Best Time to Hunt Spring Turkeys


DSC 9798 Best Time to Hunt Spring Turkeys

Turkey season opened here in Minnesota yesterday and we’re sure everyone’s getting anxious to get out there and start chasing gobblers. While the best time of day to hunt is always whenever you have time, there are some strategies that you can use to help narrow your window and focus your efforts. Check out the tips below for a general guideline of when to hunt those gobblers.

Go Early, But Not Too Early

You’ve heard the phrase “the early bird gets the worm.” Well, sometimes the early bird can be too early. Try going out for your turkey excursion late morning after the hens have flown down from the roost and the hens, toms and jakes are calling to each other. If you want to make sure you claim your spot, go early to set up your Stump blind in a prime area. Minnesota’s turkey hunting hours begin half an hour before sunrise and end at sunset, so make sure you’re within those hours before you start actively hunting. If you can’t make it out early in the morning, keep hunting pressure in mind. If there are already plenty of hunters hunting the same area once you get there, consider coming back a little later once the hunting pressure has lessened. Not only is it safer and more polite to leave a hunting site that’s already full of hunters, it could end up benefiting you by catching gobblers that were waiting everyone out. Turkeys become inactive as the day goes on, so try to schedule your return by mid-afternoon.

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Come Back for Round Two

If you weren’t successful during the morning hours, or weren’t able to make it out at all, don’t worry; you’ll have another opportunity during the early evening. Just make sure you’re done hunting by sunset. Remember that turkeys need room to fly up to their roosts, so set your Stump blind up near the trees you think are potential roosting sites, but not directly underneath them. Contrary to their morning habits, turkeys aren’t quite as vocal at night. They’re more cautious and tentative at the close of the day, so calling during this time might not have the same effect. It’s important to keep your eyes peeled during this time, because you might not hear them. If the turkeys aren’t making any sounds, neither should you. Refrain from trying to call the turkeys in if you don’t hear any natural sounds coming from the flock.

Use Your Stump Blind

Our Stump blinds, like the Stump 4 ‘Scout,’ provide a level of concealment that will help keep the turkeys in the dark about your location. A turkey’s impeccable eyesight and heightened sense of danger at night are cause for the extra security of a Stump blind. The windows open silently, so you can let the turkeys get as close as possible before opening the window and setting up for your shot. Our Stealth Screen can provide another layer of disguise by cloaking your window in a realistic camouflage pattern. You’ll be able to see out, but the turkeys won’t be able to see in.

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Turkey hunting is an exciting way to continue your outdoor pursuits during the off season. It keeps your skills sharp and wild game on the table. Our Stump blinds help make that journey a little more comfortable and effective, whether you’re hunting the morning or evening shift.

What time of day do you usually have success turkey hunting? Let us know in the comments below!

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