7 Best Solar Trail Camera Reviews in 2023

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The nature trails help in observing and understanding the wildlife. Using various types of cameras, you can get those perfect shots of animals, plants, or even landscapes. Since some animals are shy of human beings, most of the time they do not appear easily. The human scent worsens the matter. Hence trail cameras were developed.

The solar-powered trail cameras capture images and videos of the animals with the converted electricity from the sunlight. They are equipped with various features that help them to be kept unattended for a long time. Selecting a solar trail camera is not a hard task when some important factors are considered.

  • Camera Quality: The camera quality decides the number of details captured in an image or a video. The camera resolution is measured in pixels and helps in understanding the camera performance. A higher resolution camera can capture more details. It helps in post-processing of the video or image where the quality does not downgrade.
  • Battery Life: The solar trail cameras have batteries that are charged by solar panels. The battery life helps in determining how long the camera can work between the recharging cycles. This factor is important since the trail cameras are mostly placed at remote locations where no power supply is available.
  • Sensors: The cameras are equipped with various sensors which assist in capturing videos and pictures. They detect the movement around the camera to turn on the camera at the right movement. The thermal sensors detect the body temperature of animals in the detection zone, at night. The motion sensor also initiates capturing after detection motion.

These important factors play an important role in getting the best out of your trail cameras. As the market for these cameras is growing, certain brands have been launching their version of trail cameras. A detailed list of all the available options is discussed below to shortlist the best camera suiting your application. To help you clear any confusion, a “Buying Guide” is also made available.

Best Solar Trail Camera 2023

Best Solar Trail CameraCamera qualityWide angle lensNight VisionBuy Now SPYPOINT Solar Trail Camera10MP Game Camera-YesCheck On Amazon Moultrie Solar Trail Camera24MP HD video-YesCheck On Amazon SPYPOINT Link-Micro-S-LTE-V Trail Camera10MP Game Camera42 degreeYesCheck On Amazon QWAA Solar Trail Camera36MP pictures 4K videos120 degreeYesCheck On Amazon Lamgool Solar Trail Camera30MP pictures 4K videos80 degreeYesCheck On Amazon WOSPORTS Solar Trail Camera30MP pictures 4K videos120 degreeYesCheck On Amazon Muddy Solar Trail Camera16MP Game Camera-YesCheck On Amazon

Best Solar Trail Camera Reviews

1. SPYPOINT Solar Trail Camera

SPYPOINT Solar Trail Camera

The LINK-MICRO-LTE cellular hunting camera by SPYPOINT is an industry-leading value, providing cutting-edge camera performance and advanced scouting tools. Its ultra-compact design makes it easy to conceal and reduces the impact of human presence on game. SPYPOINT offers easy-to-understand photo transmission plans and a simplified platform for both tech-savvy and new hunters. The SPYPOINT app provides advanced scouting tools customized to your hunting style and seasons, with full-HD images available without visiting the camera. The SPYPOINT referral program allows you to refer friends and earn rewards with no limits.

Best Features:

  • Industry-leading value with cutting-edge camera performance
  • Advanced scouting tools and mobile app for customized scouting and image retrieval
  • Simplified platform suitable for both tech-savvy and new hunters
  • Referral program for earning rewards with no limits


  • Provides advanced scouting tools and features for mobile scouting
  • Offers a simplified platform that’s user-friendly for both tech-savvy and new hunters
  • Provides full-HD images in the app without visiting the camera


  • The ultra-compact design may lead to a shorter battery life.

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2. Moultrie Solar Trail Camera

Moultrie Solar Trail Camera

The Moultrie Mobile Delta BASE cellular trail camera is a reliable way to track game. With a 24MP image sensor and sharp video with sound, you won’t miss any action. The camera has a fast trigger speed of 0.75 seconds and a motion detection range of up to 80 feet. You’ll have a strong cellular connection with the included external Cellboost antenna, and the camera is powered by solar and/or battery. You can reach a customer service rep 7 days a week, and the Moultrie Mobile app offers real-time alerts, weather forecasts, and more. The camera is easy to set up and use, and the CellBoost antenna helps to improve the signal in rural areas. All images are automatically scanned using artificial intelligence, and Smart Tags allow you to sort and see only the images you want. You can access all your images via a cloud-based server, and there’s an affordable plan for everyone.

