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Fishing Tackle Boxes Buying Guide

A fishing tackle box is an important requirement for anglers. No matter the type of fishing you engage in, a high-quality one is a must-have. Not only does it make your fishing accessories easily accessible, but it also protects them during transport. Tackle boxes contain lure baits to make landing any fish possible. With a tackle box, you’re one step closer to catching the fish you desire.

With the number of fishing tackle boxes available in the market, selecting the right choice can be quite a feat. We’ve put together a buying guide to make your decision effortless.

What Are the Types of Fishing Tackle Boxes?

There are three major types of tackle boxes:

Hard tackle box

They are the most common type of tackle boxes because of their total protection. They were deemed necessary when it was observed that anglers needed hard cases that didn’t peel, degrade, and were resistant to harsh conditions. Most are made from waterproof plastic material, and their considerable size makes them a bit heavy to carry. The interior designs of most hard tackle boxes offer adjustable tray boxes that contain several smaller compartments. Locating a piece of your fishing gear will be a piece of cake since they are all in separate compartments. Hard tackle boxes are weather-resistant, durable, and can last for a long time.

Soft tackle box

Soft tackle boxes are the most portable type. They are lightweight and are quickly increasing in popularity due to their flexible frame. Unlike hard tackle bags with a single handle, the boxes can come with shoulder slings or straps. The interior of soft tackle boxes has multiple compartments and zippered pockets to comfortably store your fishing gear. The downside of a soft tackle box is that they don’t have a good view of your gear. Though handy for storing tackle, you may need to remove everything in the bag to reach something.

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Tackle backpack

A tackle backpack is simply a soft tackle box with two shoulder straps. The added portability makes it the best for movement. It is a popular style for adventures because of the ease at which it is worn. High-quality tackle backpacks have very roomy compartments and extra features for your fishing gear. Just like the soft tackle box, it also does not provide an instant view of the contents in your bag.

What Should I Look Out for When Buying A Tackle Box?


It is important to find a tackle box with enough space to contain all of your fishing accessories. On the other hand, you don’t want to choose a fishing tackle box that is too large to carry along with you. Although buying a heavy-duty size is tempting, you might be surprised that you don’t need such a large amount of space. The solution is to choose a mid-sized box that can contain what you need for a particular fishing trip while being portable enough to carry along with you. A fishing trip does not necessarily mean you need to take all your fishing gear; cut down with only the items you need.


This factor is essential to the lifespan of your tackle box. Some tackle bags can cost a lot but are not made of durable materials. This is why it is important to confirm the durability of the product before purchasing. While fishing, occasions such as your fishing box falling can occur. A durable tackle box will be able to withstand hard conditions while securing the contents. Whether you want a hard tackle box, soft, or even a backpack, be sure to look out for a firm box that does not break, crack, or budge easily. A good way to check this out is to purchase your tackle fishing box from reputable manufacturers.

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Special features

Special features are unique features that can’t be found in all tackle boxes. In addition to tackle accessories, some tackle bags can have a case for sunglasses, rain-cover, removable compartments, adjustable dividers, reinforced handles, and more. These features are extras provided by the brand of the box.


This depends on the brand of the tackle box. Most high-quality tackle boxes include some warranty to cover any deficiency or problem arising from the first few uses. It is advisable to purchase a tackle box with a warranty in case of any issues.

Waterproof property

You can’t go fishing without getting a bit of water on you. The good news is, unlike you, your tackle box can be dry. Protecting your box from the water will make it last longer. Features like a durable and watertight zip, sturdy latches help keep your tackle box from water. The water-resistant property also adds to the dryness. Be sure to look out for good tackle boxes that won’t leave an unpleasant damp feeling.


Boxes are available at a wide range of prices. The essential thing is to ensure that you’re getting value from the product. If a tackle box is waterproof, durable, large enough, and portable, it has basic features and shouldn’t be too pricey. Tackle boxes from 150 dollars and up are typically the highest quality ones. However, this does not always apply, and it is advisable to do thorough research on the brand.


The last factor to consider is reviews of people who have previously used the unit. This is where you would identify whether the claims of the tackle box brand are true or not. Reviews can be found on online websites, and paying attention to them is very advisable.

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