lightweight design, there is a whole collection of suitable KastKing fishing rods available via the website.

As long as you understand that you need a lightweight design with fast action, you could pick up loads of great KastKIng rods – at a great price too.

This guide has taken you through all of the steps to help you understand what makes a great trout angler, and how you can use that information to pick out your fishing rod.

Good luck out there!

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