Best Features:

  • High-quality images and videos with a 24MP image sensor and sharp video with sound.
  • Fast trigger speed of 0.75 seconds and a motion detection range of up to 80 feet.
  • Solar-powered and battery-powered, making it a versatile option for long-term use.
  • Automatic image scanning and Smart Tags make it easy to sort and view images.
  • Cloud-based server for easy access to images at any time.
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  • The camera is easy to set up and use with only five steps required.
  • You can reach a customer service rep seven days a week.
  • The camera is durable and weather-resistant, making it ideal for outdoor use.
  • The Cellboost antenna improves cellular signal strength, making it easier to use in remote areas.


  • The camera may not be as effective at night without additional lighting.

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3. SPYPOINT Link-Micro-S-LTE-V Trail Camera

SPYPOINT Link-Micro-S-LTE-V Trail Camera

The SPYPOINT LINK-MICRO-S-LTE motion sensor hunting & trail camera features an integrated solar panel technology that charges the included LIT-10 rechargeable lithium battery pack. This saves you time and money by eliminating the need to buy and change batteries frequently. It also reduces the human impact on the animals by reducing the number of visits to the hunting area. The camera sends pictures to your phone, allowing you to establish patterns and create a plan for a successful hunt. With superior night image quality, the invisible flash won’t spook game. The SPYPOINT photo transmission plans are easy to understand and affordable, and the SPYPOINT app offers advanced scouting tools that are customized to your needs. The activation process is simple and easy to follow. The LINK-MICRO-S-LTE is the most efficient and space-saving solar cellular trail camera available.

Best Features:

  • Innovative integrated solar panel technology for efficient power management
  • LIT-10 rechargeable lithium battery pack eliminates the need for frequent battery changes
  • Sends pictures directly to your phone for advanced scouting tools and planning successful hunts
  • Superior night image quality and invisible flash ensures game isn’t spooked
  • SPYPOINT photo transmission plans are affordable and easy to understand


  • Saves money and time by eliminating the need for frequent battery replacements
  • Eco-friendly and space-saving design
  • Provides advanced scouting tools for planning successful hunts
  • Reduces the impact on animals and the environment
  • Easy to set up and use


  • Requires cellular coverage to send pictures to your phone

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4. QWAA Solar Trail Camera

QWAA Solar Trail Camera

Qwaa has a wider range of remote application cameras. The cameras are designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions. It offers a high-quality camera with good durability.

The Qwaa Solar Trail Camera is developed by keeping wildlife monitoring in mind. It has a 36-megapixel camera that captures high-quality pictures at a 120-degree wide angle. The video recording can be adjusted from 720p to 4K resolution. A built-in 4400mAh battery is recharged by the solar panel and offers a good runtime. For extended battery life in low temperatures, 4 AA batteries can also be fitted to the camera. The camera also supports charging via USB cables in case of emergencies.

The camera detects motion and automatically captures images/videos. The H.264 video compression helps in reducing the overall size of high-quality files. The compression does not affect the quality at all and helps in effective storage management. The app connectivity ensures remote access to the captured files. The loop record feature ensures continuous recording even when the storage is full. A faster trigger time of 0.1 seconds helps in capturing fast animal movements.

Best Features:

  • A 36-megapixel camera with a 120-wide angle lens and night vision
  • Video recording at 720p to 4K resolution and 30fps
  • Larger 440mAh rechargeable battery with extra slots for AA batteries
  • Trigger time of 0.1 seconds for quick response
  • 264 video compression for lower file size
  • IP66-rated waterproof body


  • The files are easy to access remotely via an app
  • Continuous recording even when storage is full
  • Supports audio recording


  • Memory cards need to be bought separately

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5. Lamgool Solar Trail Camera

Lamgool Solar Trail CameraLamgool develops products that decrease the gaps between humans and wildlife. Its wider range of trail cameras focuses on the quality part more. Equipped with the latest industry standards, the cameras perform on par with other professional cameras.

The Lamgool Solar Powered Trail Camera is a wireless unit. The solar panels and camera are fitted in the camouflage body which is IP66-rated. The solar panels recharge the 4400mAh battery ensuring longer runtime and a standby time of 18 months. Extra slots for 4 AA batteries are provided for extended battery life. The camera has a 30-megapixel lens with 80-degree wide-angle capability. It can record videos at 4K resolution and 30fps.

The camera is fitted with 36 IR LEDs which enhances the night vision up to 65 feet. The trigger time of 0.1 seconds coupled with a 10-shot burst makes sure not to miss any detail of the fast-moving animal. The camera has wifi and Bluetooth support which offers remote connectivity integrated with an app. The camera supports up to 256GB memory card, ensuring continuous video/image capturing.

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Best Features:

  • A 30-megapixel camera with an 80-degree wide-angle
  • 4K video recording(3840×2160) at 30 fps
  • 4400mAh battery with 18 months standby capacity
  • Faster trigger time of 0.1 second and burst mode of 10 shots
  • Expandable memory up to 256GB
  • 36 IR LEDs for improved night vision up to 65 feet


  • App connectivity helps in accessing the files remotely
  • A waterproof body with an IP66 rating makes it suitable for outdoor use
  • Effective storage management due to the H.264 compression


  • App connectivity range is low

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6. WOSPORTS Solar Trail Camera

WOSPORTS Solar Trail Camera

Wosports caters to the needs of wildlife enthusiasts. Its camera has class-leading features and quality. The camera can be used by beginners as well as professionals.

The Wosports Trail camera is a solar-powered unit. It has a solar panel that recharges the 2600mAh battery, ensuring a longer battery life. The 30-megapixel camera with a 120-degree wide lens captures more pixels resulting in a high-quality picture. It can record high-definition videos at 4K resolution capturing every minor detail. The body is waterproof and rated with IP66 making it suitable for outdoor applications.

The wider PIR sensor range efficiently captures details at night. The camera has a detection zone of 80 feet which automatically activates the recording process when the subject enters the range. A faster trigger time of 0.3 seconds makes sure to capture every fast movement. The captured files can be accessed remotely through a smartphone app. The camouflage pattern on the body helps in keeping the camera invisible to the eyes.

Best Features:

  • 30-megapixel camera lens
  • Video recording in 4K resolution
  • 120-degree wide-angle night vision
  • Fast trigger time of 0.3 seconds
  • Supports Bluetooth, wifi, and app connectivity


  • The IP66-rated body resists water and dust damage
  • A wider detection zone of 80 feet helps in automatic picture/video capturing
  • The 2600mAh battery keeps the camera unit running for a long time


  • No memory card included

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7. Muddy Solar Trail Camera

Muddy Solar Trail Camera

The Muddy Manifest 2.0 trail camera is a reliable hunting tracking equipment that comes with remote cellular connectivity options through Muddy’s COMMAND app, available for Android and iOS. Its sturdy and watertight design ensures durability in any weather condition, and it can be easily mounted on any vertical surface with the included strap. It captures high-resolution 16 megapixel images with a quick 0.8-second trigger speed, and can be controlled using the free Stealth Cam Command App, which allows you to learn activity periods and weather patterns. The camera is solar-powered and has two mobile connection options: Verizon and AT&T.

Best features:

  • Remote cellular connectivity via Muddy’s COMMAND app
  • Easy mounting with included strap
  • High-resolution 16 megapixel images with quick 0.8-second trigger speed
  • Solar-powered with two mobile connection options: Verizon and AT&T


  • Ability to track wildlife and capture high-quality images from anywhere
  • Sturdy and weather-resistant design for longevity
  • Solar-powered for sustainable use in the field
  • Two mobile connection options provide flexibility


  • May not be compatible with all mobile carriers

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Buying Guide For The Best Solar Trail Camera

The curious minds have been trying to get closer to the wildlife. All this pursuit is in the hope of learning about the untold side of animals. The solar trail cameras made it possible to record the daily routine of the animals and help study them.

Hence, we provided you with a detailed list of such solar trail cameras along with their specifications. If you are confused about the relevance of these specifications with the camera performance, we suggest you go through this buying guide. It will clear all the doubts related to the solar trail cameras.

1. Camera Quality

The most important factor of a trail camera is the camera quality. The amount of details a camera can capture is determined by the resolution. The images contain numerous pixels which collectively affect the image quality. Higher the pixels, the better the image quality and details. The videos are captured in higher resolutions for greater details.

The most common video resolutions are 720p and 1080p. They offer a high-definition video quality that remains unaffected even after the post-production process. The highest quality offered by the trail camera is 4K resolution which offers unseen detailing of the captured videos. One thing must be kept in mind: the higher the image/video quality, the higher will be the file size.

2. Battery Life

The trail cameras are mounted on trees or kept under rocks near the animals’ traveling route. These places are far away from human settlements and hence they do not have any external power supply. Being a solar-powered unit, the converted electricity is stored in rechargeable batteries. The battery life helps in deciding how long the camera can work. The battery capacity affects the battery life. Higher capacity batteries hold more electricity and hence give more runtime. The battery backup must be good enough to handle emergencies like zero electricity production.

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3. Sensors

The sensor helps in the image or video capturing process. The trail cameras are fitted with motion-detecting cameras to reduce power consumption. The motion-detecting sensors turn the camera on as soon as they detect motion within its range. This eliminates the need of keeping the camera unnecessarily. The thermal sensors detect the body temperature of the animal and record their thermal image/video. At night, the infrared sensor helps in detecting infrared radiation. It provides the camera with night vision and helps capture images/videos in low-light conditions. The sensors have different detection zones and hence activate only when the subject is within this zone.

4. Trigger and Recovery Time

The trigger time is the time taken by the trail camera to capture an image or start recording video, as soon as it detects any motion. The trigger time helps when installed at a place where fast animal activities are expected like hunting or running. Most trail cameras have a trigger time of 0.5 seconds or less. Some high-performance cameras also offer trigger time as fast as 0.1 seconds.

The recovery time is the time taken by a camera to process a previous file and make the camera ready for the next shot. This feature helps in the multiple-shot mode. Recovery time paired with the highest quality setting helps in capturing detailed pics quickly. It can be adjusted as per the application.

5. Weatherproofing

The trail cameras have to undergo brutal environmental attacks. They are provided with adequate weatherproofing to reduce any damage caused by environmental elements. The cameras are commonly rated with IP ratings for water and dust. It simply means the camera will not be damaged by water, snow, or dust particles. The UV resistance helps in avoiding the creeping of the camera parts due to the sun’s rays. The weatherproofing simply increases the durability of the camera.

Frequently Asked Questions


The solar trail camera has been proving to be a boon for researchers. They help in getting a closer look at the wildlife with minimum human intervention. A detailed list of such solar trail cameras was discussed above. To understand the specification better, a buying guide was also included. The FAQs were answered to clear any doubt regarding the trail camera and its use. By keeping all these details in mind, we have selected our favorite options from the list.

  • The first option offers a high-level performance which is expected from a trail camera. The SPYPOINT Solar Trail Camera has a compact construction. The solar panel and the camera are integrated into an IP66-rated waterproof body, keeping them away from water damage. The optical lens offers a quality of 24MP. The camera easily records at Game Camera, capturing every detail. To handle the larger file size of such a high configuration, the H.264 compression technology is provided. It has battery with good battery life which can be further extended with the help of external AAA batteries. A total of 36 IR LEDs of 850nm size are fitted to offer a good night vision ability. The 120-degree wide-angle mode assists in capturing a wider view. The camera automatically triggers within 0.1 seconds as soon as the subject enters the 65-feet detection range. App connectivity and loop recording features make this option unbeatable.
  • The next option is a balanced combination of performance and affordability. TheWosports Trail Camera has a 30-megapixel lens. It captures videos at 4K resolutions. The camera is rated IP66 rating making it resistant to water damage. The 2600mAh battery makes sure to power the camera for a long time. For night vision, the PIR range of 80 feet automatically captures a picture/video by sensing temperature changes due to the animal body. The fast trigger time of 0.3 seconds makes sure you would not miss any details due to fast movements. With Bluetooth, wifi, and app connectivity, remote access to files is possible. All these features make this option a value-for-money deal.
  • The last option proves that a good trail experience need not be expensive. The SPYPOINT Link-Micro-S-LTE-V Trail Camerasports a 10MP camera. This camera quality helps in capturing detailed images and videos. The camera has a 42 degree wide-angle lens that captures a wider view. The 82-feet detection zone triggers the camera within 0.4 seconds to take pictures/record video. A safety feature keeps this battery safe from overloading, increasing its durability. The IP66-rated body deflects any water damage. This long list of features is available at a very low price, making it the most affordable opinion.
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